Best Angry Birds Characters

The Top Ten Best Angry Birds Characters

1 Black Bird

It's the best. It's the bomb, literally and it was the only bird able to destroy a whole pig tower while the rest failed and I think it's the best, I don't know your opinion, but bomb is definitely the best to me

Bubbles is a litte better because when he hits something he grows x5 bigger than his reglar size

His real name is Bomb, by the way. Bomb is an awesome bird because he can explode- especially as the 2nd largest bird! Pretty cool, if I do say so in person.

This bird is awesome because it blows up half the screen and it deserves to be the second-best bird after mighty eagle. This bird is awesome! Great bird! It even blows pigs up without touching them!

2 Mighty Eagle

Ok, ok... Does anyone else think it's unfair that mighty eagle and mighty dragon are on this list? I meant he mighty eagle kills all the bigs right away, so ya of course he's gonna be the best one. I don't understand why mighty dragons last, but he's very very very cheap in my opinion. Also, I don't know why everyone hates on the white bird, I mean, if you time him just right, he'll drop his nuke-like egg and DESTROY! In my opinion, the list should be 1. Big Brother Bird (or Big Red Bird) 2. Bomb Bird (Can get through rock and wood easily on its own and then blows the rest up! ) 3. Orange Bird (if you get him in a little craves between wood or any material that the pigs sit on, he'll blurt up and kill) 4. White Bird (already told why he's good) 5. Yellow Bird (he's so fast and kills'em pigs! ) 6. Pink Bird (her bubble attack is very good against wood and glass, BUT sucks against rock) 7. Boomerang Bird (he's good against wood and glass, but isn't the best, that's why he takes number ...more

Mighty Eagle would help you through any level because it kills the pigs easily and its 100% certain to pass the level. The only thing that sucks is that you have to pay for it in the app store.

My second favourite would be the Black Bird because it explodes when you tap it and that's a real good help to get through levels with stone blocks. Big Brother is useless its just a fat version of Red Bird it has no power its just stronger.

How can this not be the best? It finishes the level for you no matter what difficulty the level will be. The other birds are not as reliable and can't take out all the pigs constantly.

It's completely unfair that the mighty eagle is number 1. As the comment below me said, it's a bird that immediately destroys all pigs! Of course it's overpowered and awesome! But I'd like to think of it more as a power up, and not a bird.

3 Yellow Bird Chuck is the deuteragonist of the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. He was introduced in 2009 as a member of the core flock. After his first appearance in "Poached Eggs," Chuck has become a very prominent character in multiple installments for the series.

Chuck is so funny! He can be a jerk at times but he's really a big sweetheart! I love him!

Chuck doing the hype is the exact reason I don't play that game anymore.

Screw Chuck because he did the hype dance at the end of the second movie.

He Can take any thing except for rock and is useful in everygame.

4 Big Brother

Terence may be enigmatic and grouchy, but he's really nice once you get to know him!

This bird is huge and strong! It completely ROCKS everything in its path and can blow any pig, any day and is WAY better than the yellow bird and has plenty of power.

Who hates on giant fat birds that destroy everything in its path! It can destroy anything better than any other bird

I think big brother bird is my favorite because he kills pigs for revenge rovio, big bro should be the leader and king of the angry birds flock from now on. Big bro should also have a video game series starring him and be famous than ever!. Everything on earth should have big bro in it and he will take over the world!

5 Orange Bird

My list is

Orange Bird
Black Bird
Lazer Bird
Big Red bird
Pink Bird
Yellow Bird
Green Bird
Space Egg

Blue Bird
White Bird
Ice Bird
Red Bird

I like the Orange Bird the MOST!

I like him because he can break glass and wood easily. Do you think he is better or the Black Bird? Well I think it is the Orange Bird. You can vote at

Only available in angry birds seasons and only levels after hamoween but he blows up everything around him he is perfect for levels with stone

(As seen in Ham-o-ween short movie) Orange bird is perfectly capable of saving himself. Him, Along with Pink Bird and the Blues, are my favorites!

6 Blue Bird

Blues are awesome they're cool against ice, and plus they are legend champions at rocky road

It is a triple threat bird which will take out anything and you will have a 3x better chance on hitting things that you are trying to hit! I love the blue bird vote for it!

Fights between Orange Bird and Black Bird are many in this category but everyone knows that Black Bird is better because it is a bomb, so do not be idiots and Blue Bird are also good

I like blue he's my favourite even though he's weak, he is useful for glass

7 Willow

She sang a lovely song, I love her

I relate to her so much. Arty, shy and grumpy. Willow is also one of my favourite names!

Willow is adorable. I like her without the hat too.

Angry Birds Stella is GREAT!

8 Red Bird

Without him, there's no Angry Birds. And with out Angry Birds, what would life be?

He is by far my favorite. Red has those big eyebrows and in Angry Birds 2, he is God in a video game

RED... Loved him in the movie, saw myself in his character... He shows that leadership is just a plus, he led the happy, calm, detached birds against the pig hoards, with no leadership in him... But in times of great necessity, they followed him... And thus proved to them the Anger is worth the liberty... Mighty Mighty Red u rescued me, defender of our homes and liberty!

Red bird rocks he is excellent for finishing off structures and can break wood and glass unlike the blue bird. Also he can fly far but he's a bit difficult to aim but anyways, go red bird

9 Boomerang Bird

Hal beats bomb if bomb misses but hal turns back like a boomerang hal is green and should be in every game

Hal is the best he looks funny in the movie and is the best bird he is the coolest he is so cool and in the toons Hal looks so tropical like the real toucan! The real worst are the popular ones (red,chuck,bomb! ) the get all the glory they suck!

The green bird is the best because you can fire it back words and forwards say the pig is behind a cliff it's the only that could hit it and also in angry birds video it shows summer picnic and it gets three gold stars

NOPE! NOT THE BEST BIRD! The one time I tried playing the game using Hal. He...he is just horrible! I can't quite aim the bird correctly! - ItsMehBro

Penguins of Madagascar
-angry birds of Madagascar
Skipper has Red
Kowaski has Chuck
Rico has Hal
and Private has Bubbles

10 White Bird Matilda is the secondary tritagonist in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio. She was introduced in 2009, as part of the original 5 birds of the flock. After her first appearance in Poached Eggs, Matilda has become a very prominent character in the installments that followed.

I don't understand why Matilda is so low. She is a great angry birds character, and a lovely mother.

He does not mean nigel from Rio. He means Matilda from angry birds -.-

Her name is Matilda

Explosive Spirit!

The Contenders

11 Pink Bird

Stella is my favorite character! I love her so so much! I always will! :D

Pink Bird (Also know as Stella) the newest bird. Please vote for her to pass Mighty Dragon and enter the top tens!

Stella, the pink bird, lifts the pig's fortifications away from them, high into the air. a few seconds later, the pigs watch in horror as their "unbreakable" structures plummet downwards, effectively destroying all pigs caught in the storm of debris. She can also become super-charged and bounce off of structures into other structures. Stella, the pink bird, is truly overpowered.

This bird looks cute, and can crumple structures rather easily if you no how to use it;no offense, it should be called Bubbles instead of the orange bird.

12 Mighty Dragon

Only in angry birds seasons year of the dragon he is basically the eagle but a little bit stronger

The mighty dragon is cool, strong, awesome, and a good way to win the game with a bang

Best because he kills all the pigs and does it more quickly than the Mighty Eagle.

This guy should be 2nd. It's a dragon that is the same thing as the Mighty Eagle!

13 Stella
14 Matilda Matilda is the secondary tritagonist in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio. She was introduced in 2009, as part of the original 5 birds of the flock. After her first appearance in Poached Eggs, Matilda has become a very prominent character in the installments that followed.
15 Silver Bird

She is sooo so awesome

She reeeally should be added in the other Angry Birds games

Yeah sheโ€™s so underrated because she replaced Hal in angry birds 2 and everyone loves Hal. Poor Sliver โ˜น๏ธ

She creates EARTHQUAKES!๐Ÿ˜ƒ

16 Fat Pig

I think he has 100 times bigger appetite than Terrence๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

17 Chuck Chuck is the deuteragonist of the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. He was introduced in 2009 as a member of the core flock. After his first appearance in "Poached Eggs," Chuck has become a very prominent character in multiple installments for the series.

Amazing cool looking and in angry birds go he uses rocket racer in stunt

Yep! Chuck is really funny and cute, but when he cries, I feel bad and sad for him. I feel like wanting him to be my dad.


No no no no Hal fits you! Yep the boomerang bird! Heโ€™ll beat chuck with his long beak! Remember in summer picnic!

18 Brother Pig
19 Bubbles

Awesome, amazing and cool looking and he's not smaller than blues though you think he is and he powerful and in go in air he has woodwind

20 Mustache Pig

Mason Mustache rocks! By the way, his name is Mason. - RalphBob

21 Darth Vader

Darth Vader all the way baby


22 Hal

I sometimes wish that funny toucan was my uncle because one he is my favorite uncle two he deserves a ship with Stella three I love toucans four he should be in angry birds two.

He boomerangs back and kills all the pigs and is the most exotic bird because he's a toucan.

Same as boomerang

23 Mechanical Pig
24 Bomb

The most powerful he can destroy anything in ab space he is legendary


25 Blu and Jewel

Te guest birds in Angry Birds Rio are Blu and Jewel.

Blu is in Angry Birds Rio.

26 Queen Pig

I guess I'm not the only hater of Gale because I hate her too. I guess that makes us Gale haters even.


Gale is
the best bird in angry birds stella!

Her name is Gale.She appears in Angry birds stella and she is worst ever! Because she is the worst friend ever! Now she is the queen of stupid pigs and she hates Stella, the mighty and majestic bird! I hate Gale! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘น๐Ÿ‘บI want to kill her!

27 Tornado Bird


She is poppy

Her name is poppy,by the way she is awesome.and she appears in angry birds Stella.

28 Chef Pig

Chef Pig is in angry bird toons and Angry Birds 2. He is very awesome because in episode 31, 'Pig Plot Potion', he turns Red to a pig! Isn't that amazing? Wait a minute, I can't fly. AAAHHH!

I wanted that soup with eggs!

29 Leonard

he is just a GOD in angry birds 2, you can QUICKSCOPE PIGS LIKE GOD

Heโ€™s cool because you can use his ability 3 times
And it makes things slip and COLLIDE


30 Corporal Pig
31 Foreman Pig
32 Terence

Strongest ever

33 Space Egg

When launched, the antenna glows blue! He creates a black hole! What could be better!?! (Execept 4 Orange Bird)

Maus could be better


Creates a black hole where it sucks up pigs and structures.In a small area.It is only in angry birds space.

34 Space Pig
35 King Pig

King pig is Daemon, very hard speed creature, is occurrence many T.V. films and serials. He is big mount, and great creature. Good Flying.

Oink oink oink oink Pigggy yyytyytyy

36 Dahlia

Dahlia is a great bird! She can go through things other birds can't! She is my favorite bird. For example, Dahlia can go through a tree branch. DAHLIA ROCKS SO MUCH YOU SHOULD REALLY VOTE HER!

She is really good.She is best.

37 Lazer Bird

Awesome because he goes where you tap/click

A space counterpart of Chuck,with his power improved

This might be the 3rd best bird. Because after you launch him yu prss the screen the gos what ever the mouse goes. - peteg2367922

38 Torque
39 Space Eagle

Here is the Mighty Eagle in Space! Although, he was never shown how he got to Space. He is the only one not to resemble a superhero in AB Space. Still, he is summoned by a can of sardines. Happy destuction!

40 Sardines

We couldn't use the Mighty Eagle if it wasn't for the can of sardines.

41 Red Koi Fish

We use the Koi Fish to summon the Mighty Dragon. Sort of like the sardines with the Mighty Eagle.

42 Female Red Bird

And search ruby anyway I don't like her

On the top is says female RED bird

No that's stella this is ruby

She's so gorgous. I love her power of getting people trapped in bubbles. Do you prefer her as stella or princess leia

43 Fire Bird
44 Hockey Bird
45 Lightning Bird

Most dangerous bird as it blows and electrify everything. Pretty Cool

46 Skunkbird
47 Eddie the Bird

Based on Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie.

48 Pig

Haha... I find the pigs to be really awesome. They look so stupid and their snouts make them look cute in cutscenes and especially when they laugh at you when you fail a mission. Vote the pigs they need more love!

Those menaces stole our eggs and now, pay back time! We gonna get ya, oh yes we will!

Yep most people don't like them I call them way bads too bad they aren't on the bird side

Pigs are cute and funny

49 Helmet Pig
50 Ice Bird

I know some don't like him and he does not kill pigs but freeze stuff. But is he better the the red bird? - peteg2367922

Freeze is better

He freezes the whole place oh yah
Ps his name is FROSH

He is worst,red is better.his name is freeze

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