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41 Skunkbird
42 Pig

Haha... I find the pigs to be really awesome. They look so stupid and their snouts make them look cute in cutscenes and especially when they laugh at you when you fail a mission. Vote the pigs they need more love!

Those menaces stole our eggs and now, pay back time! We gonna get ya, oh yes we will!

Yep most people don't like them I call them way bads too bad they aren't on the bird side

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43 Helmet Pig
44 Lazer Bird

This might be the 3rd best bird. Because after you launch him yu prss the screen the gos what ever the mouse goes. - peteg2367922

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45 Ice Bird

I know some don't like him and he does not kill pigs but freeze stuff. But is he better the the red bird? - peteg2367922

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46 Green Bird

Why is it so low on the list?

He should be number 1 with chuck and bubbles! As wirst birds

This is the most complicated bird to use,but is totally the best.p.s. His name is Hal

47 Red Koi Fish

We use the Koi Fish to summon the Mighty Dragon. Sort of like the sardines with the Mighty Eagle.

48 Golden Koi Fish
49 Striped Bird
50 Lightning Bird
51 Luca

U know luca do u? Luca is the best because he's cute even know I'm a girl u can learn about luca in the series (STELLA)

I don't know why he's so low wait I know why no one knows about luca

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52 Leonard


53 Mime
54 Judge Peckinpah
55 Terence
56 Tony
57 Telebird
58 Eddie the Bird

Based on Iron Maiden's mascot Eddie. - Aragorn98

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