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81 Jutes
82 Ancient Phoenicians

Wait whaat? Why did you put 3 times Phoenicians? (ancient Lebanon, Phoenicians and old Phoenicians)

83 Ancient Hittites
84 England in Middle Ages

Whey were great at being terrible

85 Jerusalem in BC

The golden dome of dome of the rock is a landmark in the modern day city of Jerusalem

The dome of gold is the best dome I have ever seen

Me and Jerusalem go way way back. We're like brothers. It should definitely be the best

According to the modern Jews the Dome of the rock is an Abomination and and desolation of the site of the Temples on Mount Moriah, It is occasionally described as the Abomination of Desolation however is does typify the peak of Arabian and Muslim architecture dominating the city at the very heart of the City of David.
And the Christ was born in Bethlehem and spent his childhood in Egypt, fleeing from Herod and Nazareth. He only visited Jerusalem for the Holy Feasts and during his Ministry.

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86 Ancient Africa

Ancient Africa has a lot of interesting art and archeological finds. Ancient Africa should be one of the top ten! Although it is kind of boring as most of the artifacts were pieces of art and fabric/clothing designs.

Basically, human evolution started in Africa so it should be in the top ten. I think it's really important.

The world owes it being to Africa, the mother of absolutely all civilizations. There could be no Rome, Israelite, Greek or any other civilization with the great ancient civilizations of Africa

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87 Ancient Ethiopia

Ethiopian civilization is among the oldest ones. Why is it at the bottom? You can never change history. Ethiopian civilization manifested at least 10 times longer than the current western "civilization" as written history shows. Civil war and tribal competitions have led to the current condition of Ethiopia. Set facts straight!

The list shows the obvious bias towards the west. If there is justice in history, Ancient Ethiopia, especially the Axumite Civilization should be among the very top.

I don't see why it's not on the top of the list I mean if Ethiopia wasn't there all of the other countries wouldn't be here, Lucy was the first human and she was in Ethiopia. Do some research before you post

History doesn't discriminate but a person like you can write anything. Axumite civilization is the oldest and most complicate civilizations.

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88 The Romans/Byzantines

Let's just say this: If your military can conquer most of the civilized world it must be pretty good.

Most of the people in ancient Rome were greeks or taught by greek. They took so many things from the greeks and do they get any credit. Just because you have the military power doesn't mean that you are better than anybody else! They only had the bronze, and apparently that was the only thing that mattered in the ancient world.

89 The Franks

When ruled by Charlemagne, the Franks were an unstoppable fighting force that trampled Europe in an attempt to covert all pagans to Christianity. Charlemagne conquered most of the continent and also defeated the Lombards, the Goths, and the Saxons who were Barbarian groups that were all very good at fighting.

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90 The Persians

The Persians were such a great fighting force they could march into Babylon not not opposed and take the city as their own and conquering the greatest empire in the region. The Persians conquered the Egyptians and found creative ways to cross into Europe.

But, didn't about 100,000 to 500,000 Persians fight 300 spartans. King Darius/ Xerxes spent how many years trying to crate a plan to defeat the small but powerful Greece? Just because they had many doesn't mean they had the brains. Small but mighty. Big and inexperience. Xerxes didn't know what he was doing.

91 The Assyrians

One thing that probably made the Assyrians so great at fighting was their philosophy that if they ever lost a battle their empire would crumble and end. The Assyrians seemed invincible and conquered the entire region. The Assyrians were able to strike fear Into the hearts of their enemies. The Assyrians were also one of the most brutal peoples.

92 The Carthaginians

The Carthaginians were led by Hannibal Barca one of the greatest generals of all time. This military could crush the Romans in many battles when the Carthaginians were outnumbered and when the enemy had the advantage. They will forever be known as the nation that brought Rome to its knees.

While Rome was able to destroy them in the end of the wars, Carthage won most battles.
definitely belong higher than #85

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93 The Babylonians

When ruled by Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonians conquered most of the nations in their region. One of them were the one invincible Assyrians. The Babylonians were rulers of a very hard to control region.

94 Numidia
95 Ancient Polynesians

The ancient Polynesians knew the ocean more than any other civilization. By observing flocks of birds while at sea, they made sure to inhabit every island that was accessible in the Pacific Ocean, including Hawaii, New Zealand, and Australia, and genetic analysis of animal remains proves they discovered South America before the Vikings found North America, possibly contributing to the Incan Empire. They also possessed the world's most sophisticated boats.

They were the best seafearers ever, they came from Taiwan and eventually reached Tonga, Samoa, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Hawaii, Rapa Nui (Easter Island/Isla Del Pascua), The Chatham Islands and a lot of other places.

96 Ancient Albania

They are the descendants of illyrians. One of their greatest leader calles Scanderberg hold the ottomans for 23 years and avoid the occupation of Italy

97 Ancient Celts

Though we can't necessarily call the Celts a tribe that's "still around today", their traditions are still involved with Europeans. They ruled the lands of the present-day United Kingdom (mostly Ireland and Scotland) and stopped invasions from the Norse. The mythology they have is still observed; though not as much as Greek or Egypt's, they had major figures including Danu, Gofannon, Belenus, and the well-known Epona due to the Legend of Zelda games (believe it or not, which you probably will, she was a horse goddess). They were one of the mightiest ancient civilizations, and we still have proof of their greatness today.

They used their savagry against the Romans, therefore preventing them crossing past hadrian's wall. They struck fear into the legionary's and defended Scotland well.

98 Tourkokratia
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