Best Animal Collective Songs

The Top Ten

1 Grass
2 My Girls
3 Bluish

I wish I had a girlfriend to sing this to :(

4 Banshee Beat
5 Winters Love

I actually was watching an episode of The Simpsons when this was played at the end.

After that, I fell in love with the band. - Lyi

I always end up with a smile!

Song of my life

Its just sooo facking good. The harmonies, the chord progression, it's just so beautiful

6 For Reverend Green
7 Fireworks

My cereal has been cold for a while.

This song is simply perfect. - LucasMota

I cry every tiem

8 Unsolved Mysteries
9 The Purple Bottle
10 #1

The Contenders

11 Loch Raven
12 Turn Into Something

This song makes me feels 2 much :')

13 Daily Routine
14 Kids On Holiday
15 Chores
16 Taste
17 Also Frightened

Love the somewhat tribal vibe, very animalistic

18 Guys Eyes
19 Peacebone
20 Mouth Wooed Her
21 New Town Burnout
22 Summertime Clothes
23 Street Flash
24 Alvin Row

Baby love me. ROOOAAAHH

25 What Would I Want? Sky
26 Leaf House

So perfect in so many ways.

27 Bleed
28 Safer
29 I See You Pan
30 Honeycomb
31 Winter Wonder Land
32 Brother Sport
33 April and the Phantom
34 Essplode
35 Slippi
36 Cuckoo Cuckoo
37 Penny Dreadfuls
38 Meet the Light Child
39 Doggy
40 Who Could Win a Rabbit
41 La Rapet
42 Today's Supernatural
43 Native Belle

Best song

44 The Softest Voice
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1. Winter Wonder Land
2. Winters Love
3. Alvin Row
1. For Reverend Green
2. Bluish
3. Taste
1. Winters Love
2. Unsolved Mysteries
3. #1

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