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Anberlin is one of the best Alternative Band from America. Which song of them do you like most?

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1 The Feel Good Drag

I love this song! The acoustic version is also very good and Stephen's voice is just amazing. You would never know that he was a singer unless you heard him.

This is the best song they had! This is one of my best songs. Awesome beats and superb guitar play vote it up

An amazing song that is extremely catchy! This and Alexithymia are my two favourites. They have the perfect combination of smooth riffs, catchy chorus' and lyrics that actually make sense unlike some other bands

Never heard of this this band before this. Heard it one time and now I can't wait to see what else it has in store!

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2 (*Fin)

Feel good drag is slightly overrated for being a formulaic rock song. This song on the other hand deserves to be number 1. This is the perfect reflection of everything Anberlin is in one package. Always get chills when the children's choir comes in and Stephen screams out as if he's crying out to God. Masterpiece 10/10

Simply must be heard to be understood. The lyrics read like a confessional; nothing can match the feeling of abject wonder felt at the conclusion of the song. This song is the perfect ending to anything.

My absolute favorite Anberlin song, although the unwinding cable car is a close second. It's absolutely amazing how deep this song is. The last three minutes are the best. - Luvaddict77

Greatest mix of acoustic and alternative rock...

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3 Paper Thin Hymn

great lyrics... this should be no. 2 after feel good drag, really a good song to hear

Anberlin really hit their stride on the "Never Take" record, and while the title track is fantastic, this song follows it up with not only major riffage, but some of the most emotional lyrics of the band's career.

This is their best song.. great lyrics from a great band. This is the first Anberlin song I listened to and since then I can't stop listening to them.

Favorite song. Such a sad music video. - OasisFeelsLove

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4 The Unwinding Cable Car

this song haunts me... this has a ring of truth and half-revealed truths that makes me think of the inevitables... I haven't been able to get this off my head even though I listen to it 24/7

This song is easily number 1 or 2. Godspeed > Feel good drag and Unwinding Cable Car > *Fin & Paper Thin Hymn. Like Godspeed, the song just doesn't get old or played out. Acoustics are perfect with his voice in this song. Superb melody.

This is the first song I heard of this band and I have fallen in love with them. Now listening to their other tracks to see if they are as brilliant in their other songs.

By far their best! The acoustic is so atmospheric and the vocals are what makes an acoustic/indie style great. - dhjin2

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5 Godspeed

Just simply amazing. The song starts out fast passed and stays that way with an incredible bass and lyrics.

The second song I heard by Anberlin after The Feel Good Drag... this song is what got me hooked on Anberlin and will forever be one of my favorite songs

6 Dismantle.Repair

Beautiful song; the ideas presented in this song are quite abstract, and can be interpreted in many ways, as I've seen on forums about it, though the most prominent one I've seen is about someone who can almost unknowingly "dismantle" and "repair" another, or have a powerful influence on their emotions and worldview.

How is this not even on the list? At least top 5, really powerful song :) Acoustic is great too! - kchan12

It's just an amazing song. Anberlin has always been great with lyrics, and this one shows off their talent.

7 A Whisper and a Clamor

Crunch, churning guitars highlight a driving verse structure leading to a triumphantly catchy chorus. The bridge, in a word: unparalleled.

8 Inevitable

This song is amazingly sweet. "I wanna break every clock" as in he wants to strop time to be with her

I really enjoy listening to this song. I am shocked it was not as big a hit as it was. Still my favorite along with feel good drag. =)

Best one ever.

A beautiful song with more toned down vocals and guitars
"i wanna be your last first kiss, that you'll ever have"

9 Reclusion
10 Alexithymia

Solid song all around. I'm surprised it's so low. It brings a lot of high school memories back. THERE'S MORE TO LIVING THAN BEING ALIVE!

Should be at LEAST top 10. I'm a little shocked it isn't

The lyrics are super relatable such as "don't try to wake me up even if the sun really does come out tomorrow" and "addictions at the table where family used to sit and conversate"

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11 Adelaide

This song is amazing, although I feel bad for all the girls named Adelaide. The song has good sound and beat to it. Lyrics have strong meaning. The song altogether was just one of there great songs. Love it all together!

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12 Unstable

This just be number 2, beautiful song next to Fin alone

13 Breaking

This song is made out of pure awesomeness, from an old bottle of awesomeness which was hid away around the time when god created earth. Counting when they made this song, it has only been opened twice. The other time was by Chuck Norris.

Superb song miind blowing lyrics

14 Impossible

Impossible is one of my all time favorite from Anberlin. It should definitely be number 3 at least. The lyrics are beautiful and just the music... Awesome song to listen to. "You're impossible to love or leave"

WHat number 12? No it must be at least in the top 10 no the top 5! This song should be number 2 its one of their best with the feel good drag! Literally my favorite

Haven't heard this song, ha? I bet as soon as anberlin's fan see this, this song would go up and up to a higher position! I'm aware that no one have put up impossible...

Excellent song!

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15 The Resistance V 1 Comment
16 Runaways
17 God, Drugs & Sex

I know it's not on the list yet because Vital just came out a few weeks ago, but it's the closer to their best album since Cities, and their closing songs are always the best. - Luvaddict77

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18 A Day Late

This be the bomb hands down!


19 Uncanny

Great song. One of the more unknown songs but it is still amazing.

20 Orpheum

This song is musically a MASTERPIECE. Its so beautiful that the music will stick into your mind for days.. One of the best of Vital (along with Modern Age)

A classy and dramatic piano with epic guitar riffs behind it. Honestly that's all Anberlin needs.

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