Best Ancient Weapons

Ancient weapons have changed the course of history. Whether it's a large or small military, the one with the best toys wins. So here are some notable ancient weapons that have had a notable effect on warfare.

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21 Catapult

Again... We are talking about handheld weapons here, folks. Not siege weapon. - LordDovahkiin

Well you know what catapults are for - Anonymous2u

22 Rapier
23 Sabre
24 Hoplon

What is a hoplon? A sheild used by spartans that had a layer of brass, wood, & leather. It could be swung at people to knock them back, crack skulls & charge. This fits with the expression "the best offense is a good deffense" - Anonymous2u

25 Urumi

A whipsword basically

26 Scottish Claymore

It was the largest weapon and delivered the second most deadly blow only following under the Katana.

This weapon was really effective against shield and horses carriages and war elephant when the Scottish invaded other country's but it took strength to wield the weapon.

27 Wheellock Pistol
28 Angon

The anon was the main weapon of the Germanic tribes and maybe vikings

29 Khopesh
30 War Elephants

This is a calvary unit. We are talking about HANDHELD weapons here, folks. - LordDovahkiin

31 Nunchaku
32 Longbow
33 Katar

An ancient dagger from India, that appears to be just a dagger at first, but then splits into three like Wolverine's claws! Awesome.

34 Bayonet

Back in the American Revolution, all muskets and rifles were designed to have fixed bayonets to make an effective lance.

35 Atlatl

Super op thing that launches darts that easily
1 shot kill things

36 Spatha

It was the short sword used by the Roman Empire to be thruster through opponents with ease. What made it so effective was the fact that the blade was fashioned for maximum thrust damage rather than slashing, so it was the perfect partner to the titanic shield walls of the legion. *Open wall, impale poor bloke, close wall*

37 Spike Pits

This is a trap. We are talking about HANDHELD WEAPONS. - LordDovahkiin

38 Faussart

This weapon was so powerful, a duoble handed swing could cut a mail armoured knight almost clean in half

39 Francisca

A frankish throwing axe

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