Animal Jam

Alpha101 Animal Jam is awesome! You should try it!

I play AJ all the time! You get to pick an animal, if your a member you may get a pet, custimize your den, (that's what they call your house) and loads more!

I'm a member! My username is Rex2222. If you look me up, tell me your from the top tens, and I'll friend you! I have almost every animal. My favorite is my wolf. It's black with black knight armor.

I have all kinds of pets but my favorite is my turtle. He's peach and red, and wears a winter hat. But remember, you can only get pets if your a member. So don't get dissapointed if you try to buy one but it won't let you. To be a member go to Toys R Us and you can buy a gift card or just use your credit card and there you go! Being a member is alot better than a non member, but they're both fun!

There's all kinds of cool dens you can buy. You automaticly get the small house when you sighn up. You can also buy a Volcano den, a Underwater den, a Tree House Den, you name it! But you have to be a member to purchase other dens.

You can also buy den items like a couch, a TV, and some cool stuff like a golden statue, a drum set, you name it!

You can get clothes for your animal too. You can get camo boots, blankets, knight aromor, anything!

To get these you save up gems. To get gems you play games or sell old items you don't want and it work's just like cash! You can also buy online certificates for gems or can use free cheat codes.

Then there's rare items. Every other Monday there is a rare item for sale. They usually cost alot though and are for members so save up! You can use them, or sence their, well rare, you can trade them for other items!

That's it. I hope you have fun playing animal jam! And remember, my username is Rex2222! If you have any questions send me a message! Alpha101 out!


Oh cool I'm getting a snow leopard nice to meet you my username is redfireness - visitor

I Have an artic wolf my use is yayaabear - bashfulfox

I am Cinapaw on aj I have like every animal besides the rhino and some diamond shop animals it is such a fun and enjoyable game to play - visitor

I'm pandapal99999 on aj add me - itz_izzy

I'm trueworld like the paragraph but it needs to be updated add me please and more than 30 rares on my sleve I like this game a lot so get your gaming face on and play! - visitor