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21 Darth Vader

Darth Vader all the way baby

22 Blu and Jewel

Te guest birds in Angry Birds Rio are Blu and Jewel.

Blu is in Angry Birds Rio.

23 Mechanical Pig
24 Queen Pig


Gale is
the best bird in angry birds stella!

Her name is Gale.She appears in Angry birds stella and she is worst ever! Because she is the worst friend ever! Now she is the queen of stupid pigs and she hates Stella, the mighty and majestic bird! I hate Gale! 😝😝ðŸ‘đ👚I want to kill her!

25 Bomb
26 Hal
27 Tornado Bird

Her name is poppy,by the way she is awesome.and she appears in angry birds Stella.

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28 Space Egg

When launched, the antenna glows blue! He creates a black hole! What could be better!?! (Execept 4 Orange Bird)

Creates a black hole where it sucks up pigs and structures.In a small area.It is only in angry birds space.

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29 Chef Pig

Chef Pig is in angry bird toons and Angry Birds 2. He is very awesome because in episode 31, 'Pig Plot Potion', he turns Red to a pig! Isn't that amazing? Wait a minute, I can't fly. AAAHHH!

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30 Corporal Pig
31 Foreman Pig
32 King Pig

King pig is Daemon, very hard speed creature, is occurrence many T.V. films and serials. He is big mount, and great creature. Good Flying.

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33 Space Pig
34 Dahlia

Dahlia is a great bird! She can go through things other birds can't! She is my favorite bird. For example, Dahlia can go through a tree branch. DAHLIA ROCKS SO MUCH YOU SHOULD REALLY VOTE HER!

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35 Torque
36 Space Eagle
37 Sardines

We couldn't use the Mighty Eagle if it wasn't for the can of sardines.

38 Female Red Bird

She's so gorgous. I love her power of getting people trapped in bubbles. Do you prefer her as stella or princess leia

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39 Fire Bird
40 Hockey Bird
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