Ancient Greece


Everything we have today and everything we achieved today we own it to the Greeks. There is nothing, absolutely nothing the Greeks hadn't master. Today's architecture is based on the Ancient Greece architecture. Literature started in Greece. Homer wrote Iliad and Odyssey thousands years ago that are still read today because of the special Homer style of writing. Ancient Greek mythology is awesome. Their gods, their heroes, their monsters... Everything has its root in Ancient Greece. Even the computer! Wherever you search, whatever topic it is, definitely an Ancient Greek philosopher has written about it or even master it... Ancient Greece is undoubtedly the best civilization on the planet that ever lived...

Greece is the originator of the Western civilization--a culture which most of the world is taking after and learning. They created the first democracy which is modeled by many countries. They also created the very famous Greek mythology in which many stories are being written after. On top of that they are the ones that created theatrical arts which blossomed into movies so basically we have Greece to thank for everything.

Why is Persia even on here? It states that people opinions that Persia was the most civilized empire. Biased for sure. If Persia is so much better than why is it all the way at the bottom? Greece was for sure the best civilization in the ancient world, so many people took things from them. The Romans, The Persians and now the elgin marbles rightfully belong to Greece and England refuses to give them back? That is plain wrong.

A lot of the ideas we use today are from ancient Greece for example the white house has the same design as some greek temples. They also thought of democracy They were and still are considered the best fishers in the world

The whole World has been influenced from and it is based on Ancient Greece, it has changed the storyline of the World to the one as we know it, the development of the human has come from the effects Ancient Greece has given to us.

It is the best out of all of them Greece is n umber one

I once did a project on it. Ancient Greece really affects our modern world. Lots of the things we learn/use today are all from Ancient Greece. Without this advanced civilization, we would have never been this advanced today. I think the Ancient Greeks were really smart

Ancient Greece is the greatest civilization ever. Birthplace of Democracy, Science, History, Philosophy, Theater, Athletics, Mathematics, Medicine, Politics, and Epic Poetry.

SPARTA! Yeah that's right. The only people took take on 1 million Persians with 300 and still kick their butts. We beat them what was it. Oh yeah 4 times. We also beat the Egyptians a bunch

Ancient Greece is the birthplace of modern technology. Yay Greece! Vote for Greece!

Wow it's so amazing that Greece invented so many things like The PIZZA and The SHOWER and SO MANY OTHER AWESOME THINGS! One day I will travel to Greece and do a little more research thanks for posting this cool stuff about Greece!

I wouldn't say this should be 200th on the list since its cool with all its Greek Gods like Poseidon ANd Zeus, Hades, Athena etc. but certainly China is real cool

No other is so widely known with evidenciary contributions to modern civilizations. They valued mind, body, and soul with sometimes reckless abandon. The Roman Empire, without having conquered Greece, would never have been what it was at the expense of Greece.

Ancient Greece one of the best civilization. Best part was the mythology and always loved stories. You guys should play the god of war series. It is based on the mythology of ancient Greece and was a masterpiece.

So true couldn't say it better greeks were the most advanced ancient civilization that their achievements were thousands of years ahead. There were other great civilizations sure but they stayed only on that their achievements didn't gave much to modern people.

It was the first countries to come up with Pi a brilliant math term (mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter). Which shows how intelligent they were.

I say that Greece is the best Ancient Civilization. Although it was taken down by Rome and afterward, the Byzantine Empire, Greece gave Rome most of their ideas in education, learning, and logic. The Greeks, although they are not the most powerful civilization, not ranking up to Rome and the Mongols, Greece forged a vast empire, taking down the Persian Empire (Which IS conquered a whole lot), Egypt, and Bactria. Greece also invented philosophy, arts, Olympics, a military tactic called the phalanx, and more countless ideas. Luckily, these ideas were saved by the Islamic Empire that existed hundreds of years after the Greeks.

They were the most civilized they built the Great Pyramid of Giza. They were so smart that they knew how to worship the gods and build a house and it's not many resources in the desert besides sand stone

The Roman Empire copied everything from them.

It is by far the most influential civilization of ancient times. The way we live today, from politics to philosophy or to free trade, was originated in ancient Greece.

An amazing society- one definitely worth learning about!

Greece is the cradle of democracy, theatre, and science. They were the first to study math for it's own sake.

With all there inventions they became a very powerful civilisation. They invented the Olympics and we still do that today.

They taught the Romans everything and there help allowed Rome to conquer the empire they did

Made great technologies and ideas for mankind but were quite aggressive and low on morals.