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Amorphis is a Finnish Melodic/Progressive Death Metal band started by Jan Rechberger, Tomi Koivusaari and Esa Holopainen in Helsinki, Finland in 1990.
Amorphis absorbed and incorporated influences from many Metal genres, and with time their music evolved dramatically into Doom Metal with Folk Rock, Progressive Metal and Hard Rock elements utilizing increasingly complex arrangements and a less brutal sound.

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1 Silent Waters
2 Silver Bride

Silver Bride is epic. Great guitar riff and vocals

Really Its A Great Song!

... It gives you the creeps ... Every time ... Always
Also nice video!

, /

3 Black Winter Day

Should be number 1 without any questions

Not number 1!
I protest

14? So so unfair!

Thia shiuld be number 1

4 House of Sleep

This is THE Anthem of Amorphis along side with Black Winter Day & My Kantele

This song is what HIM could sound like if Ville Valo sang like he had balls

Agreed with the Ville Valo comment

Best Song!

5 From the Heaven of My Heart
6 Sky is Mine

Awesome riff, and really catchy - it has a ripper solo too! - petrucci75hammet

This soul vocal *.*

7 White Night
8 Elegy

The most relative and emotional Amorphis song

9 Dark Path

Such an amazing song. Just listen to it!

Pure Energy

10 My Enemy

The Contenders

11 My Kantele

I can't believe that this song is 24th...are you kidding?

12 Weaving the Incantation
13 Magic and Mayhem
14 Narrow Path
15 Alone

This song is Grammy winning material

This song simply has a unique texture and it deserves a lot higher rank
By the way looking at the votes; no one ever listened to My kantele or On rich & poor?

There are no flowers on your grave ;)

16 Crimson Wave
17 The Smoke

Their Amthem.
Brings them (almost) in line with In Flames

18 Brother Moon

Eclipse is one of the best album I have ever heard, and this is one of the best songs

19 Death of a King
20 On Rich and Poor V 1 Comment
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1. Silver Bride
2. My Enemy
3. House of Sleep
1. My Kantele
2. Silent Waters
3. Elegy
1. Black Winter Day
2. House of Sleep
3. Brother Moon

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