Ancient Rome


Everything that could happen to an empire happened to Rome, Monarchy, Republic and Empire.
Defined by their heroes whose name rise in the pages of history like Gods and their wars which are still in the memory of all.

The Romans were way ahead of their time. While most citizens of the world were out and about living in huts and eating wild animals and stuff, the city of Rome was already dealing with building height regulations (buildings had to be limited to 6 floors), traffic jams, and problems with indoor plumbing. Instead of a feudalist like society found anywhere else in the world, where you would die in the same status you were born in, you could be a simple soldier in Rome and become a Senator, a simple baker and become filthy rich. You could live in modern day Spain or Egypt or Bulgaria and still be a Roman citizen. They had an advanced highway system, the likes of which are comparable to the interstate system, war machines in use even 1,000 years after Rome, and after the fall of Rome Europe couldn't recover for another millennia. The effects of this civilization are felt today all over the Western World. - JustAnAccount

With all due respect, after c.550 AD the Byzantine Empire was all Greek. Latin was no longer spoken, all religious icons, liturgies, writings were Greek and there after the dominating culture for over 800 years was the Greek Byzantine Empire.

So much so that the city Naples was still speaking Greek up to the 1600's.

To further emphasize this issue, the Council of Nicaea 325 AD, which Constantine I called for, had close to 500 Bishops and Archbishops attend. Rome saw fit to only send 8 low level Bishops the rest were what we today refer to as Eastern Orthodox.

I am not trying to offend but you may want to read the four Byzantine books written by John Julius Norwich and I'm not being derogatory when I say 'that they are a good start on the topic' since there are many books on the topic.

All the best.

Out if the last 2000 years only for 500 years the Roman civilization has not existed as a political entity. for 500 years they were a Republic. USA has only been a Republic for 250 years. Greece only lasted for 700 years half the time of Rome. Only China and Egypt has lasted longer but at Rome's peak it's civilization was among the happiest and most thriving comparable to a modern nation.

The Roman Empire was the most powerful empire in all human history. Most of English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Etc. Comes from Latin and the romans invented Latin. Most of the medical and law terms come from Latin and all the languages spoken that are derived from Latin are spreader across the America's, Europe, parts of Africa, Australia, and parts of Asia and its religion, Christanity, have a third of the world' s population believing in it.

Truly the largest influence we hold from the history of ancient times.

Rome would not be that advanced if not for Greece which they conquered, and they also began worshipping Greek gods. Greek really deserves the title of number one.

I think Ancient Rome was technologically more advanced than many other Ancient civilizations. Therefore if the Romans did not exist we would not have the technology we have today.

Nothing compares to the Roman Empire. Even in modern times, the Romans would be very impressive and powerful. They had sophisticated technology, military, methods of transportation, government, etc. and lasted for many hundreds of years. Their cities and castles and roads are still in existence as well. Probably China, Greece, an Egypt would be the only civilizations coming anywhere close to the immense power of Rome.

I think Rome should be 1st. I am part Italian, myself, and I consider this civilization very interesting. Sure they were influenced by the Greeks, but the Roman Empire was almost one of the biggest empires back then, expanding from Britain to the Red Sea! Talking about the Byzantine Empire, they were alright. I am an American citizen and they have inspired us to build the US Capitol from the Parthenon with its big dome. Rome has lasted for about 400-500 years, almost like the Han dynasty in China (Han Dynasty: 206 because to 220 AD to Roman Empire: 27 because to 476 AD). Their republic was also interesting to study, from 509 to 27 because. I am also Christian and liked how later during the empire Rome converted into Christianity!

Rome probably could've conquered Europe and, Asia if they knew that it was worth something.

The Roman Empire ruled most of the known world, including some of the nations mentioned on this list.

Rome is the best because it single handing lay shaped the world for law, religion, government and society. Also they did conquer Greece, and Egypt.

Rome was definitely the biggest thing to happen to the ancient world. I read the history of Rome, and it's incredible. This is definitely the best ancient civilization. - gr8gatzby

The largest influence we have today. Filled to the brim with art, intellect, and politics, Ancient Rome was a beautiful and blooming time.

I think it should be #2 because its empire spread western culture all over the world and it invented many architectural designs.

Rome was an unstoppable force that destroyed everything in their way. They made many advances and had one of the best armies in history. They expanded faster than any other. This is why I voted for them.

Rome build an empire that almost stretched across the world conquering place like Greece and Egypt.

The romans ploughed every civilization that it faced, it was arguably the most civilized and the most controlled. In the end, it's only weakness was itself.

Rome is obviously better than Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt. I mean rome even took them over and added them to it's empire

Ancient Rome was, sorry IS amazing. If you count the Eastern Roman Empire than the Empire as a whole fell 40 years before Columbus! Sorry but, that is insane and awesome.

Rome kept Europe stabile for years (until it fell of course)

They invented, toilets, plumbing, aqueducts, they had an awesome army, and real life soldiers says that the Spartans are the best soldiers. The Romans also know how to party.

The roman were very good engineers and they were had toilets and bath which nobody else had. Most roman thing were lost and just reinvented

We owe to Rome what we are now. All of us!