Selfie Sarcasm

I feel the urge.
I snap a picture.
Now I can wake up without my friends tweeting me asking why I haven't posted my selfie.
I go back to bed. I can only last ten minutes,an new record, before I take another.
Oh, I forgot. Today's my vacation!
I scramble out of bed and pull out my phones, and I snap pictures of me with a sign behind me saying "Vacation Selfie."
I get into the car, and the clicking noises of the shutters make my dad scream.
"Put your phone away!" He screams, "You've been doing that clicking noise for the past sixteen hours!"
I always wondered why they are called phones. You don't even call on them. Their purpose is to provide you a method of selfie.
The clicking noise continues, and my dad takes revenge by veering into a ditch.
This is too awesome to describe! I begin snapping pictures of me covered in my dad's blood. I bet none of my friends can beat this!
I walk out of the car to the next town.
Now I can snap pictures as much as I want!
I post my selfies on, so that all peoples may see my awesome pictures.
So I rest easy, knowing that my pictures have changed someone's life.


Love this blog. Hilariously sarcastic. Well done, C.G. - PositronWildhawk

Loved reading that, CityGuru! Your father reacts pretty much the same as mine. Must be a dad thing, eh? Don't know what all the fuss is about. Sixteen hours of continuous clicking is nothing! - Britgirl