Best Angry Birds Space Characters

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1 Orange Bird

The orange bird, first introduced in AB seasons Haw-o-ween, expands like a balloon, so (excuding the mighty eagle) orange bird is the biggest and smallest! He came to space because he smelled Utopia (the Candy Planet)! Check out the Haw-o-ween short movie to see the orange bird!

He's smilelable but has a amazing power. He puffs! He can also break through wood and glass easily. He is little bigger then the blue bird but I still think he's the best even know he is small.

2 Black Bird

Firebomb is the best but I think Lazer bird has made the best improvement upon his original form

It causes more damage than the original black bird.

3 Laser Space Bird

Oh yeah, you can hit anywhere with him!

Zzt! Laser Bird is Great! He's Yellow Bird in his Space form, although mistaken for a new bird.

4 Big Red Bird

BASH! Terence can destroy best of all! He is is green now, and no longer called big brother. His launch noise is now a roar!

This bird is the best and why do people like the mighty eagle he spoils the fun

5 Yellow Bird
6 Green Bird

Yah go boomerang bird
Go boomerang bird
Go boomerang bird.
He deserves to be in every game!

7 Blue Bird
8 White Bird
9 Ice Bird
10 Purple Bird

The Contenders

11 Skunk Bird
12 Brown Bird
13 Red Bird
14 King Pig
15 Freckled Pig
16 Foreman Pig
17 Fat Pig

Bigger then king pig

18 Space Egg

Waay better than Ice Bird, who just freezes things! Space egg creates a black hole!

19 Space Eagle
20 Sardines

Mighty eagle loves sardines

21 Corporal Pig
22 Minion Pig
23 Female Pig
24 Queen Pig
25 Slash
26 Prince Pig
27 Helper Pig
28 Boomerang Bird
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1. Orange Bird
2. Black Bird
3. Big Red Bird
1. King Pig
2. Freckled Pig
3. Foreman Pig


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