Arctic Wolves


I definitely think that, regardless of how cute they are or how friendly the person with one is, arctic wolves are by far the most popular. I think it's because they look nice in a lot of stuff like headdresses and spikes, making it increase the "cool factor" of the item. I also think this is true with eagles, although they may not be AS CUTE or AS FRIENDLY as the person with a toucan, but they show off the outfit really well and just look good in a lot of stuff. I myself own two arctic wolves (one came with a pack lol) but I can say that I do think you should be a bit less harsh on arctic wolves.

Wow. Raccoons are so cute, mines name is Blossom Kawaiipaws. I recycled my arctic wolf. I can't believe I begged my poor poor hard working mom to buy me sapphires to get this funky-rumped animal. Why in the world is all-bald except for neck animals the most overrated animals in the world? They are offensive lies to real Arctic wolves, and people make them the bullied ones and the tigers, wolves and raccoons the popular rich ones! I mean, yeah, wolves are really ugly in the game, so are lions, but they're still not as easy to get sick of looking at unlike Arctic WOLVES. They look like bald babies! Everywhere I go I see an Arctic wolf so rare whining about "TRADE ME! TRADE ME! BE FAIR! I AM PICKY! " Obviously you are, because you picked the wrong animal and got stuck with it until you get principal's honor roll._.

I love arctic wolves I think they are awesome they always have a personality like cute, scary, funny and nice even though arctic wolves are 10 diamonds I think its worth it, I got my own arctic wolf and mine is funny, and kinda cute but I'm kinda a tom boy so... by the way I'm lunaoscar

I am over sick of arctic wolf. Every member is the same. Arctic wolf and a spike. CAN WE HAVE MORE VARIETY please?! Is it too much to ask?! Really guys, everyone sould stop using these oversized animal. They are supposed to be cool and just because everyone used them, I find these people stupid. Members have so many underrated animals like the raccoons! STOP USING THE ARCTIC WOLF JUST TO LOOK RARE BECAUSE IT DOESN'T WORK. In fact, the most rare seen animal with a good style look much more cooler than arctic wolf! CHANGE MUST BEGIN TODAY, DELETE YOU ARCTIC WOLF!

I have pretty much always used a arctic wolf as a member... the only animal besides that one is my fox, and my wolf and penguin.. I have ALWAYS wanted a otter accept otters are not in the diamond shop anymore my sisters favorite animal is the one and only very boring animal the arctic wolf HA! those out there who love the arctic wolfs were maybe like ''oh my god! she is totally not gonna pick arctic wolfs 4 the most boring animal right? '' yea that's wrong all my fellow arctic wolf fans! I am not saying to NOT get a arctic wolf because they are very graceful beautiful animals! but I am just giving Animal jam HQ a heads up on maybe to change around their animals and to kinda let go of the arctic wolfs... I do not know! its just a idea

I like arctic wolves because of how they run and they r the most popular animal in animal jam. also, in the adventure "return of the phantoms" they have a pathway to get into. Thanks for letting me share my opinion! :) love you guys! I also want to give thanks to animal jam for being the number one game in the entire universe! " in my opinion " BYE ANIMAL JAM! best game ever! SO ADDICTING! I'm like so obsessed with animal jam! I play it like EVERY DAY! THANKS AGAIN!

I think arctic wolves are amazing, they are cute, scary, and usually the arctic wolves I meet on animal jam are funny. I have my own 2 even though they cost 10 diamonds its worth it!

I think that the Arctic wolfs deserve its spot on #1. It's my favorite animal and can be pursued as cute, funny, pretty, creepy, evil, handsome, tom boyish, stylish, and more! It is definitely worth its 10 diamonds. They are so graceful as they run and very well designed. All the animals have their ups and downs, but I think that the Arctic wolf is the coolest! by the way, I'm Snowflake4048!

Arctic wolves are just overrated not the best, they're also kind of ugly, and have NO reason to be 1 on the list. they think they have the rights to be jerks, spikes do not look cool on them, and I hope they start traveling soon, ( but then people will whine over this weird overrated animal so called arctic wolf leaving)

Even though Arctic Wolves are 10 diamonds, and member, you still can get weekly gems, and getting the Arctic wolf is worth it :D

I mean Arctic Wolves are so cool! I love how they are so different and at the same time they are the same as wolves!

I have no idea why the Arctic Wolves are at the top because now, the Arctic Foxes are even better. Ever since I had an Arctic Fox I disliked how my Arctic Wolf looks like. They are just too big when the Arctic Foxes are so adorable!

Being a member is stupid for getting an arctic wolf, I hate arctic wolves, they just don't do it for me. I'm a non member so I just don't like it. They suck ( unfortunately )

I feel like arctic wolves are the best because they are the most played animal mostly on animal jam also because I really like them if they were to travel I would punch myself

I like arctic wolfs because they're so CUTE and they really suit spikes and other rares and I know non members can't afford it but again they're so cute!

Arctic wolves are my favourite member animal just because they are awesome and I love how they dance, play, hop, sit and sleep. You know all them stuff.

Why are they so popular? Well, they're cute, funny, and it's worth it! They look good with almost every single item in the game to!

I love Arctic wolves. I'm getting one! I think they are cute, the wolves look like boys. And the Arctic wolves kinda look alike girls...

I love arctic wolves, it's worth the 10 diamonds. That's one of the only animals I have, don't hate on them because they are member only. By the way top hats, with matching spike collar, and wristbands look wicked on the Arctic wolf. My Animal jam user name is Moonsilver17, buddy me!

I think arctic wolves are so beautiful and elegant I wished I knew between fox and arctic wolves which ones are cuter

I have have had mine since they came out and it is my most used animal besides the constancy of my occasional eagle.

I wish membership cost less, and I'm sure you will agree. My username is doo439, or ring36 if you need some animal jam advice!

If you want to buy 3 it costs 30 diamonds! I'm saving up my diamonds for a second article wolf. They are too expensive but really good animals.

Arctic Wolves are very popular throughout Animal Jam. They fit perfectly with spike, headdress, and elf tail.

They are cute in animal jam but they look so different in real life I don't think that they have fluffy chests...