Best Ancient Weapons

Ancient weapons have changed the course of history. Whether it's a large or small military, the one with the best toys wins. So here are some notable ancient weapons that have had a notable effect on warfare.

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1 Bow & Arrow

This weapon allowed humans to colonize Europe. The large animals like elk were hunted with deadly effectiveness with the bow & arrow. It is also very effective as an army weapon. - Anonymous2u

When France was attacked by Britain, the French put all there archers up first, it won them the battle.

Very lethal weapons that are still dangerous.

It is the best weapon
For long and short range

It’s ranged I love it - Orlemley

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2 Broadsword

The satisfying when you slice something up with a broadsword. Also I think it was England, not France, that won many battles in the Hundred Year's War with archers.

It will kill you easily.

This weapon is awesome


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3 Katana

Used by the Samurai, ninjas, Viet Cong, Japanese empire, and modern day Dojos all across the globe - sdoggys

The Katana is so sharp it has been demonstrated to cut through a human completly with no problem. And the swords are made of steel instead of Iron so its stronger than the average sword - sdoggys

Samurai made the best weapons

Katanas have been used for 1000s of years and are incredibly flexible and strong.

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4 Battle Ax

The battle ax was by vikings to pillage villages & claim land - Anonymous2u

5 Blunderbuss

A muzzle loading shotgun that could use anything as ammo as long as there was enough gunpowder.

Definitely more lethal than that big fork trident thing. - jezza0

Its an awesome weapon, they even use to fill it with scrap metal and wood if they ran out of ammo.

A muzzle loading shotgun. This was the pirate equivilant to a Spas-12.

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6 Trident

The trident was very effective in single combat because eit could cause multiple wounds and could be used to disarm a foe

This weapon was sympolic as a smpol of the god Neptune. Combined with the net, it made a great combonation for gladiators - Anonymous2u

7 Cannon

The great grandfather of all firearms. A weapon capable of large damage, this weapon has evolved into what is now guns. Muzzle loading, then single action, lever action, bolt action, semi-auto, and finally fully-automatic (burst fire could be included too).

Cannons were the first ever heavy artillery. They were used on battlefields for centuries. - Anonymous2u

We are talking about handheld weapons here, folks. Hand Cannon is what you want. - LordDovahkiin

8 Crossbow

Ass kicking like he said

Croosbow is a bad ass killing machine

A peasant can now kill a Knight and the Chinese had the repeat crossbow which could fire up to one bolt a second which is faster than any longbow man.
There was also the triple crossbow which was used in sieges on both sides.

9 War Hammer
10 Musket

The Contenders

11 Tomahawk

Can be used both as a handheld wielding weapon as well as an effective projectile

12 Spear

It's the most popular weapon in history. It was still used in war more then the bow and arrow for all of the years in which the bow and arrow was used. It has vastly superior reach to the sword. It is more intuitive to use then the sword or the bow. It is the first weapon that allowed man to hunt large game. Until the invention of relatively modern firearms it was still the most common weapon on nearly all battlefields. On a less objective note, Odin used one and he was Thor's dad.

A spear can kill an opponent at long range

13 Shield

Jesus Christ, I know this can be used as a weapon, but the idea behind it was to defend you. - LordDovahkiin

14 Arquebus

For those who don't know an Arquebus was an early form of rifle or musket prominent during the Rennaisance.

15 Matchlock Rifle
16 Sling
17 Flintlock Rifle
18 War Club

These weapons were used by native-Americans to defend against eneny tribes - Anonymous2u

19 Flintlock Pistol V 1 Comment
20 Cutlass
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