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Arctic Wolves

This is unfair, I know everyone just loves the arctic wolves, but what about non-member animals? Everyone treats members like they're lords and they aren't. I'm not saying that all members are spoiled, but many are and hate non-members just because they think they scam to get what they want. Us non-members really hate how we are treated so lowly and it's really unfair how members get all the glory, I would love to see at least one "Best Animal Jam Animals List" say that the regular wolf is the best animal. I'm seriously tired of the members getting worshipped and can at least someone vote for non-member animals like the panda or the turtle? Ugh, I'm so done!

They're an okay Membership Animal...but their uniqueness has been tarnished due to how many people use them. Normal wolves are okay, too.

It's okay to use an Arctic Wolf and all, but there's other Membership Animals who look just as good, maybe even more.

I like arctic wolfs because on treasure hunts you can get spike collars!

I adore these, but I wish non-members could get at least one more cool animal. At least not be snobby when you're an arctic wolf. Try to show some respect for non-members if possible. Please. For the sake of them not being able to buy a membership (if not they even can), show some love and gift for them.


I like foxes because they are cute and they jump when you write something.

Well, as much as I wish they were NM, they are my favourite animal on animal jam by far... I know, I know, they aren't felines, but I think they are pretty good animals for clans, more so than the wolf, foxes do look more cat-like, Instead of waiting 10 weeks for diamonds, (unless you buy a membership card with diamonds) you can just buy foxes with gems, which is much easier... And they look quite good in most items as well.

I hope I didn't offend anyone, it's my opinion you don't have to agree

I used to be nonmember this was my first animal and I use for so many things!

Foxes definitely deserve the number two spot on the most used animals list. Foxes are a medium sized animal and very cute and cuddly. Almost every single item on Animal Jam looks very cute in the foxes. Foxes are not used my many famous jammers, but new coming jammer PinkWillow8 has one of her main looks as a fox. One thing I love about the foxes is that they are very cute but are not in the diamond shop, foxes are sold for only one-thousand gems. Foxes can also be seen in the app version of Animal Jam called Play Wild. To conclude, foxes definitely deserve the number two spot for many reasons.


bunnies gets bullied a lot and their the best I hate wolves and foxes... foxes and wolves are the reason why I quit AJ they bullies me like when I'm being adopted in AJ (roleplay) and they want to be the oldest even tho I'm the oldest already the mom/dad said that they get to be the oldest and I yelled at them because I'm mad and then they locked me out

I love bunnies, I am a bunny too. Florapeachybunny or Peachybunnyhearts

Bunnies are the best animal and always will be! My favorite animal has been bunnies since I was 4! I'm 10 now! Bunnies rock and I don't care if they are at the bottom of the list they are always close to my heart.

I miss my 3 rabbits they all ran away I'm so sad :(


I like the wolves because you just look good wearing a lot of things.

I think wolves are just sweet! They look amazing and they only cost a few gems! (by the way I'm on play wild) so keep in mind: WOLVES R BEST!

It's stupid, Arctic wolves can only be purchased in the diamond shop! Sometimes I wish the old animal jam still existed. by the way wolves are so awesome they just have like this powerful aura!

I love wolfs and hate arctic wolfs and wolfs are so cool plus they are nonmember and that is just perfect! I really love wolfs and even though I'm a member I normally am a wolf cause I just love wolfs and I real life they are cool to and bunnies hate wolfs so hate bunnies all you good hammers out there! I wish I could say more but I don't have anything else to say exempt they are so mysterious especially Greely and have like a powerful aura and are so cool! I'm a boy and I think wolfs are like the boy nonmember animal and seals and tigers and monkeys to so that's all I can say! My username is jackal 23 and you can buddy me if you want and only like 5 more people can buddy me so you had better hurry! Bye people and thanks for reading this!


I love otters! They were my first animal I got when I bought membership!

OTTERS ARE SO CUTE! I love them so much, I don't know why nobody has voted for them. Otters are totally my favourite and I don't care that they're on the bottom of the list because I love them anyways.

They're are cute! I love the short video of 3 otters wanting to swim!

Otters are the Diamond Shop's adorableness gathered in a single animal (along with owls)! But my favorite animals are Koalas.


Cheetahs soo cool, soo quick, so amazing. I have seen one through the front window of a car and they were sitting on the car! izzie103 :)

Cheetahs are amazing! Cheetahs are not that popular, they really should be. Cheetahs are very majestic and "long". A lot of people get cheetahs and snow leopards, cheetahs are a little bit skinnier and longer than snow leopards, I mean I am not saying that snow leopards are fat, because they are not. Many items look very good on the cheetahs. I believe Aparri's "epic swag look" is a snow leopard or a cheetah. Cheetahs are very easy to express yourself and to make a unique look with. Overall, I think cheetahs deserve a spot in the top ten.

I do not have one, yet they look cute and they have cool actions!

CHEETAHS RULE! Almost all the items look AWESOME on cheetahs, they are popular and cool animals, but yet not as common as arctic wolves, they have a cool play/dance. And the real animal can run fast. PLUS it's a cat which is purrfect (pun intended) for clans. Only thing is that they cost ten diamonds, but hey! Arctic Wolves cost diamonds, and they're number two on this list. Cheetahs forever!

Snow Leopards

I like snow Leopards because of the treasure hunts and the gymnastics it can do!

Snow leopards are one of the "longest and shortest" animals of Jamaa. I mean I know that the snow leopards are not as popular as some animals, but the snow leopard is one of my personal favorites. One of the reasons I love the snow leopard is that they are so unique so they are perfect for people to express themselves with. Snow leopards are sold in the diamond shop for ten diamonds, at the moment I am saving up for a snow leopard. Even though they are one of my favorite animals they do have some downsides. For one some neck and head items I do not really care for on the snow leopards, it can also be somewhat hard to make a decent look on the snow leopards. Now sometimes people can get cheetahs and snow leopards confused, now I would say that the cheetahs are a little bit longer and skinnier. Overall, I think that the snow leopards deserved a higher spot on the list but these are the reasons why I love the snow leopards. Here is a little side comment, I have made other articles on ...more

If you don't know which animal to get, you need to read this.
The Snow Leopard are awesome, everything they do matches my personality. Also, they are way better in clans than any other am animal and they look the most realistic. If you have enough diamonds and still don't know which animal is for you, then the snow leopard is the best choice. They look good with almost everything and they can look tough or cute. They are great for tom-boys. And the snow leopard is way better than the cheetah, they almost look similar but the snow leopard is bigger (not fat) and have a thick pelt, the cheetah stands really low and is really thin. One last thing, the snow leopard's dance moves are so awesome.

Snow Leopards cool treasure hunts and they look really good and I do have one! If you put whiskers on they look like cats! izzie103 :)


I like the eagle because it can also go so high and you can get cool treasure hunts!

My second favorite animal in all of animal jam no what am I saying First!

In my opinion eagles are the best! They are one of the very few flying animals along with the owl and the new falcon. I mean this might be one of the main reasons why I love them but eagles and other flying animals get you amazing prizes from the forgotten desert, I got my rare spikes from it, it can be hard to get spikes from there I mean I have only gotten three from the adventure but it does happen, trust me if you take your time you will get a spike. Moving on, eagles are very majestic and cute. In conclusion eagles are one of the best animals in Jamaa.

They are definitely one of my favorites! I play on AJPW so I think it is extremely cool to have one of the two flying animals ( I also own the falcon but not the point ) I don't know why they are so far, but idc what everyone thinks, because eagles are my favorite!

Deer Deer are the ruminant mammals forming the family Cervidae. The two main groups are the Cervinae, including the muntjac, the fallow deer and the chital, and the Capreolinae, including the elk, reindeer, the Western roe deer, and the Eurasian elk.

So cool with antlers around Christmas! Tomorrow is Xmas Eve!


Well, deers are so cute! And I love how they slant their neck a bit. Wish they weren't sapphires and were only in Christmas!

These animals are amazing, especially with antlers or gazelles! And also, they're cheap!

I'm so happy and surprised that the bunny and the wolf was liked more than the member animals that are below. I don't mean to offend anyone it's just that I hate how much people give credit to the members but never say anything great about the non-members

Llama The llama is a domesticated South American camelid, widely used as a meat and pack animal by Andean cultures since the Pre-Columbian era.

(llama noise) In my opinion, there is not a single probllama with them!

Llama's are from Peru and so is my family and I rode on a llama they are amazing. -Peru862

Llamas are my favorite! They're great to use when acting silly or random, even their HOPPING looks funny! Not to mention, they're adorable

These are very good for St. Patricks looks and are cute, like an adult version of the sheep!

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Raccoons just having one makes you stand out I rarely ever see them!

I hate that every time you go online to animal jam or ajpw, the only animals you will be seeing are arctic wolves and foxes. Yes, there are tons of animals in animal jam to chose from; but most people only go for the overrated stuff thinking they will be treated like royalty. This is because arctic wolves and foxes often are symbolized as the so called "rare" because items desired by many people such as spikes are often seen on these animals. But here's what I think is rare, originality. I believe the raccoon should be treasured because so few people play as it very often.

Oh yes! My first membership animal I ever bought in my entire life!

Cute! Raccoons really Cute but imma non member

Owl Owls are birds from the order Strigiformes, which includes about two hundred species of mostly solitary and nocturnal birds of prey typified by an upright stance, a large, broad head, binocular vision, binaural hearing, sharp talons, and feathers adapted for silent flight.

Owls are the bird of wisdom. Plus giant eyes are cute and cool! No questions asked

There a little scary when they twist there head but they look very nice

I just mostly use mine for The Forgotten Desert but I still LOVE owls.

They're actually not smart in real life but they're okay I guess... Owls are annoying at night

Arctic Foxes The Arctic fox, also known as the white fox, polar fox, or snow fox, is a small fox native to the Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere and common throughout the Arctic tundra biome.

I like arctic foxes because you get really great thing on treasure hunts and I find they look so good!

Arctic foxes they look soo good and cool I just really want one they look good in spikes! izzie103

I LOVE arctic foxes! They are so pretty and I don't know why people hate them they are just adorable!

I mean new animals coming in the diamond shop for 10 diamonds I'm a member but I'm speaking for non members and that I think some epic animal for EVERYONE should come too but the arctic fox should totally be at the top

Snakes Snakes are elongated, legless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes that can be distinguished from legless lizards by their lack of eyelids and external ears.

Uhh. I think whoever added this may of thought pets were included!

This is not an animal jam animal. But it is a pet on animal jam and snakes as animals would be nice.

I think a snake would be awesome just slithering around. I think non members should be able to have then too.

I think they would be cool fair for non members and not diamond items they should have cobra or rattle snake


I love tigers so much in real life, I really do, I study them. But I think animal jam just took a great proud animal and made it look like a joke! Tigers look so much better in real life. I think animal jam should change the tigers a bit and make them look a bit more awesome, like tigers really are. I think they did the same thing with lions.

Tigers are graceful and swift, and also one of the best animals there is out there in the real world. Animal Jam has brought the amazing tigers to us, and even though Animal Jam hasn't exactly made them the way they should be, they are still the amazing wild cats that live in the wild!

I think they should change the tigers dance and play and change there big fat legs to normal size in real life I love tigers they are my favorite animal like horses and I think they should put the tiger glitch back on.
( in the beta days the glitch was if u put a top hat on your tiger and made it sleep the numbers 2012 would show up on the hat) or though I did not play in the beta days I got this glitch from a video.

Tigers are really cute but sadly they are completely underrated and little bit rare to see... but I still prefer tigers because they are so adorable and cat like structure! TIGER SPIRITS! meow... meow meow meow meow


Wow, these are pretty high in the list! These guys are one of my main animals and one of the cutest in my opinion. I prefer them over Arctic wolves. Top hats are so fabulous on them and other items look great too ( especially the rare polka dot tuxedo ;3) I got one right when they came back!

They are really rare to see in Jamaa, but if you want to see one

Username: Monkeygirl789 (I have a kangaroo)

Sorry there so cute I love how they play okay and how they walk there so cute people get one now there so cool and cute smart and playful

They are made nicely and move well


Seals should be #1 on the list, here are some reasons why: They look very cute and they're easy to dress, There's an amazing glitch making the seal look like it has superpowers, even in real life they're adorable, you can also bring them on land and in water. Forget silly wolves, seals are underused, which mean they are unique animals, while foxes, wolves and arctic wolves they are very easy to find around.

Come on, seals are cute and funny! Here are a few reasons why seals should be #1: 1. Seals are a land and ocean animal. 2. The play for seals are backflips. 3. Seals in real life are adorable same for animal jam too. 4. Seals are an option for non-members and members. Seals are one of my favorite animals. The only thing I don't get is why are regular wolves at the top? They look ugly in animal jam and they have their mouths open when they run. The only thing that they are popular for is for warrior cat clans. GO SEALS!

Seals seals seals, gotta love them darn seals. Items on these little critters are pretty stylish looking, that spiky hair you have on your item list, it looks really good on them. The way they stand when they're not moving just looks so cute, it's like standing up straight and nodding at the same time slowly. I comprehend you bro! : nods : lol. Their walking is pretty obvious, but funny-cute at the same time. They flop and flop all around Jamaa! For me, seals are the next side of cool put a silver chain and now we're talking. Finally, seals are one of my favorites in the real world, when they're pups, they're so cute. :D

I think that seals are the best for quite a few reasons...
First of all, they go on land and underwater.
They're member and non-member.
Seals more realistic than other animals, like wolves, which have a bigger snout and are uglier than in the wild.
They don't pretend to kill other Jammers.
Seals have a cute dance, play, swirl, pose, sit... etc.
Seals are pretty darn cute!


I like dolphins because they are so splashy and cute when they swim.

I have one still! I like the flip when I go near the water, but somehow I prefer land more than water

These are adorable. It might be hard to find an ideal look, but they are one of the coolest water animals!

I got a dolphin like two days ago, I love it. I think you should get a dolphin because they are water animals, and they are really pretty and adorable at the same time.


I'm confused why nobody like's turtles...

"Because they're slow! "
"They're not cool! "
"Turtles are S000000 BORING! "

Turtles are fun in real life and as a pet, they look cute, their shell protects them from most predators (Born with armor! WOO! ), and some of them are big enough to actually sit on (no offense).

There's many other reasons why turtles are great, so hopefully someone else will have a kind word for them. If not, DON'T EVEN PUT A COMMENT HERE.

Turtles are great. They have a large heart and they are unique. Don't say turtles are ugly and BORING. They are wise animals and determined to reach a goal. Please, agree with me.

I LOVE turtles! It makes me upset when someone calls them weird or ugly(I had a turtle when I was little, his name was Jasper and he was so funny! not boring or slow at all)

It's weird, that turtles can't even go to land, just watch a videos, few of the babies go to water, when it's grown up a lot, they could go at land too! It's confusing a lot...


Lions are back. by the way, I love the play animation on it too. I just sometimes like the lion roars.

In my opinion, animal jam kinda messed up the lion. Lions are one my favorite animal and I have one in Animal Jam. But animal should have a female lion model. It weird because only male lions have mane. Not female. I don't know how they would do it but still. And they kinda look like they have a hunchback but its poking in. I mean, some of the items look cool on it. Like spikes and top hats look cool on it. But I never see people play as them. Its really sad because lions are really awesome animals. I wish they would look like Simba from the Lion King AUA. -Badcatt

I only think that lions need improve just rather has very long long jaws that looks more retarded. Sorry.

I like the big main on the lion I don't think spikes look good on them they are to big it make the spike fat

Lynx A lynx is any of the four species within the Lynx genus of medium-sized wild cats, which includes the bobcat.

Well, I find out that lynxes are cool in real life, but in this game, it's looks bit cute and weird to same time. I find out, they look really good for role-playing as Warrior cats, and I don't know why this is for 10 diamonds too. They look little bit short and has incorrect colors, but I don't mind, they look too cute and so so, it's not cool as the Snow Leopards, but actually, they look like a Baby lynx.

It's RainbowAwesomeSwaggyCatz speaking lol! My account is sheppadepp16273. I love Lynx and Snow Leopards so much. I like domestic cats the best but lynxes are the BEST. Cute, looks really good with clothes and spikes look the best on them (WAY better than arctic wolves). But not as quite as good for warrior cat clans. Snow Leopards are the best animal jam cats for that. I love lynxes so much but my membership is going to soon be expired. I had 12 month membership. I'm afraid that I wanna keep all my member animals arctic wolf, snow leopard, lynx, deer, eagle, horse, fox and arctic fox. Dude, my favorite animal jam animal is fox! So just sharing my opinion...
-Your warrior cat nerd and animal jammer, Rainbow

I forgot to say something lol :3. My BFF kath66 always wanted a lynx but she is non member. kath66 is a good friend. She is kind, loyal, generous, has really good ideas and gives really good advice. I feel like I don't deserve her. Kath is so awesome you might really want to buddy her. Me and her are both warrior cat nerds and know a lot about Star Wars (DUH 3<). She tells me about what to trade to get it accepted and helps me choose what animal I should buy. But please don't ask her for advice. She is kinda emo and she only likes giving advice to people she trusts like me. Because she is a pretty rare non member and she is afraid something would scam her neon bow. She wouldn't be wearing her neon bow when u search her. She was wearing her green bow. Lol there u go. I'm playing Animal Jam and someone doing something made me say o,o!

-Your warrior cat nerd and animal jammer Rainbow

I adore cats and the lynx is just crazy cute! I just wanna squeeze it! I do have one question about the lynx though, how does it stand up on those tiny legs whilst dancing?


Penguins Are The Best! For All these Reasons
1# They Are For Members And Non Members
2# They Can Attend Penguin Only Parties!
3# They Don't Hunt Any Other Animals! Like Wolves Hunt Bunnies
4# They Don't Cost Diamonds! Now we all hate saving up 10 diamonds don't we instead 1000 gems that's much easier to earn
5# Penguins Are Adorable! Not Fierce especially when they play back flips and when they wear fox hats!
6# They Go Underwater And Above Water! So wherever you go you have your cute little penguin!

Penguins are cute and nimble, and everyone that has one is usually very kind.

Nothing says Penguin than wearing a fake mustache, nose and glasses.

Put a bread hat on and a princess dress ( any color ) then, BAM JUST LOOK AT that!


I love dogs they are my favorite animals and I have a pet lab puppy on AJ they are so cute! :) izzie103

Dogs are my favorite animal and I love them more than anything ask anyone but I don't think there should be dogs in aj because animal jam is a wild animal game and dogs are more house pets than a wild animal

I like animal Jam to add BOTH CATS and DOGS because like it's the common animals out there. Plus I love them both.

Dogs should be in animal jam cause they are cute and fun to play with and soe people that have arctic wolfs try to be dogs even though they are really a wolf type thing and look nothing like a dog


Cats they are really silky and cute and sometimes really fluffy! :) izzie103

It's very fitting if Animal Jam releases a Modern Cat, it would be cool like other Non-Member animals, for 1000 Gems and perfect for the role-players playing with Warrior Cat stuff!

All cats are amazing and popular. I love my cheetah because it looks great with gazelle horns. I love my snow leopard because of its awesome " play " move. I don't have a lion yet so I can't support it sadly. But the tiger is awesome because of its tiny back paws and HUGE front paws. From, FroggyFerb.

Remember, cats contain lions, tigers, and snow leopards. So if you like all of them or one or two don't look for it somewhere else look for it under cats.

Hyena Hyenas or hyaenas are any feliform carnivoran mammals of the family Hyaenidae /haɪˈɛnᵻdiː/. With only four extant species, it is the fifth-smallest biological family in the Carnivora, and one of the smallest in the class Mammalia.

In my opinion the cutest and most attractive (in cuteness obviously) animal in animal jam. Especially play wild. As I said In my other comment, ember bluestone is my main character in animal jam.

My main animal is a white hyena with a black mane and black spots and blue eyes and she is called ember.

Hyenas are cute but I like snow leopards more. Snow leopard, cheetahs, and hyenas are THE Best

I love the design and the spike is big if you put it on them!

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