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1 Enchanted

There can be no NUMBER ONE for movies with Amy Adams because all the movies she's in deserves to be at NUMBER ONE.

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2 The Fighter

Amazing performance from Amy Adams, A great movie overall, one of the best Boxing movies of all time - roblist

3 Man of Steel

One of Amy Adams best and one of the greatest superhero movies ever. Such an amazing movie.

She does a great acting job but you have to admit that she doesn't look like Lois Lane.
At least she should have wear a wig or dye her hair.

4 Arrival

Best Amy Adams movie by far. Her story makes up the whole structure of this science fiction masterpiece. - MatrixGuy

Can't believe that she wasn't nominated at the Oscars for best leading actress. Outstanding performance.

5 Junebug

One of her best performances. I'm really hypnotized by her acting in this movie.

6 Catch Me If You Can
7 Doubt

This movie is the living proof that Meryl Streep is the most overrated actress of all time and that Amy Adams is one of the most underrated actresses of all time. Meryl Streep plays at some moments so overdramatic ( as usual ) while Amy Adams plays her part so convincing and so powerful in this movie that it's a truly shame that she didn't get ( or almost ) the praise of her performance by the media while like " always " all the praise did go to Meryl Steep.

The acting of Amy Adams surpasses Meryl Streep. For "julie&julia" also.
Amy Adams is the best actress in the world. The NUMBER ONE actress.

She was Great in this movie... Actually shows a different side of herself... Loved this movie, and she was so Lucky to be in the same movie with acting Legend Meryl Streep

8 Julie & Julia

This movie proves how Meryl Streep is the most overrated actress of all time. Without Amy Adams or with an other actress than her this movie would be not a good movie. Amy Adams makes all the difference because of her amazing talent.

9 Big Eyes

This movie should be among the three first ones. AMAZING!

10 American Hustle

The only movie of Amy Adams where you see her upper body naked. If you're a fan of her ( and not just for her beauty ) buy the DVD.

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11 Nocturnal Animals
12 Charlie Wilson's War
13 Leap Year

Amy Adams. What a talent. This romantic comedy proves it.

14 Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day

This is actually a very good movie but also very underrated ( not many people have seen it or heard about it ). Amy Adams who plays a naive singer / actress wannabe who is dating three guys at the same time and desperate to get a movie role demands a social secretary ( Frances McDormand ) but who becomes more a nanny because of the naivety of Amy Adams 's character. The chemestry of the two leads in this movie ( Frances McDormand and Amy Adams ) are flawlessly. The singing of Amy Adams ( who sang in " Enchanted " the previous year ) is a delight to hear.

15 Talladega Nights - The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
16 The Muppets
17 Sunshine Cleaning

Amazing acting of Amy Adams in this underrated movie.

18 Her
19 Fast Track
20 The Master
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1. Arrival
2. Enchanted
3. Man of Steel
1. Junebug
2. Doubt
3. The Fighter
1. Enchanted
2. Big Eyes
3. Man of Steel



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