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41 Doodle Army 2
42 Cestos
43 Dead Trigger
44 Pou

Sometimes I had a little bored to playing this. But okay. Pou is too funny. Many kids for sure love this!

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45 Brave Frontier

SO ADDICTING! This is probably the best RPG game out on the store. You start it and you can't stop. THIS DESERVES TO BE #1!

Wow this game should NOT be down here, this is by FAR the best rpg ever! There's so much to do in the game it's pretty insane! - Vortexeo

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46 Minecraft PE

I can't believe it isn't in the top ten! On Google play it is first!

This game is very creative. It's so fun.

This is the most sucking game ever

This is the most ducking game in the world

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47 FIFA 15 FIFA 15
48 Deal and Be a Millionaire
49 Curve Fever
50 Dead Trigger 2
51 Plants vs Zombies 2
52 Buka
53 Raging Thunder
54 Wrestling Revolution

The characters in the game are similar to those of hard time. More time to spend to play this game. Never ending game unless you die via extremely severely serious injury that doctors cannot handle. Easy to create your character with style and you can develop his/her skills.

Best wrestling game. All characters look like hard time characters. Mat Dickie even puts himself in the game. I haven't stop playing it since I got it! - Randomsoldier23

55 Clash Royale

It should be on number 1 it is the best game ever

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56 Monster Legends V 1 Comment
57 Armored Strike
58 Game Dev Story

Tbe only addictive game on android...
I remember the days I played this game upto 3:00 am with my blurry and addicted eyes...

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59 My Horse
60 Bad Piggies
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