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21 It Hurts

Really emotional song about a relationship... give it a listen you will love this song. It deserves it's spot in the top 10.

22 Epic Holiday

One of my favorite songs ever! Especially with Secret Crowds.

Have you people not listened to this song? How is it #22

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23 Breathe

Why is this 22nd, I think it should at least be in the top 10! Its such a simple song, but so beautiful

Wow guess for once my favorite song by a band isn't in the top 10

Great song I listen to growing up


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24 We Are All That We Are

Oh my, why is this down here? Their best song definitely, it's beautiful all throughout, the lyrics in the beginning and that long beautiful solo I can't stop listening too. You, yes you, fellow AvA fan, listen to this song you won't regret it, trust me

Beautiful song, best solo by AVA and Tom's voice is just beautiful. Deserves top 10 at least

I just love this it is a amazing song and just reminds me of good memories of my life.

So epic at the end with the guitar, lifts me up every time

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25 Teenagers & Rituals

This song has been in my top 5 most played songs since it came out

Awesome opener to "The dream walker"

26 Sirens

This song is apparently about, him watching his friends sister dancing naked in her room, with Tom outside looking through the window. Apparently he said, at one point she looked right in to his eyes but she couldn't see him because he was behind a bush. Yeah something along those lines, there's a YouTube video where he tells the story, it's funny laugh out loud. Otherwise this is an awesome song, it can be interpreted so many ways, it sounds really deep and full of meaning, but at the same time it's not depressing, which is nice. "Can't let go... "

I like to listen to this song "From time to time..."

Simply an amazing song, could listen to it over and over

Beatiful song, makes me think of someone truely special

27 The Machine
28 My Heroine (It's Not Over)

Why has no one added this song yet

29 The Moon-Atomic (...Fragments and Fictions)

The best for me, emotional and with a fantastic rhythm! Come on guys give it a chance

The beat along with tom's poetic lyrics make this song truly amazing

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30 A Little's Enough

The list is good, but really this song 'A LITTLE'S ENOUGH' deserves a top 10 position.

This sing is just plain awesome. enough said. real toss up between this one and a call to arms though. both are amazing

31 True Love

Wait why is this not number 2. You guys are missing out on a great song! The first song I heard from them. Please listen to it, the lyrics and the instrument combine to make this awesome song. Guys I highly recommend this one.

Dudes. If you've ever felt the title, vote here.

Amazing song should be at least 15 on this list - OasisFeelsLove

Epic from start to finish!

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32 The Gift

AMAZING so uplifting and it makes you want to ascend to something greater...this to me is the BEST song AAA has done and we need more of songs like this!

Awesome lyrics, and lovely chorus.

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33 Tunnels

Everything about this song is perfect...why isn't it included in this list already

You know a song's powerful when bursting into tears listening to it.

This songs gonna peak at top 5 soon

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34 Inertia
35 Start the Machine

Absolutely immaculate ending to their first and best album, anything not on their first 2 albums should not be in the the top 5

Great song! Should be higher up the list.

36 The Wolfpack

A little different than most AVA songs... very electronic. Very good song nevertheless!

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37 Distraction

This song is one of their best... Deserves to be in the top 3 DEFINITELY! I love tom's voice... Anyway, I love this song!

The chorus is so amazing, not to mention the lead's voice. This is the song that made me like this band.

Why is this song so low? 33?! Top ten for sure.

38 Letters To God, Part II

To me, the intro lyrics are mind-blowing! Take what you want from the lyrics, but this is one of their songs that just makes you think about life. Maybe not top 10, but worth a listen.

39 Reel 1 (Diary)

This song is the definition if AVA's greatness. Treating us with an almost 6 minute long instrumental intro, leading up to a beautiful conclusion. The piano work is really amazing on this track.

Very beautiful song

40 The Revelator

This is the song that made me fall in love with this band

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