Ancient India


India gave the world "0" (zero) in mathematics.

I would arguably say that ancient India is the greatest ancient civilization. Ancient India has many great achievements in the areas of architecture, medicine, mathematics, literature, astronomy, and warfare. In terms of architecture, India has many amazing sites such as the Taj Mahal, the Golden Temple, and various ancient Hindu temples. The oldest reservoir for irrigation was built in Saurashtra, India. One of the oldest cities in the world, Mohenjo-Daro had running water and flushing toilets for every single home in the city. In regards to medicine, India had the oldest med school called Ayurveda, which was build 2500 years ago. Sushruta was the "Father of Surgery" and he conducted many complicated surgeries such as cesareans, artificial limbs, and brain surgery. Anesthesia was also widely used in these processes. In terms of math, ancient Indians invented the number "0", the decimal point, and algebra. Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages in the world and is closely linked to ...more - rapaddict97

India has always been one of most tolerant civilizations. India never attacked any other civilization but rather others always tried to attack India and steal her wealth. As much Indians believe in non violence when it comes to defending our homeland all Indians stood on the borders of India to defend her.

Other then this India has contributed a lot to our present society. The problem is that India never got credit. A couple of important Indian inventions are the numeral system we use today but sadly credit is given to Arabs but Arabs them self's call these Hindu numbers meaning Indian numbers. India also invented the number 0, 1st plastic surgery, medicine, and influenced many parts of trigonometry and algebra. These are just a couple of things that I remember quickly there are many other thibgs India invented.

Other then these things India I would say is one of the most diverse and spiritual countries. In ancient India many philosophies were created such as early ...more

Worlds oldest port situated in Lothal Gujarat. Inhabitants of ancient india were skilled mathematicians, traders, navigators, doctors, miners and many more. India proved to have a lot of natural resources and favourable climatic conditions making the land a paradise for egyptian and sumerian traders. Indian culture also had a lot of dominance over chinese culture (martial arts, buddhism, architecture). Should at least be ranked in top 3

While Europeans were still in their stone age, Indian kids were learning to read Sanskrit texts, the numbers we use today, were developed in India. Without these number the machines we use today wouldn't be even possible to make. Also in culture, India is very diverse, and warfare, kung-fu has its origins from India and kerelas martial arts is the oldest martial arts in the world. In conclusion India is the worlds most diverse country, we people from every religion and ethnicity here that settled here since medieval or later times. I personally believe that Greek is so overrated not trying to hate... But just because their culture is similar to that of Europe and the Americas, they I believe get way to much importance.

Most Intellectually developed civilization was that of Ancient India. Some great discoveries they made still evade our minds. Most records of their progressive philosophies and science were destroyed by invasions from West Asia and only some of them passed on to later generations through stories and beliefs.

Concepts of Secularism, heterodoxy, public reasoning and debate etc. Were widely practiced by Ashoka the great much earlier than anybody. Also Indian Spiritual history is certainly unique in the world.

The best advanced all time civilization of world consisting of historical epics like the RAMAYANA and the MAHABHARATA which had much more advanced technology that we see now. Many of the experiments and inventions are based on the calculations done by ancient Indian scholars, physicians, mathematicians and astronomers. I AM PROUD OF MY INDIA

India is the only civilization that survives to this day. India is the world's oldest and oldest continuing civilization. India was ahead of the rest of the world in nearly all aspects of civilization until the 17th century! It is a proven fact that India had the largest economy in the world for 17 of the past 20 centuries!

I've done a good online research and came to the conclusion that Vedas are full of description of technology and other civilization which Scientists and Historians are still debating on. Be it a way of traveling between two planets or lost civilization of Atlantis, Vedas has some thing or other for each topic. Hence we can strongly imply that People of Ancient India were Guardians of this world. And not to forget, as per scientist Sanskrit is/was the most advanced language ever spoken which is also said to be the mother of other Greek languages.

I think India is cool because of the treasure and things along time ago

The simple fact that spoken languages first developed in ancient India and modern numerical system originated there makes it the foremost civilisation. As without language and ability to calculate human mind would be nowhere close to where they are. Loop

When I visited India several years ago on a research scholarship to study it's ancient civilizations I found there were very ancient records with Indian families all across India. Their civilization actually predates even the Indus Valley Civilization cited here.

India was one of the two major ancient Asian civilizations, along with China. The city of Mohenjo Daro was one of the most innovative in ancient times, with plumbing and was comparable to the cities of the Fertile Crescent. Later on, Aryan migrations brought their beliefs, combining with traditional Indian religions. Two of the major world religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, were developed. Large empires such as the Maruyan and Gupta Empires were established. There were also achievements such as Arabic numerals, the understanding of zinc, better quality medicine, the works of Kalidasa, yoga, knowledge of orbits in the solar system, algebra, the oldest dam in the world, snakes and ladders, chess, stupas, and more. - ethanmeinster

Numbers, central plumbing thousands of years before discovered again, 2 of the world's major religions, medicine, literature, and huge empires that defeated the Macedonian empire. Need I say more? - ethanmeinster

Oldest, Greatest, most polite and matured civilisation the human race would ever come to know. Conquered by many but couldn't be destroyed even in turn gave some knowledge to them and enlightened them.

How can a wise person put any other civilization on top except ancient India? Ancient Buddhism has found the law of Impermanence, the truth of Suffering and the fact that everything is out of control. Is there any person in a healthy mind to challenge it? Secondly think who found the karma, rebirth cycle, celebacy, meditation, gratitude towards parents, respecting elders-monks-hermits? No need of stating second level things such as root language, maths, classical music..etc.

India is not only most ancient civilization in the world but also only civilization have preserved by its people for 5000 year.

Ancient India was more advanced and success than ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome so it should be at #1

India has the world's oldest religion... HinduISM. It is the birth place of four religions. Tigers and lions are found together in this country only, nowhere else in the world.

By my calculations India is more than 50000 because

The concept of living in a civilized manner was started in earliest Indian civilisations

Many advances in science and architecture were made. Much better than Rome, China, Egypt and Greece. Those societies weren't as influential as India. The main problem is, not many people know about India, and many fallacies are taught in school about India.

In terms of power, nothing can match India or China. 6000 years of utter dominance until industrialization.

The country which has given world priceless diamonds. Which has shown world the path to pride, glory, loyalty and brotherhood. She has in her bosom all casts, religion and creed known. Such is the care of my mother. With a rich history with some stained pages.A bright beacon in present and the growing hub for the future