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41 Germanic Tribes

Germanic tribes defeated rome

The Germans actually were the first astronomers look up the goseck circle and the Nebraska sky disk you will see

42 Iroquois

Peaceful, intelligent, kind, and smart with their land, the Iroquis created their own confederacy and were the strongest modern Native American power.

43 Sumerian Civilization

The Sumerian civilization is one of the greatest... We learn a lot from them, so please vote because it deserves to be on top 10.

Oldest civilization! or so my school taught us

Most Old in the Middle East and Europe with Africa..only China and India had culture before


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44 Armenian Empire

If one looks back in ancient history, one would find that Armenia was a kingdom which encompassed most of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria among others. That gentleman was right, it's much older than France. A. Vosnian.

Ancient Turkey, France... Are you kidding me?
Armenian is much older from these civilizations! - vahaghakobyan

You don't know anything about Armenia,you are just empty.Armenia is more ancient than very very countryes you have written...

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45 Minoan Civilization

The Minoans had a very advanced civilization for their time. Lavish palaces with the first flush toilets, plumbing very similar to our own and sewer systems in the streets. Advanced art. Advanced commerce. Many historians say they were atlantis as their island was destroyed by an eruption followed by a tsunami.

You are just supporting the greeks that is why you are down at 38 and they are at #2 which should be #1.

The Minoans were the smartest early civilization in the world

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46 Ancient Korea

Everyone! 1 Think of Gangnam Style and Gentleman!

Also, Korean history is long with many conflicts with the Chinese, and the Korean were able to defeat China and Japan!

It grew up to have the fastest internet in the world GO Korea!

The complex history between the 3 kingdoms was interesting an important to the future of Korea. Baekje, Gorgoryeo, and Silla were important, and well as the achievements of the Goryeo dynasty.

Gojoseon, Buyeo, Goguryeo, Balhae were strong empires that had territory beyond the Korean Peninsula into Manchuria and Russian Maritime Province. - Stevenloveswaffles13

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47 Ancient Illyria

Than why is it #43? If Ancient Illyria is so great? It is older than the actual greek civilization, present proof, than I will be interested?

They've had quite the wise leaders such as Agron, Teuta, etc. They were strong warriors according to several reliable websites. They are also quite mysterious due to some lack of discoveries about them which makes them even more interesting.

Reliable websites? The most reliable is if you are there, which you clearly weren't.

Is the older than "greek civilization

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48 Ethiopia Ethiopia Ethiopia, officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, is a sovereign state located in the Horn of Africa.

We're's Ethiopia? You basically listed the most famous countries.

I agree! Ethiopia is a great civilization!

Ancient Aksum is a great religion where you will find many answers

Ethiopia is a very underrated country, with beautiful scenery and ancient civilisation spanning back millennia...
Just because nobody has heard of the Axumite empire, does not mean it was not a major civilisation. It's trade spanned the red sea, and the rulers lived in ancient cities and majestic palaces. The architecture was very sophisticated, and examples of this lie in the carven churches in the mountains (the most famous being Lalibela) and the obelisk of Axum. The hidden monasteries are laden with hidden gems of history and ancient texts. Cities such as Gondar and Harar are monuments of religion and history. Ethiopia's rich culture, architecture and history should put it among the great civilisations of Persia, Greece, Rome and Egypt. It is very sad that not as many people are aware of this civilisation as are aware of others such as Egypt, Rome, and Greece. It should definitely be in the top ten! Search it up!

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49 Ancient Mesoamerica
50 Ancient Australia (Aboriginal)

The Indigenous Australians produced beautiful artworks and had a much better understanding of Australia than the white settlers. They were able to use basic tools for complex situations, such as navigation, hunting and warfare

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51 Ancient Pakistan

Coolest civilization It had the hardest to learn writing and no one knows what they wrote

IT was great civilization of Pakistan. this civilization had all characteristics of civilization like sense of value, reason, creativity, politeness and individualism. this civilization is the example of Androgymy.

Lol... Civilization of Pakistan... Ha ha ha.. Pakistan came into existence after 1947 and prior to this, it was known as part of India.

It was in India. So it is included in India

Someone earse this topic. This is written by fools

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52 The Muslims

The Muslims conquered North Africa, the Middle East, and even parts of Europe. An unstoppable fighting force that threatened the West and defended their cities well during the Crusades.

They started the crusades, do you know how many people died?

They should not be at the bottom of the list, and Muslims had many empires not just one, and Islam is the religion that Muslims around the world follow. " The Muslim empire is not a real thing, it would be called Ummayad or Abbassid Caliphate. These are two different empires but both of them had a Muslim majority.

The Muslim main book is quran

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53 Dacians

The Dacians had 3 wars with the Roman Empire and the Romans only conquered 15% of Dacia plus Dacia only lost 1 war ONLY 1

Why are they on 60? They should be in top 20

They should be in top 10

They should on the top 3

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54 Mongolia Mongolia

They ran from almost France to the pacific in a window of only 20 years, epic.

Conquered one 5th of the world

They pretty much covered half of the world with there civilization.

It was a good civilization

55 Kush Empire
56 Holy Roman Empire
57 Islamic Golden Age

In many documents it states that Islam took many ideas and tried and again I repeat tried to translate the works of ancient greeks. But when they did they copied them and used them to fix their own empire. The also used the idea, Baghdad wad basically filled with greek designs. Why is it s golden age if they didn't create anything. Oh, yeah a golden age is when a empire is better than it used to be. It doesn't nesiccarily say anything bout their own ideas.

If you take out Islam from it. It's one of the best ancient civilization.

There was no sharia law at all until 12th century! Shame on new Islam World!
They studied Evolution!

The following is from Wikipedia.
They invented some formulas for: Algebra, Algorithm(Heavily used in programming and engineering), Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Scientific method, Physics, Astronomy, Optics, Chemistry, Evolution..etc

Amazing Architecture, Art..etc

58 Hittites

Hittites battled Egypt

Hittites are anatolian people that lived around 18th century because they have stylish buiildings they should be voted as the best and they just have good stylish buildings

Gozer the Gozarian was a Hittite - Gozer the destroyer, Gozer the traveler, Volguss Zildrohar. If you are not a God, then choose and die!

59 Ancient Ireland

Simply one of the oldest and most fascinating cultures there is. the pyramids were as old to the romans as the romans are to us. New grange is as old to the pyramids as the pyramids were to the romans.

Best of them all. End of story.

Ireland history is the best


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60 Phoenicians

If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be able to write this as easily. They revolutionized scripture and created the ship. They sailed the world and there's even evidence that they were the first to discover America (apart from the natives of course). They were the greatest explorers in history.

No, you have got your facts wrong. There is no way that the what ever it is called helped write anything. I have never heard of it, and believe me. If it was so important you would have heard of it.

Wait why is Phoenicians 76! is should be in the top 10

Really? Are you sure. I do not agree with a lot of thing. The greeks should be the first one. The Phoenicians, keep telling yourself that.

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