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Amorphis is a Finnish Melodic/Progressive Death Metal band started by Jan Rechberger, Tomi Koivusaari and Esa Holopainen in Helsinki, Finland in 1990.
Amorphis absorbed and incorporated influences from many Metal genres, and with time their music evolved dramatically into Doom Metal with Folk Rock, Progressive Metal and Hard Rock elements utilizing increasingly complex arrangements and a less brutal sound.

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1 Silent Waters

Great sing with an amazing chorus, such a sad song though.

2 Black Winter Day

Should be number 1 without any questions

Not number 1!
I protest

14? So so unfair!

Thia shiuld be number 1

3 Silver Bride

Silver Bride is epic. Great guitar riff and vocals

Fantastic and beautiful!

Really Its A Great Song!

... It gives you the creeps ... Every time ... Always
Also nice video!

, /

4 House of Sleep

This is THE Anthem of Amorphis along side with Black Winter Day & My Kantele

This song is what HIM could sound like if Ville Valo sang like he had balls

Agreed with the Ville Valo comment

The best song! It has to be at the top

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5 Sky is Mine

Awesome riff, and really catchy - it has a ripper solo too! - petrucci75hammet

This soul vocal *.*

6 From the Heaven of My Heart
7 Elegy

The most relative and emotional Amorphis song

8 White Night
9 Dark Path

Such an amazing song. Just listen to it!

Pure Energy

Epic Song!

10 My Kantele

I can't believe that this song is 24th...are you kidding?

The Newcomers

? Honeyflow
? Brother and Sister

The Contenders

11 Alone

This song is Grammy winning material

It's the first song I heard from them and stayed my favorite forever

Amazing song.

There are no flowers on your grave ;)

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12 Weaving the Incantation

This song is so powerful, both musically and lyrically; It hits you like a hammer at the beginning of the album and nails you down 'til the end.

13 Magic and Mayhem
14 Narrow Path
15 Brother Moon

Eclipse is one of the best album I have ever heard, and this is one of the best songs

16 My Enemy
17 Crimson Wave
18 Death of a King

Underrated based on ranking

19 The Smoke

Their Amthem.
Brings them (almost) in line with In Flames

20 Crack in a Stone
21 On Rich and Poor

A truly amazing song

22 Drowned Maid
23 Skyforger

I'm amazed it's not in the first place. Best song un the album, the melody, the imaginery sugested by the lyrics made me a fan of the band

24 The Way
25 Shatters Within
26 The Bee

I didn't listen their all songs but I believe that this one should he in top 10! - BekoT.


27 Song of the Sage

I saw them in Mexico City, are awesome riffs and voice are best metal ever

Amazing riffs and intro! Easily one of the best songs of Amorphis!

28 Three Words
29 Majestic Beast

Some of the best growls ever on this song

Yes, the beast of course :D

30 Message in the Amber

The folk influence in this song is too strong, not complaining though. Best song in the album.

An amber gem

31 The Castaway
32 Amongst Stars
33 You I Need
34 Enigma

It's different, and I like it very much

35 Sampo
36 Mermaid
37 Towards and Against

Kann doch nicht sein, k dass der song hier nicht dabei ist!

38 Mission
39 Better Unborn

Best intro ever!

40 First Doom
41 On a Stranded Shore
42 Into the Abyss
43 Battle for Light

Amazing. It also has a good build up and is like no other amorphis song (would make a good battle theme tune, it represents the battle for light after all).

44 Course of Fate
45 White Knight
46 Song of the Troubled One
47 Against Windows
48 Leaves Scar
49 Weeper on the Shore
50 Heart's Song
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