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21 Roman Republic

Like the Roman Empire and all of its accomplishments, but way better because of the freedom its citizens and allies enjoyed. The Roman Republic was all about liberty and were very isolationist at heart but by policy, were protectorates of its allies. Most people believed that the Empire and the Republic were the same warmongering states but they would be wrong. For example, the Greeks attacked, asked for aid and were extremely ungrateful to the Romans. The Romans defeated the armies of Pyrrus, Antiochus, Philip and many others who threatened the security of the Romans or the Greeks. After beating down the enemy, Rome allowed them to live and offered friendship and freedom. 5 times they declared all conquered Greeks cities free! And did not demand any compensation for the hard fought wars the Romans fought in. Would War mongers do this? No. Its because the Roman Republic was an Empire of Trust (Thomas F. Madden) not of Conquest! That is why the Roman Republic is the greatest ...more

For hal a Milaniom this war machine had the most professional army of its time.


I like cats

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22 Ancient France

Why is France here?

This should be #1!

France isn't a civilization its called GAUL!

France isn't a civilization at all its called GAUL!

It should be 200!

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23 Ancient Carthage

This should be number 1 in Africa, Carthage is situated in the coast of North Africa, in what is now Tunisia. It developed into a significant trading empire throughout the Mediterranean, and was seen as home to a wealthy and brilliant civilization. After a long conflict with the emerging civilisation of Ancient Rome, known as the Punic Wars, during which advantage shifted from one side to the other and Hannibal conducted a campaign in Italy after first crossing the Alps

The tactical genius of Hannibal still studied in our time.

Best Civilization Ever it should be number 1

24 Ancient Turkey

Turks have established 18 empires throughout their history, have conquered all of the known world, and the west has had to make up alternative narratives to curtail Turkish nationalism from reemerging in its greatness and dominating Middle East and Europe in the 20th century. The most significant legacy in most of Central Asia, Black Sea and Eastern Europe is of Turkish origin. The world has never known more powerful and benevolent conquerors than the Turks, and the Turks will soon rise again in their ferocious glory.

To conquer other countries, appropriation of other cultures and history, destruction of other nations can not be proud of the nation, which claims to be civilized.

Hello I like Turkey and uh.. TurkeyS

Only brough death and destruction nohing,else.They are selfish people.Wait for erdogan to start WW 3 and this time there will be more thena billion people dead on earth.

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25 Ancient Persia
26 Indus Valley Civilization

I love this civilization. It was one of greatest civilized place.

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27 Umayyad Caliphate

Well the end of the Umayyad caliphate was that they were living like kings instead of religious leaders

One of the most great era of Muslims. They have the great scientist, philosphers, warriors, docters, tecnology of that time like manginiac. They ruled about aone thousand year at entire world.

28 Assyrian Empire

Known to have been one of the first civilizations to follow Christianity, most technologically advanced with more than one world wonder in their history

I'm learning about the Assyrian Empire in school. The Assyrians used ziggurats to worship their gods and held religious ceremonies to make food sacrifices. Note- they did not make human sacrifices- that's good!

Very influential civilization, recent archeology shows that the hanging gardens may actually have been Assyrian not Babylonian

They did invent Libraries

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29 Ancient Spain (Andalusia)

The country's soil is fertilized because the crops of that time are still grown today

Spain was one of the conquistadors of the world. HEHEHEHEHEHE. Its true. It had many colonies. Even near the American borders.

30 Ancient Maurya
31 Ancient Atlantis

Atlantis is real don't cha know?!?

Atlantis is the 49th state

Atlantis was the most advanced civilization EVER to exist, current included - you don't even know...

Dude, bruh... Ancient aliens. Can't be more advanced than that.

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32 Ancient Han Dynasty
33 The Huns

The huns was good in hunting they were winner where when they versus ancient egypt

34 Ancient Syria

Lebanon should be above Syria

35 Ancient Scotland

I think they should actually be number 5 because back then in mid-evil time they were doing really awesome!

This is not an ancient civilization

36 Songhai Empire

I bet most of you added Civilization 5 civilizations - SirSkeletorThe3rd

37 Ancient Lebanon

Phoenicians, from the country that was called Phoenicia, were the first people to create tone alphabet, they named "Europe", invented transparent glass, had the first human rights and freedom political regime (similar to democracy, and Byblos (a city in Lebanon) is the oldest city in the world. Enough said.

I honestly think that the Phoenicians should have been in the top 10 because of the great things they have achieved. Thank you for adding it to the list

Phoenicia should be more rated, they created important things as alphabet that we use in most languages( English, arabic, French, German...), the first boat, glass, purple... And actually discovered America because we can find on old Phoenicians, drugs, who were only found in America.

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38 Carthage

Despite being located in an area surrounded by savage groups, Carthage managed to domesticate elephants, take over Spain, defeat the Gauls, climb Europe's highest mountains, and nearly defeat Rome under the rule of Hannibal Barca.

Hannibal was part of it plus they had a great navy and elephants and nearly defeated Rome! And Rome only one because Scipio learned tactics off Hannibal

Carthage was the strongest mediterranean civilization in termes of economy architecture military and naval navigation the port of carthage "located in tunis now" is one of the most wonderful structures ever also it's the first civilization to use showers; sewers system; heating and soap also the fisrt building to have more than one story is in carthage
Carthage was the first New York in the world

39 Mesopotamia

It is spelled right - lbelle0527

40 Ancient Iraq

12. Banking activities:

Banking originated in Mesopotamia in Babylon first temples then palaces provided a safe place for the storage of valuables. Initially deposits of grain were accepted & later other goods including cattle, agricultural implements, then precious metals.

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