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1 Left Outside Alone Left Outside Alone

This is a really edgy song and is my personal Favourite. It is a really good song to listen too when times are hard

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2 Sick and Tired

This song was different from all of her songs, she didn't have to sing loudly or hit high notes, it was calm, catchy and outstanding and the way she sang ' My love Is on the line ' was just absolutely beautiful. The lyrics are meaningfull and appealing, she sang this song with so much passion that you can even sense how sad and fed up she is when she says ' I'm sick and tired of always being sick and tired'.
I love this woman, she has the most wonderful strong voice of all time, she is without a shadow of doubts the best singer there is.

3 Everything Burns Everything Burns
4 Paid My Dues Paid My Dues
5 Pieces of a Dream Pieces of a Dream
6 Time
7 I'm Outta Love I'm Outta Love
8 Heavy On My Heart Heavy On My Heart
9 Seasons Change
10 I Belong to You I Belong to You

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11 One Day in Your Life One Day in Your Life
12 Made for Lovin' You Made for Lovin' You
13 Welcome to My Truth Welcome to My Truth
14 Love is a Crime Love is a Crime
15 You'll Never Be Alone You'll Never Be Alone
16 Cowboys and Kisses Cowboys and Kisses
17 Defeated Defeated
18 Stupid Little Things

Thud is the best song in the world - John

This is a great song

19 Where Do I Belong

Lyrics may not be solid but surely the music does!

20 Not That Kind Not That Kind
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1. Left Outside Alone
2. Sick and Tired
3. Everything Burns



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