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61 Prussian Empire

Prussia created the first social legislation in the world. - Laris758

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62 Ancient Italy

So, Rome...

63 Ancient Empire of Morocco

They ruled all West Africa and Iberia ( Spain & Portugal )
They kidnapped a million europpeans to be sold on moroccan markets ( that's why there's many moroccan families who looks like europpeans )
Robinson Crusoe got first kidnapped by them and taken to Salé ( Morocco ).

64 Akkadian Empire

The First empire to ever exist (so far) and created the first proper administration and organized force in the world, and it doesn't surprise us that it started in the mid-east.

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65 Tamilans

The worst civilizaton ever I saw and they will tell we are the great this lang came before just 2,000 years before only

How can u say that Tamil civilization is the worst,Tamil is one of the seven oldest and classical language in the world which is still surviving lot of natural and human disasters.
Tamilans architecture still stands tall when compared with other civilizations of the world, some of the best examples of there wonderful work are thanjavur periya kovil of age 1000+, the biggest temple in all of India which still standing high withstanding six massive quakes dedicated to lord shiva by the great chola king rajaraja cholan who conquered the whole of srilanka,srivijaya,Maldives island,malaya.It is 8 times bigger than giza pyramid,fully build of granites one of the hardest stones in the world. Another interesting fact is that the top of the temple tower (height 216 feet)is decorated with 81.2 tone single rock. The quarry which supplies the rock is at a distance of 50miles and it took just 6 years to build this massive structure.Another interesting example for the architectural wonder is ...more

66 Mayans

For the Mayans numbers they used dots, bars and boxes. one box would equal 20 because they used the vigesimal system (the power of 20). one was a dot, 5 was a bar, and a shell was 0. if they filled up a box, they would put a big dot to show that that box was filled. 19 items can be in the ones place after 5 bars. a dot in one box with a bar in another box would show 25.

I don't care about math but mayans are awesome

67 Kushan Empire

I ave know idya abowt fis fing but it sownds lice its inyan

68 Ancient Indus

The Indust valley was one of the great ancient civilizations.

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69 Ancient Zapotecs

This should be higher up. They had advanced technology and are not too obscure. also they are very interesting.

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70 Ancient Afghanistan

History unmatched by any other ancient civilisation. You wouldn't have bronze if it weren't for these people

71 The Osirians

They were living it up with the most advance civilizations like Atlantis

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72 Rama Empire

This great empire which lies in present day India and Pakistan was certainly one of the most advanced civilizations the earth has ever seen. According to ancient Sanskrit texts like the Ramayana and Mahabahrata, the Rama Empire thrived thousands of years before any other civilization even existed in the area. From well planned town planning to warfare technology. This empire seems to be a peaceful one which was destroyed by a nuclear bomb. The harappan scripts have not been deciphered, too much remains unsaid about this mysterious, advanced empire.

73 Ancient Chad

Short stubby people
Found in ancient China

74 Jomon
75 Moinamato Civilization
76 Lemuria

The sunken continent of Tamil Nadu which is still in the underground. The first evolution started and first literature written

It has to be top in the list but no must evidence.

Yeah why aren't people voting for this?

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77 Etruscan Civilization

North of itally

78 The Macedonians

Under the rule of Alexander the Great the Macedonians were able to conquer the greatest empire of their time, The Persians. It also took them very little time to conquer so much land.

That's very true I don't know why nobody has voted

Top ten for sure!


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79 Byzantine Empire

Shouldn't everything that is included in Greece be in the top 10?

Definitely should be in the top ten!

Should definitely be in the too 15. The Byzantines expanded and endured for well over 850 years, they deserve way more recognition than they're getting.

80 Anglo-Saxon England

The Anglo-Saxons were a very powerful nation of people who conquered and discovered many parts of the world. They were stronger and better than the celts that were pushed out of present-day England. Even the descendants of the Anglo-Saxons went on to colonize America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Also, many surnames that are common today, such as Smith and Martin, have Anglo-Saxon roots in them. Obviously this is the best and most influential ancient civilization.

Anglo-Saxons invaded England, and called it "Angle-Land" Therefor it became England!

The Anglo-Saxons are over looked in History but they made themselves known culturally as well as their military might. 1066 was a close run battle and would have been won much easily by Harold if he had more time to prepare and his right flank did not decide to chase the French.
It was the Angles who named England and with the 'Lady of the Mercians' laid the foundations of England more so than anyone else, Alfred the great started the ball rolling but she finished it.
People like to think of the 'Vikings' (Norse & Danes) so fearless in battle but when they faced Athelflaed in battle they were either soundly defeated or laid their arms down in fear and swore loyalty. The Norse and Danes got their reputation through rape and pillage of Women and children and unarmed Monks Athelflaed got her reputation by intellect both on and off the battlefield.

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