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Quickly surpassing the iphone, android technology is growing at an intense rate. So are the applications available. There is everything from games, to calorie counters, to white noise sleep machine imitators. Free or paid, there's all sorts of options out there.

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21 Evernote

Great tool for taking notes that syncs across multiple machines and devices.

22 Talking Tom Cat

No not talking Tom. It's owned my a killer! Every time Tom blinks he's taking a pic of you and keeping them to try to track you down and when you make him talk he scans your voice and keeps it on files. It's not save for your kids save yourself!

Excellent app for all the family. Perfect for car journeys or to pass time.

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23 Subway Surfers
24 Amazon Kindle

Don't want to haul around a Kindle, or don't want to buy one in the first place? The Android Kindle app lets you read books using your phone which odds are will be with you just about all the time.

25 Book My Show
26 Coin Dozer
27 Tubemate

Lets me download any video I want and save it on my Kindle Fire, so I can watch the video anytime I want, even without WI-fi. I love Tubemate, and anyone with a Kindle Fire should get this app because it makes watching videos so much easier.

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28 Doodle Jump
29 Google Goggles

Search Google using pictures. Use your phone's camera to take a picture of a label, bar code, building, snippet of foreign text and Google will tell you about the product, provide pricing comparisons, translate text, or provide standard search results.

30 Twitter Twitter Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, "tweets," restricted to 140 characters.
31 Jurassic Park Builder

Cool building and I love Dino's

32 Wikipedia
33 Clash of Clans

Why is this app so popular, it is one of the most stupid, boring, and unoriginal apps I've ever played. - doctorman

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34 Barcode Scanner

A more powerful and specialized version of the Google Goggles barcode feature. Use it to check the price of a product online before you but it at the store.

35 Opera Mini
36 UC Browser

Ligth browser with useful functions :D

Many touch functions to navigate

37 Instagram

Best app to date. Period.

38 Temple Run 2
39 AppBrain App Market
40 Twitter Fast
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