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41 Places Directory

Locate restaurants, hotels, theaters, stores, etc. in your area using the GPS on your phone.

42 Angry Birds
43 Viber
44 Pokemon Go! Pokemon Go!

This doesn't even work for androids

45 Kamcord
46 Skype Skype Skype is an application that provides video chat and voice call services. Users may exchange such digital documents as images, text, video and any other, and may transmit both text and video messages.

I like this app. The easiest app to call people.

47 Dictionary
48 Drag Racing
49 News and Weather
50 BlockLauncher Pro

Gives you mods, lets you join servers, skins for Minecraft PE.

51 AppLock Pro

Must have app. Truly keeps you worry free. Keep every thing private. Give a try

52 SongPop V 1 Comment
53 IFunny IFunny

This is Will Ferrell vote ifunny or else

V 1 Comment
54 Alarm Clock

Very nice app... You can only dismiss the alarm if you solve the given maths puzzle correctly!

55 Duolingo
56 Temple Run

Seriously... No Temple Run? Why, it's the most addictive app of the year.

57 Showbox
58 My Backup Pro

Backup applications, contacts, logs, settings, shortcuts, etc. to an SD card or an online site for safe keeping just in case something terrible happens to your phone. App has the ability use scheduled backups so you don't have to remember to do it yourself.

59 Times of India
60 Moneycontrol
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