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21 Don't Look Too Far
22 Closer
23 Angelica

Best Music Of Anathema :X

Transcends time.

Fabulous melody that just takes me away...
And the minimalistic one on the Hindsight album is just Godd

Wonder ''

24 Deep

I think this is one of the best songs on this album... there comes a time when the melody takes it slow.. and it is as if the singer realises something and regrets it...

This is literally the only good song this band has

25 Anathema V 2 Comments
26 The Lost Song, Part 1
27 Forgotten Hopes V 1 Comment
28 Lightning Song
29 Everything
30 Are You There?

Takes me away in a far away place every time I hear this song..

31 Panic

An epic descent into the heart of darkness! This song is so powerful!

32 Balance
33 Restless Oblivion

Only two (TWO) songs from the amazing "The Silent Enigma" on this list so far? Such a shame...

Amazing song. When I leasten this I fall into fear - pruvet

34 Thin Air

Mother of all songs, great

35 The Lost Child

Amazing song. No words can describe it.

What is this song doing here?!?! IT SHOULD BE NUMBER 1

Lost child should be in top 10 amazing song

I shiver when I listen to this and you guys just 30 it?

V 3 Comments
36 Sleepless
37 Anyone, Anymore

Great piece. Awesome piano riff. - RalphSaad

V 1 Comment
38 Emotional Winter

Are you guys serious? This song should at least be in the top ten.

Shouldn't be so low. Great song with both an alternative and "Pink Floyd"ish sound to it. - RalphSaad

V 1 Comment
39 Eternity Part III

Duncan Patterson doing his finest songwriting in Anathema, simply spellbinding.

40 Violence

44? Every part, every second of that beautiful instrumental is surprising and original. As someone else in the comments stated, something in the vein of Pink Floyd (their main influence) 30 years later.

For me, by far their best song. Pink Floyd in the 2000's. A prog rock masterpiece. - RalphSaad

Transcendent music

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