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Angra is a Power Metal band from Brazil. Members:

Eduardo Falaschi - Vocals
Kiko Loureiro - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Rafael Bittencourt - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Felipe Andreoli - Bass, Backing Vocals
Ricardo Confessori - Drums

The Top Ten

1 Carry On - Angels Cry

This is a total EPIC! Insane guitars, insane vocals, insane bass, insane drums, insane song! There ain't no comparison!

Certainly superior to nova era, Angra's signature song. I think this top ten suffers from too many Angra newcomers... Nova Era is definitely an incredible song, but Carry On IS Angra.

I just listened to that song and I'm totaly into the band. It has exactly what I'm looking for - speed, epicness and shred guitar. It's amazing.

2 Spread Your Fire - Temple of Shadows

This album especially this song, and the perfect balance between power metal and progressive...!

The speed and melody is just perfect

The best music ever

Oh my god, its number 2
Very very better than Nova Era and Carry On

3 Nova Era - Rebirth

Definitely an angra master piece
this music marks the returning of angra before years out
an return with a great album =]

4 The Shadow Hunter - Temple of Shadows

This song has it all. It starts with the eerie flamenco-style intro and then swings right into an epic power metal song. The chorus has such a powerful melody that it will be stuck in your head for days. Then we have an interlude with a beautiful solo (It's easy to tell that this song is well written). Finally, probably one of the most epic "movie credits" endings I have ever heard. It makes you feel as though you must put your fist to the sky and hold it there until the last few lingering harmonies fade away. Definitely their best song, followed by Acid Rain.

5 The Temple of Hate - Temple of Shadows

ANGRA OWNS! this song deserves the GH
is the best thing I ever heard
great riff's solo's your mind will blow out

Come on people how is this song #7. This song is a lot better than heroes if sand and shadow hunter. A little bit better than arising thunder.

Maybe not the best, but#7?
This song has one of the best melodies and riffs. Lets not forget that the creator of power metal and one of the best musicians of all time, Kai hansen, sings in this song.

It's not only Angra's best song, it's the best one in heavy metal history. There are great solos, riffs... ít is a lesson in technique for musicians...

Beautiful chorus. my god

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6 Heroes of Sand - Rebirth

My favorite song

Great lirycs and better guitar. Kiko Loureiro is the best in this.

7 Arising Thunder - Aqua

Whoah this one is the most recent music from album Aqua... Have solos and riffs that fix in your head and make you hear again and again

I like it

8 Winds of Destination - Temple of Shadows
9 Rebirth - Rebirth

That acoustic intro...

10 Angels and Demons - Temple of Shadows

This song is awesome, with a catchy and memorable riff, along with a very technical shredding guitar solo!

The Newcomers

? Lisbon - Fireworks

The Contenders

11 Angels Cry - Angels Cry

Injustice! Angels Cry certainly is in Top 5 of the Angra. Please, no questions, it's my opinion...

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12 Nothing to Say - Holy Land

I probably listen to this song everyday - IgorLEDbr

Way too low on the list

13? In my opinion, first place without discussions, followed by Carolina IV, Make believe, Carry on and Evil warning

13 Unholy Wars - Rebirth
14 Late Redemption - Temple of Shadows
15 So Near So Far - Aurora Consurgens
16 Waiting Silence - Temple of Shadows

The first I heard, the one I love the most...

17 Running Alone - Rebirth

Such an epic song should be at least in the top 5

18 Bleeding Heart - Rebirth

Forget everything...just listen to this song! just blew me away!

I have never heard anything like this song before

This is the best Angra song without any doubt.

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19 The Voice Commanding You - Aurora Consurgens
20 Salvation Suicide - Aurora Consurgens
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1. Carry On - Angels Cry
2. The Temple of Hate - Temple of Shadows
3. Nova Era - Rebirth
1. Unholy Wars - Rebirth
2. The Shadow Hunter - Temple of Shadows
3. Late Redemption - Temple of Shadows
1. The Shadow Hunter - Temple of Shadows
2. Heroes of Sand - Rebirth
3. So Near So Far - Aurora Consurgens

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