Ancient China


I think the ancient Chinese civilization is the only ancient face of the world that still exists and can still be seen to blend into every-day's life of China. It also still reflects in many aspects of their lives, I.E. mentality, belief, writing system, philosophy, etc.

China is the only country in the world to have such power nowadays. They have regained their honour and had invented many things. Their contribution has changed the entire world. Invention of the wheel, pottery, paper, compass, discovery of gunpowder and the creation of a language: amazing if you ask me.

I am Indonesian of Chinese ethnic and I would say that I am proud of Chinese civilization. It is true that China during the old days undergone several downturns (Mongol invasion, Manchurian invasion, civil wars) but the Chinese at the end became stronger than ever. And not only that, there are so many stories could be told about ancient China (thanks to the good historical record and good administration during that time).

Chins was the largest ancient civilization. It existed for the longest proving that it is a strong civilization. Many different countries feared China. So definitely China

The Chinese in Ancient China has invented much of our daily functions and objects, like compasses, the the fireworks and even the paper we use. If Ancient China was never there, imagine how life would be.

Zhou Dynasty: Under the Zhou Dynasty, their greatest achievement was the flourishing of Philosophy and ideas. Taoism, Confucianism, and Sun Tzu's The Art of War laid the foundation of China's future. Many technological advances, invented Kite. Set the framework for effective governance, and social harmony. Ideas such as the Mandate of Heaven came about.

Han Dynasty: Rivaled the Roman Empire, their technology and wealth was sophisticated. China accounted for 25% of the world's wealth, and about 1/3 of its population. Imperial examination system, and a meritocratic governance based system established. Expanded territory to greatest extent. Notable inventions include, crossbow, repeating crossbow, and seismometer. Vietnam and Korea, conquered and given Chinese civilisation.

Tang Dynasty: Considered a Golden Age of China, some scholars insist that it held around 50% of world wealth. It was home to the Silk Road, at this time, the Tang was a dream country. Japan, willingly ...more

Many things that you may think the Greeks invented were actually created by the Chinese centuries before the Greeks really ever came into power as a great civilization.

They invented paper, gunpowder, compass, lodestone, saw, silk, China, seismograph, printing, bronze, and iron.

China has contributed to the arts and science far more than any other civilization. China has been able to stand to this day. China is also home to the worlds most people and is still a world super power. Overall China is Amazing.

Ancient china is the best civilization. Created silk, paper, gun powder, compass and earthquake detectors. China has standing since european empires.

They were pretty much the only sustaining civilization made up of "civilized" people unlike all of the previous empires ruled by barbarians. The only civilization I could see matching China (Zhong Guo) would be the mighty Roman Republic. Not the sissy greeks, the Romans conquered them and made it better. I would like to see how Rome and China would have gotten along.

China still exists, as same as it was 4500 years ago! This country was great power before Christ and now also it is, so in this way it is unparalleled.

China has been leading the world for almost 2000 years, and just been taken over in the recent 150 years. If you look at its philosophy, you will know that the harmony and the human-environmental relationship are so deep in their culture, which will make it strong forever.

Many of the ancient china empires is equal or greater than rome, such as Han, Tang, etc.

Considering China is the only continuous ancient civilization that still standing even after 5000 years.

Ancient China was dominant civilization East Asia for thousands of year. Even though China was conquered by barbarians several times, especially by manchu people, but it still survives until today.

So the only civilization that stood the test of time is 5th on the score board. You people don't know nothing"

Much of the technology that we use today would not have been possible without the early Chinese inventions. Also, it is the oldest civilization and colonized Japan and Korea.

The great thing about China (and India) is that they unlike others stood the test of time. Even today, China (and India) is one of the most powerful nations in the world.

They started to create many things we use today. This should at least be in top three.

Invented paper, the compass, guns, paper money, toilet paper, the first restaurant... the list can go on. Ancient China also contributed the most to mankind in the grand scheme of things

Longest surviving language. Very interesting culture

The only one that is still around today. Not only that, but at their time they were the most advanced civilization in the world.

I think that Ancient China is the BEST!

I like it very interesting. It has good details in it too.