Best Animal Jam Animals

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1 Arctic Wolves

This is unfair, I know everyone just loves the arctic wolves, but what about non-member animals? Everyone treats members like they're lords and they aren't. I'm not saying that all members are spoiled, but many are and hate non-members just because they think they scam to get what they want. Us non-members really hate how we are treated so lowly and it's really unfair how members get all the glory, I would love to see at least one "Best Animal Jam Animals List" say that the regular wolf is the best animal. I'm seriously tired of the members getting worshipped and can at least someone vote for non-member animals like the panda or the turtle? Ugh, I'm so done!

Hey it's Izzie103 chatting again ( my acount name ) I was a member twice but I do show respect for nonmembers. I have done this two times already which is get a sapphire animal when I'm not a member. But if you are a member show some respect for nonmembers. Nonmembers do deserve to have attention and at least get sapphire animals ( I play mostly on AJPW more than AJ classic ). Bye!

I really love their design. They're more detailed than the ordinary wolves. I haven't played AJ in a long time, but I always liked these animals the best.

I definitely think that, regardless of how cute they are or how friendly the person with one is, arctic wolves are by far the most popular. I think it's because they look nice in a lot of stuff like headdresses and spikes, making it increase the "cool factor" of the item. I also think this is true with eagles, although they may not be AS CUTE or AS FRIENDLY as the person with a toucan, but they show off the outfit really well and just look good in a lot of stuff. I myself own two arctic wolves (one came with a pack lol) but I can say that I do think you should be a bit less harsh on arctic wolves.

2 Foxes

Why do I see almost every non-member as a fox, eagle, or an arctic wolf I hardly ever see a member as a turtle, tiger, panda, or penguin and it's really unfair. I hate how members and all their items and the animals they get are praised and then there's us, the weirdo newbie non-members who are praised for NOTHING! Gosh, most of you are just so spoiled and selfish. A lot of times I hear non-members upset about how they lost their membership and I'm like, "Well it's not the end of the world you can still have fun without membership." and then they leave. I see members win almost every single round on best dressed just because they have a great animal, and it's so unfair. I mean I still have fun, I just wish it was better.

Foxes definitely deserve the number two spot on the most used animals list. Foxes are a medium sized animal and very cute and cuddly. Almost every single item on Animal Jam looks very cute in the foxes. Foxes are not used my many famous jammers, but new coming jammer PinkWillow8 has one of her main looks as a fox. One thing I love about the foxes is that they are very cute but are not in the diamond shop, foxes are sold for only one-thousand gems. Foxes can also be seen in the app version of Animal Jam called Play Wild. To conclude, foxes definitely deserve the number two spot for many reasons.

Aww foxes. Izzie103 talking again, this was another animal that I got when I had a membership. Foxes are cute, fast, there are loads of types and they are some reasons why foxes should be 1st or 2nd. But please remember that you should show respect to nonmembers if you are a member. Bye!

, I'm sick of them a lot, don't get wrong, I love their desgin and I love them at real life, but USUALLY they are everywhere, and they used a lot for dating girls or boys. More than the Arctic wolves and monkeys (for good mating) And I wish they would be really old at these beta days, but actually, it's late, all foxes everywhere, I can see they used as noobs (new jammers) and it's 1000 GEMS, they're more popular than raccoons and it's annoying because, it's looks like a rivals, but foxes are winning anyways, because of their desgin and lot of good outfits and lots of more. -gets lots of minus-

3 Bunnies

I didn’t really vote on this one to give too much nice things about it, but here we go about it.
I never really liked the people who played as it.
Whine, whine, whine.
“ Get out of here! “
I don’t like the way they think.
So there’s my reason of that.
And I would not be surprised if a big amount also hated it. In my opinion, wolves, foxes, predators are the HECKING best!
But some bunnies are just as regular as others :)
So befriend one and see their regularity today!
( Or not because that’s more reasonable and better )

bunnies gets bullied a lot and their the best I hate wolves and foxes... foxes and wolves are the reason why I quit AJ they bullies me like when I'm being adopted in AJ (roleplay) and they want to be the oldest even tho I'm the oldest already the mom/dad said that they get to be the oldest and I yelled at them because I'm mad and then they locked me out

Bunnies are awesome because first of all they are non member animals and they are so cute. They are great at dancing and playing. And if you are playing hide and seek they will hide easily. Bunnies also don't like foxes and wolves so.. BOO WOLVES AND FOXES. They were also one of their kind was an alpha, Peck the Creative. Thank you for letting me share this opinion!

When I joined Animal Jam back in early 2012, it was my first animal on my old account. My old friend made my account for me so I really didn't know what animal I was gonna get. But I played my bunny all the time, and I never recycled it(I was a non-member). Then when I made my member account in 2014, my first animal was a bunny. I've always played as my bunny. Even though I may not play as a bunny anymore, I still love the bunnies. -Badcatt

4 Wolves

I like wolves, especially the non-member ones because most items just look really good on them bows and arrows and swords for example. Their dance option is classic and looks really, I don't know... Mysterious, watery, lol. Anyone can get a wolf, it's affordable for both members and non-members (another reason why I love them so much). This might not be the best reason, but I like wolves because I love dogs and I love dogs because they're cute, for me at least. Also, I think wolves are more like the standard animal in animal jam, I mean nearly everyone has one. Yep, wolves are cool I say. :P

I love wolfs and hate arctic wolfs and wolfs are so cool plus they are nonmember and that is just perfect! I really love wolfs and even though I'm a member I normally am a wolf cause I just love wolfs and I real life they are cool to and bunnies hate wolfs so hate bunnies all you good hammers out there! I wish I could say more but I don't have anything else to say exempt they are so mysterious especially Greely and have like a powerful aura and are so cool! I'm a boy and I think wolfs are like the boy nonmember animal and seals and tigers and monkeys to so that's all I can say! My username is jackal 23 and you can buddy me if you want and only like 5 more people can buddy me so you had better hurry! Bye people and thanks for reading this!

Wolves are one of the oldest animals on Animal Jam. Wolves were sold in the beta testing stage of Animal Jam. Wolves are a non-member animal sold for one-thousand gems. Wolves are one of the most popular animals for non-members and members. There are some very famous jammers that have their main look a wolf, WisteriaMoon is a very famous jammers and is a wolf, lots of people try to imatate her look. You almost cannot go anywhere in Jamaa without seeing a wolf. To sum up, wolves are a very very popular animal in Animal Jam and definitely deserve the number three spot

I like wolves, you can design them really well and so much non member items go well with them, Imagine a
fox hat, bow and arrow combination it looks great! Don't even start with worns, there just the cherry on top.
Though there good with non member items they don't go well with most member items.. I try nearly everything on ever animal! They have many great things about them but many bad things too, including there dances (in my opinion) that's the worst thing about them. But overall pretty good animal and my 2nd favorite non member animal!

5 Otters

OTTERS ARE SO SO CUTE! Otters are one of the cutest animals in Jamaa. The otters walk is so cute, their dance is so cute, their sitting action is so cute, and so is their play. Everything about the otters make them a total cutie. Otters are one of my favorite animals and they deserve a higher spot on this list. They are honestly so cute, otters have to be the cutest animal of Jamaa. Otters should have been in the top five animals, but whatever. Overall, otter have to be the cutest animals that were ever released into Jamaa.

The cutest animals ever! They look fabulous and they run and swim so graciously. I love em' because they're for both land and water (I do adventures on my otter) and have a gateway with cool prizes. They are so awesome and many items look great on them. They're my favorite because they dance and play so adorably, underwater and on land. Very convenient when you're transitioning from land to water and want to be the same animal too. Anywhooo.. I LOVE OTTERS! THEY SHOULD BE IN THE TOP 5!
#<3 otters

Otters are the best in my opinion, they can go on land and under water. They dance moves are the most cutest dance I have ever seen.
Why can't other just get other animals, it puts all the other animal availible to waste. I always think to my self when ever I see an artic wolf I ask my self, is there even worth it to have other animals if all they are going to do is get an artic wolf. I have a otter and nothing else.

Otters have gone I am a member but don't have one. They are a mazing however and u should get one. Getting a group of otters pretend killing animals which I think they should do isn't very common but I think these darn amazing animals should be at the top of the list BEAT THAT WOLVES!

6 Cheetahs

Cheetahs are amazing! Cheetahs are not that popular, they really should be. Cheetahs are very majestic and "long". A lot of people get cheetahs and snow leopards, cheetahs are a little bit skinnier and longer than snow leopards, I mean I am not saying that snow leopards are fat, because they are not. Many items look very good on the cheetahs. I believe Aparri's "epic swag look" is a snow leopard or a cheetah. Cheetahs are very easy to express yourself and to make a unique look with. Overall, I think cheetahs deserve a spot in the top ten.

CHEETAHS RULE! Almost all the items look AWESOME on cheetahs, they are popular and cool animals, but yet not as common as arctic wolves, they have a cool play/dance. And the real animal can run fast. PLUS it's a cat which is purrfect (pun intended) for clans. Only thing is that they cost ten diamonds, but hey! Arctic Wolves cost diamonds, and they're number two on this list. Cheetahs forever!

I see lots of cheetahs now. They are so cute and I love these four animals, hyenas, cheetahs, snow leopards, and arctic wolfs. Idc, I like arctic wolfs. Cheetahs are so adorable and long. They even have their own spot design like the hyena and snow leopard. They are really cool for clans. The cheetahs popularity status is starting to get better and better

Cheetahs soo cool, soo quick, so amazing. I have seen one through the front window of a car and they were sitting on the car! izzie103 :)

7 Snow Leopards

If you don't know which animal to get, you need to read this.
The Snow Leopard are awesome, everything they do matches my personality. Also, they are way better in clans than any other am animal and they look the most realistic. If you have enough diamonds and still don't know which animal is for you, then the snow leopard is the best choice. They look good with almost everything and they can look tough or cute. They are great for tom-boys. And the snow leopard is way better than the cheetah, they almost look similar but the snow leopard is bigger (not fat) and have a thick pelt, the cheetah stands really low and is really thin. One last thing, the snow leopard's dance moves are so awesome.

hey its jedithehusky ! I'm looking forward to getting a snow leopard soon because the outfits go really well with it. and obviously, their dance is pretty fun too!

Snow leopards are one of the "longest and shortest" animals of Jamaa. I mean I know that the snow leopards are not as popular as some animals, but the snow leopard is one of my personal favorites. One of the reasons I love the snow leopard is that they are so unique so they are perfect for people to express themselves with. Snow leopards are sold in the diamond shop for ten diamonds, at the moment I am saving up for a snow leopard. Even though they are one of my favorite animals they do have some downsides. For one some neck and head items I do not really care for on the snow leopards, it can also be somewhat hard to make a decent look on the snow leopards. Now sometimes people can get cheetahs and snow leopards confused, now I would say that the cheetahs are a little bit longer and skinnier. Overall, I think that the snow leopards deserved a higher spot on the list but these are the reasons why I love the snow leopards. Here is a little side comment, I have made other articles on ...more

Snow leopards are awesome, and I use that word sparingly. They are so bulky and muscular, and their play action totally suits their strong, supreme nature. I mean, every single action of theirs is so cool- even the sit action is unique in one way or another! Some people say their mouth looks weird, but personally I like it. Their patterns also look great- with the placement especially, like the moon and star pattern. I have 3 snow leopard animals, one is my main look, and they all look great because of how consistent items look on them. They're excellent for roleplays, especially RPs centered around fighting because of their play action, and how popular feline/Warriors RPs are. Animal Jam made me hundreds of times more interested in snow leopards and felines as a whole, although I already love cats and wildcats in the first place. I see at least one snow leopard in every populated room I go in and that makes me glad that they are used often.

8 Eagle

The best flying animal! They're absolutely stunning in flight and way too underrated. Put rocker hair and an ancient dragon scarf on your eagle, and you'll be the edgiest animal in town! This is definitely worth your 10 diamonds.

In my opinion eagles are the best! They are one of the very few flying animals along with the owl and the new falcon. I mean this might be one of the main reasons why I love them but eagles and other flying animals get you amazing prizes from the forgotten desert, I got my rare spikes from it, it can be hard to get spikes from there I mean I have only gotten three from the adventure but it does happen, trust me if you take your time you will get a spike. Moving on, eagles are very majestic and cute. In conclusion eagles are one of the best animals in Jamaa.

Eagles area little weird,... They're overrated and short spike collars look like noodles on them. People say they're amazing and owls stink, I'm my opinion owls are the best flying animal ( especially when trying to look like bird on) Eagles can be good for looking like some characters. Over all I think the are overrated and items such as short spikes( UGH THE NOODLE SPIKE) and headdresses and other popular items look bad on them.

Eagles are amazing! As the owls! You don't need a arctic wolf, you don't need a dolphin, the eagles can fly though the map! (except underwater) unlike each other animal ones on this list, this is the god-like animal that I recommendation to buy at least 10 diamonds!

9 Deer Deer are the ruminant mammals forming the family Cervidae. The two main groups are the Cervinae, including the muntjac, the fallow deer and the chital, and the Capreolinae, including the elk, reindeer, the Western roe deer, and the Eurasian elk.

hey its jedithehusky ! I actually just got my deer, and I love it so much! I love using my deer for fashion shows because so many outfits and patterns go well with a deer

Deer have to be one of the cutest member animals in all of Jamaa. As most Animal Jam fanatics know, deer are the traveling animal of Jamaa. The deer started traveling on April 14. I know that all of you who read it his after they are done traveling are probably screaming at your screen, and that is why I put the date. But now I will get back to the topic. Lots and lots of items and patterns look really cool and cute on the deer. When I was watching some of th famous jammers videos most went and made deer as soon as they saw the news. I am pretty sure that Aparri, WisteriaMoon, and I know that new coming famous jammer PinkWillow8 did not make a video but she is a close friend of mine and she made a deer. To sum up, deer are a very popular animal and deserve the number five spot on the top five animals list.

I'm so happy and surprised that the bunny and the wolf was liked more than the member animals that are below. I don't mean to offend anyone it's just that I hate how much people give credit to the members but never say anything great about the non-members

I actually like deer, and I'm Totally glad there only 1000 gems and not 10 diamonds, but why do deer always have to go TRAVELLING! Its mega annoying for such a good animal.

10 Llama The llama is a domesticated South American camelid, widely used as a meat and pack animal by Andean cultures since the Pre-Columbian era.

hey its jedithehusky ! I literally have only seen 2 llamas in my game time, but I loved seeing an AJ llama. AJ really has a cool take on what they look like

Llamas are my favorite! They're great to use when acting silly or random, even their HOPPING looks funny! Not to mention, they're adorable

I unlike most to be members, will not get an arctic wolf, but will settle for a llama, since the way they dance,play,sleep etc. matches my personality, plus llamas are one of my favorite animals.They look fun and cheery in my opinion

Llamas are cool and there are many interesting facts about them. What surprises me is that they are barely seen around Jamaa

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11 Raccoon

I hate that every time you go online to animal jam or ajpw, the only animals you will be seeing are arctic wolves and foxes. Yes, there are tons of animals in animal jam to chose from; but most people only go for the overrated stuff thinking they will be treated like royalty. This is because arctic wolves and foxes often are symbolized as the so called "rare" because items desired by many people such as spikes are often seen on these animals. But here's what I think is rare, originality. I believe the raccoon should be treasured because so few people play as it very often.

hey its jedithehusky ! I love the AJ raccoons because of how cute their tails are! I mean, how thick is that tail?! it must be at least a foot deep. I wonder if birds lay eggs in the AJ raccoon tails?

They are just so adorable! they can fit almost any item, and they have nicely animated moves. I have no idea why nobody uses them, they are the perfect animal for pet role-play, ( dog and cat kind of stuff )
showing off your rares, and just being causual! In my opinion, this should've been higher on the list!

I'm a raccoon and I love it! Everything looks good on them and they are great for role-play. I also love their play, sleep, and sit actions and the dance is ok. And if you want to gt adopted as a raccoon, you totally can. Raccoons are by FAR the best!

12 Owl Owls are birds from the order Strigiformes, which includes about two hundred species of mostly solitary and nocturnal birds of prey typified by an upright stance, a large, broad head, binocular vision, binaural hearing, sharp talons, and feathers adapted for silent flight.

hey its jedithehusky ! I love my owl so much! they're really useful in fashion shows and roleplays. the owl is the only flying animal that I have, and I love how it flies and the cool dance it does

Although I personally like eagles better in real life, Owls in thins game are better, There easy to design, they look better and just overall better! Eagles are almost impossible to design nothing goes well with them...
I just love eagles and they really let me down when I got one, If your going to get a flying animal.. GET AN OWL :D!

Owls are my favorite flying animal! :D They are so beautiful and I love how they fly! They are also really fun to make looks with and they can be used to play the forgotten desert!
I also really like Falcons, but Eagles are probably my least favorite animal in the game.

My owl is awesome! I can fly have pets and you look good you are kinda nerdy looking but owls are very smart and a good friend to all the forgotten dessert is awesome! definitely worth my 10 diamonds I am iloveanimals22305.

13 Arctic Foxes The Arctic fox, also known as the white fox, polar fox, or snow fox, is a small fox native to the Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere and common throughout the Arctic tundra biome.

It's Izzie103, I really wish the arctic foxes didn't leave because they are just so cute! They are, easy to dress, sooo cool and they should be in the top three animals. Bye!

They are so pretty! Just Google arctic foxes cause in real life they are also beautiful. If you have ten diamonds to spend, DON'T WAST THE DIAMONDS ON ARCTIC WOLVES. They are so overrated and everyone has one, so you might as well get an arctic fox and make people with arctic wolves jelous of your arctic fox. Oh, and my username is chipmunkoala, please buddy me and gift me I might gift you back!

I have no idea why they r #19! They are so CUTE! The best dog there, the best cat snow leopard but this would definitely be the 'top dog' the only two animals I have, is well, the Arctic fox, and the snow leopard! These will definitely be worth your 10 diamonds, (and it will also be the snow leopard but we r talking about arctic foxes here)

Before I got my arctic fox, I didn't think it was great. But then when I got it, I fell in love with it. Its just so cute! Sure its dance might be a little bit weird, but its worth it to spend those 10 diamonds on this cutie. It reminds me of my dog when I got him. And its sleep is so cute! And it looks so kawaii when its walking OWO. In my opinion, this is a must spend. I play as it more then my arctic wolf now! -Badcatt

14 Snakes Snakes are elongated, legless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes that can be distinguished from legless lizards by their lack of eyelids and external ears.

Izzie103 here! Snakes can be scary I am a lil upset tho bc I gave my friend my rattlesnake and they lost it :(.by the way I have seen snakes a lot. But there has been the animal and the pet but here are reasons why they should be near the top of the list:
Some are cute
The scales are nice to touch
and I find the sssss they do calming.

Snakes are very cool animals and I think that some outfits would look amazing on a snake. For an example the princess dress would look so funny. I'm sure if you play animal jam and have completed the journey book, then you have seen the kimbara outback snake. it is an awesome animal.

There is a slight chance that snakes could come to Jamaa. This animal has been requested many times by some Jammers. Maybe even bats could come to Jamaa too. Who knows?

I think a snake would be awesome just slithering around. I think non members should be able to have then too.

15 Kangaroos

I love Kangaroos and use them as my main animal. They do look kind of weird but I love them as they are. They are very rarely seen in AJ so that makes them better even though you can customize your animals to make them look different. I love all of their actions, too! And to me they actually look like the actual animal (in terms of their actual shape) but still in the cartoony AJ-style. Plus they have their own pet and game dedicated to them! But you can only get the game on your phone or something. And you need the game to get the pet :(

Wow, these are pretty high in the list! These guys are one of my main animals and one of the cutest in my opinion. I prefer them over Arctic wolves. Top hats are so fabulous on them and other items look great too ( especially the rare polka dot tuxedo ;3) I got one right when they came back!

I think kangaroos are awesome! I was so happy when I got mine! I put a Jamaaliday Bow on it and it looks so cute! I play as mine all the time now! (Though probably not as much as my main animals, my pig and polar bear.)
They are so underrated and Jammers need to give them more attention!

I don't like the kangaroos in animal jam but in real there super cute and there rlly rare I like pet kangaroos way better daisy102

16 Tigers

I think they should change the tigers dance and play and change there big fat legs to normal size in real life I love tigers they are my favorite animal like horses and I think they should put the tiger glitch back on.
( in the beta days the glitch was if u put a top hat on your tiger and made it sleep the numbers 2012 would show up on the hat) or though I did not play in the beta days I got this glitch from a video.

I love tigers so much in real life, I really do, I study them. But I think animal jam just took a great proud animal and made it look like a joke! Tigers look so much better in real life. I think animal jam should change the tigers a bit and make them look a bit more awesome, like tigers really are. I think they did the same thing with lions.

I like tigers because they are very cute their pink red noses make the very best color matches in my opinion.(I.e my tiger is light purple mid purple swirls and light pink bottom with a pink red lollipop necklace and pink red mech wings) The tigers dance is very cute and I think tigers deserve more respect they are not the "noob" animal.

Someone in AJHQ decided to make the Tiger's legs look like a complete joke. And the back. And the tail. If they changed the legs, back, and tail I think everything would be fine. It would still be cartoony. I still love the tiger and I would definitely use it, along with the Pig, as my non-member animal. :) Pretty much all of the tigers I met were kind jammers but of course anyone else may have had a different experience.

17 Seals

Seals should be #1 on the list, here are some reasons why: They look very cute and they're easy to dress, There's an amazing glitch making the seal look like it has superpowers, even in real life they're adorable, you can also bring them on land and in water. Forget silly wolves, seals are underused, which mean they are unique animals, while foxes, wolves and arctic wolves they are very easy to find around.

Seals seals seals, gotta love them darn seals. Items on these little critters are pretty stylish looking, that spiky hair you have on your item list, it looks really good on them. The way they stand when they're not moving just looks so cute, it's like standing up straight and nodding at the same time slowly. I comprehend you bro! : nods : lol. Their walking is pretty obvious, but funny-cute at the same time. They flop and flop all around Jamaa! For me, seals are the next side of cool put a silver chain and now we're talking. Finally, seals are one of my favorites in the real world, when they're pups, they're so cute. :D

OMG SEALS! Izzie103 here they are sooo cute and need to be in 6th or under here are some reasons why:
They're cute
Their dance is awesome
They look great in carnival outfits
and finally are adorbs when they jump into the water.

Come on, seals are cute and funny! Here are a few reasons why seals should be #1: 1. Seals are a land and ocean animal. 2. The play for seals are backflips. 3. Seals in real life are adorable same for animal jam too. 4. Seals are an option for non-members and members. Seals are one of my favorite animals. The only thing I don't get is why are regular wolves at the top? They look ugly in animal jam and they have their mouths open when they run. The only thing that they are popular for is for warrior cat clans. GO SEALS!

18 Dolphins

Awww dolphins! It's Izzie103, I have only ever seen dolphins on AJ classic and I know someone that has swam with dolphins! Anyways they are cute, splashy and I have no idea what else to explain them with. Show respect for nonmembers too :) :)! Bye!

I got a dolphin like two days ago, I love it. I think you should get a dolphin because they are water animals, and they are really pretty and adorable at the same time.

Dolphins are smart and interesting. They do have a big social life and interact with humans easily. They are pretty cool

Dolphins are so bad! All they have is a stupid game that looks exactly like the horses game! The worst underwater animal

19 Turtles

I'm confused why nobody like's turtles...

"Because they're slow! "
"They're not cool! "
"Turtles are S000000 BORING! "

Turtles are fun in real life and as a pet, they look cute, their shell protects them from most predators (Born with armor! WOO! ), and some of them are big enough to actually sit on (no offense).

There's many other reasons why turtles are great, so hopefully someone else will have a kind word for them. If not, DON'T EVEN PUT A COMMENT HERE.

Turtles aren't boring and slow! It's Izzie103 turtles are rlly cute and I have seen one before but sadly it was being bullied :(:(. Turtles are cute, flappy and splashy, they need to be in the top five. Bye!

Turtles are great. They have a large heart and they are unique. Don't say turtles are ugly and BORING. They are wise animals and determined to reach a goal. Please, agree with me.

It's weird, that turtles can't even go to land, just watch a videos, few of the babies go to water, when it's grown up a lot, they could go at land too! It's confusing a lot...

20 Lions

In my opinion, animal jam kinda messed up the lion. Lions are one my favorite animal and I have one in Animal Jam. But animal should have a female lion model. It weird because only male lions have mane. Not female. I don't know how they would do it but still. And they kinda look like they have a hunchback but its poking in. I mean, some of the items look cool on it. Like spikes and top hats look cool on it. But I never see people play as them. Its really sad because lions are really awesome animals. I wish they would look like Simba from the Lion King AUA. -Badcatt

I only think that lions need improve just rather has very long long jaws that looks more retarded. Sorry.

Lions are back. by the way, I love the play animation on it too. I just sometimes like the lion roars.

There like kinda scary perfect for tomboys like me but kinda r fat

21 Lynx A lynx is any of the four species within the Lynx genus of medium-sized wild cats, which includes the bobcat.

It's RainbowAwesomeSwaggyCatz speaking lol! My account is sheppadepp16273. I love Lynx and Snow Leopards so much. I like domestic cats the best but lynxes are the BEST. Cute, looks really good with clothes and spikes look the best on them (WAY better than arctic wolves). But not as quite as good for warrior cat clans. Snow Leopards are the best animal jam cats for that. I love lynxes so much but my membership is going to soon be expired. I had 12 month membership. I'm afraid that I wanna keep all my member animals arctic wolf, snow leopard, lynx, deer, eagle, horse, fox and arctic fox. Dude, my favorite animal jam animal is fox! So just sharing my opinion...
-Your warrior cat nerd and animal jammer, Rainbow

I adore arctic foxes, arctic wolves, wolves, coyotes, snow leopards and much more
But Lynxes are amazing! They look awesomely cute, and you can make them even cuter by customizing them! (Lol I sound like a cheesy advertisement that you see on Sunday mornings on T.V.) But I think Lynx should be a non-member animal (I am a non member) My friends have them, and they look so cute, Its unfair how low quality the non members and animals look, and their clothing. I mean come on spikes should be for everyone. Every time I make a fair trade for a spike they decline and say "Ooh your a non member sorry boo you can't have this spike now go cry you homeless kid" I get so angry. I do have a home, and I have the newest MacBook model that costs a lot son, So you calling me homeless? Its just that everything is so unfair for non members. I mean like I donate to the tigers lions and other animals at that place where you can donate, And I get treated like junk, along with all other non members. by ...more

Well, I find out that lynxes are cool in real life, but in this game, it's looks bit cute and weird to same time. I find out, they look really good for role-playing as Warrior cats, and I don't know why this is for 10 diamonds too. They look little bit short and has incorrect colors, but I don't mind, they look too cute and so so, it's not cool as the Snow Leopards, but actually, they look like a Baby lynx.

Aww lynxes! It's Izzie103 they are sooo cute I even got a pet lynx! Oh and the other day someone said the owners of AJ are deleting AJ classic :(:(. Lynxes are cute, adorable and I just like the way the move!. Show respect for nonmembers too! Bye!

22 Penguin

Penguins Are The Best! For All these Reasons
1# They Are For Members And Non Members
2# They Can Attend Penguin Only Parties!
3# They Don't Hunt Any Other Animals! Like Wolves Hunt Bunnies
4# They Don't Cost Diamonds! Now we all hate saving up 10 diamonds don't we instead 1000 gems that's much easier to earn
5# Penguins Are Adorable! Not Fierce especially when they play back flips and when they wear fox hats!
6# They Go Underwater And Above Water! So wherever you go you have your cute little penguin!

Love penguins
- Land and water
- Nonmember
- Penguins only party
- Cute
- Perfect
- Don't eat other animals
- Don't get eaten by other animals
- Clothes and stuff look nice on them.

There super cute they they don't hunt animals like some animals do they look awesome with everything plus ther only 1000 gems and there nice plus there nm I'm a penguin and bunny I hate being insulted by wolves!

Penguin In aj Hmm Watch this episode on Pokemon True blue swablue while Updating Then when animal jam is online again ready to play again so Use your penguin while playing Or use Your Favotite Animal In animal jam so Cute Animal
~Rosy Arctic penguin My deleted Penguin.

23 Dogs

I LOVE DOGS 🐶 🐶. It's Izzie103, dog are abt my favorite animal I even have one! They are cute, they wag their tail so much, are easy pets to dress and they are definitely 5th or 4th! Bye!

Dogs are so cute! I mean Germans sheprds are so cute there Smart cute curious and playful there the perfect pets
Oh and huskies I use to have one there Smart cute helpful and they care about others so much there like little snow Kings or Queens
There so fuzzy and sweet there name should be snowball#100000 okay there it is
I love dogs

I like animal Jam to add BOTH CATS and DOGS because like it's the common animals out there. Plus I love them both.

Dogs on AJ include arctic wolfs and wolfs because they are related and sometimes have the same blood

24 Cats

All cats are amazing and popular. I love my cheetah because it looks great with gazelle horns. I love my snow leopard because of its awesome " play " move. I don't have a lion yet so I can't support it sadly. But the tiger is awesome because of its tiny back paws and HUGE front paws. From, FroggyFerb.

It's very fitting if Animal Jam releases a Modern Cat, it would be cool like other Non-Member animals, for 1000 Gems and perfect for the role-players playing with Warrior Cat stuff!

Remember, cats contain lions, tigers, and snow leopards. So if you like all of them or one or two don't look for it somewhere else look for it under cats.

I like snow leopards and cheetahs, they're awesome! But animal jam made tigers and lions look retarded, when in real life they look really cool.

25 Hyena Hyenas or hyaenas are any feliform carnivoran mammals of the family Hyaenidae /haɪˈɛnᵻdiː/. With only four extant species, it is the fifth-smallest biological family in the Carnivora, and one of the smallest in the class Mammalia.

In my opinion the cutest and most attractive (in cuteness obviously) animal in animal jam. Especially play wild. As I said In my other comment, ember bluestone is my main character in animal jam.

It's sad to see how far down the hyenas are, they are easily the best annimal. Coming in close behind would be of course, wolves, otters, and snow leopards

My main animal is a white hyena with a black mane and black spots and blue eyes and she is called ember.

Hyenas are my 2nd favourite animal ever, just after a duck. It's also my main on animal jam. They look really good with skeleton suit thingys on and X eyes.They need more love!

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