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21 Penguin

Penguins Are The Best! For All these Reasons
1# They Are For Members And Non Members
2# They Can Attend Penguin Only Parties!
3# They Don't Hunt Any Other Animals! Like Wolves Hunt Bunnies
4# They Don't Cost Diamonds! Now we all hate saving up 10 diamonds don't we instead 1000 gems that's much easier to earn
5# Penguins Are Adorable! Not Fierce especially when they play back flips and when they wear fox hats!
6# They Go Underwater And Above Water! So wherever you go you have your cute little penguin!

Penguins are cute and nimble, and everyone that has one is usually very kind.

Nothing says Penguin than wearing a fake mustache, nose and glasses.

Yes, they are the best. They were my start animal-flutterfly108

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22 Dogs

Dogs should be in animal jam cause they are cute and fun to play with and soe people that have arctic wolfs try to be dogs even though they are really a wolf type thing and look nothing like a dog

Dogs are the best animal in the world

Loads of peeps in my class love em

0_0 you can't be a dog in animal jam...

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23 Cats

All cats are amazing and popular. I love my cheetah because it looks great with gazelle horns. I love my snow leopard because of its awesome " play " move. I don't have a lion yet so I can't support it sadly. But the tiger is awesome because of its tiny back paws and HUGE front paws. From, FroggyFerb.

It's very fitting if Animal Jam releases a Modern Cat, it would be cool like other Non-Member animals, for 1000 Gems and perfect for the role-players playing with Warrior Cat stuff!

Remember, cats contain lions, tigers, and snow leopards. So if you like all of them or one or two don't look for it somewhere else look for it under cats.

I think like a house cat should come to animal jam that would be cool

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24 Hyena Hyena Hyenas or hyaenas are any feliform carnivoran mammals of the family Hyaenidae /haɪˈɛnᵻdiː/. With only four extant species, it is the fifth-smallest biological family in the Carnivora, and one of the smallest in the class Mammalia.

Hyenas are cute but I like snow leopards more. Snow leopard, cheetahs, and hyenas are THE Best

Hyenas re so cute! So please vote to get to the top!

Hyenas are so adorable they have mohawkes and the dance looks so cute

Hyenas are my 2nd favourite animal ever, just after a duck. It's also my main on animal jam. They look really good with skeleton suit thingys on and X eyes.They need more love!

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25 Horses

I like horses because you get to turn them into zebras because zebras are my favorite animal

Why r they 23 that's so stupid they are really cool

There super cute I love them and there amazing but y don't people use them much (daisy102)

How much do they cost?

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26 Bats

They should come to animal jam as another flying animal

I love pet bats especially how they play

They are so scary that I love them, lol.

There awesome perfect pets for tomboys

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27 Lions

In my opinion, animal jam kinda messed up the lion. Lions are one my favorite animal and I have one in Animal Jam. But animal should have a female lion model. It weird because only male lions have mane. Not female. I don't know how they would do it but still. And they kinda look like they have a hunchback but its poking in. I mean, some of the items look cool on it. Like spikes and top hats look cool on it. But I never see people play as them. Its really sad because lions are really awesome animals. I wish they would look like Simba from the Lion King AUA. -Badcatt

I only think that lions need improve just rather has very long long jaws that looks more retarded. Sorry.

I like the big main on the lion I don't think spikes look good on them they are to big it make the spike fat

Same all cats rule.

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28 Ducks

Give him grace you can't love a cute duck?

The ducks are so cute! I love them!

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29 Goat Goat The domestic goat is a subspecies of goat domesticated from the wild goat of southwest Asia and Eastern Europe.

Goats are my favorite animals, I was waiting for them to come for so long... And when they arrived, they were cuter than I imagined Love you goatie

They're very cute! Come on, deers better than goats? They're adorable, and most items, especially spikes and HDs, look amazing on them.

That's dumb, that goats cost over 10 diamonds, they are just small and less valiouble than the deers, deers sould be for diamonds unlike goats, they cute but, they just could be 1000 gems instead 10 diamonds.

There super cute they should be nm still and its worth it I love them

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30 New Pig

Thank Goodness they are not for members and overload 10 Diamonds! As I expected that pigs gonna be over 10 Diamonds and for members, and I think it will disappoint me, but now the Animal Jam does the good thing!

I love them so cute but I don't wanna recycle my bunny or penguin instead I'm getting in the summer when I get membership (daisy102) and there half the price of all diamond animals

There awesome even though I myself am a member I have a pig and I think it's great for non members and that little curly tail is adorable

I'm A LESBIAN PIG AND I'm HAPPY. Everyone thinks a dude though. I have so many fan girls, in a chick magnet PIGS ARE APPARENTLY HOT

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31 Koalas

Koalas are grey in real life! Not brown! In real life, they are very cute. But in Animal Jam, they are ugly and they have a really big butt showing.

Why are they so far down?! There the best and they have such cute fuzzy ears.

There super cute there dance is adorable daisy102

They look weird in AJ, I like the real ones that are gray and don't' have gigantic bums.

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32 Sharks

I'm not a member, but I like how sharks look in animal jam. They stuck to their classic styles like the swirling and they look realistic too. Sharks have their mouth open all the time like, "Hey! How's it going'?! " The dance option for sharks is just priceless, I love it! I mean they sway to one side and then the other, it looks so cute and funny. That is great counting that sharks look pretty fierce in this game. Sharks sharks, gotta love them.

Sharks are pretty cool I don't want one but hate their teeth the other thing I like about them is they are tough and look coolio

I like sharks, but I hate how everyone runs away from me whenever I become a shark.

How did this even get on the list...

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33 Butterflies

I like them as pets with angel wings makes them so cute daisy102

They need to come to animal jam NOT I like them as a pet NOT

They need to come to animal jam NOT I like them as a pet not some over sized bug flying around animlal jam

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34 Rhinos

Their really cool think its cool cause their si big no one has them any more :(

Sad, the rhino is almost my opinion that looks way better than the wolves, I mean the pandas is much better :/

Rhinos needs love too you know guys, they are actually awesome in real life!

Rhinos are very cute. I don't know why they went " exploring " again.

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35 Giraffe Giraffe The giraffe is an African even-toed ungulate mammal, the tallest living terrestrial animal and the largest ruminant.

I got a giraffe I think there cool there tall and they do head stands when they play they do cool dance moves they sleep like one would they don't hop high but I don't mind they don't cost diamonds just 1000 gems witch is good giraffe is so cool please vote them

Giraffes are awesome and for non members they are cool and tall I have one

There dances are one of the best moves that I have ever seen.

As you usually add the spikes, they look really cool.

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36 Falcons

They're just some awkward Eagle-knock off, if I though they would be a brown skin, and creamish body, but no. They're just some light purple ones, and... That's it, but it usually has white belly... That's just one of the worst colored animal for some reason. I find out the wolves, koalas, even owls, the colors are akward too, but all with them just alright, they're just made like cartoon, but falcons? They are BROWN! I'm not even find in Google Image! Cartoon and Real Life Falcons, nowhere I can't find any magneta, purple and etc falcon. At first, their actions are nothing compere to the eagle. Just some knock-off owls' actions. The dance moves are lame, just wingling arms or whatever... And play, It's some slow-motion dash, not like fast as cheetah speed, meh. And jump, It's alright, but not really high as the eagles, no plus for it. And sleep is not interesting, not like eagles sleeping on clouds, but USUALLY an rip-off from the Owls' sleeps, what? YOU CAN SLEEP OVER THE AIR! Or ...more

I think they are cool they fly faster than eagles in life and they look nicer in both life and animal jam

Be quiet Falcons are cool and great!

Why are they purple when you get it? There not purple in real life. Plus they are ugly. Eagles are WAY better.

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37 Hedgehogs

Pets worth better, just why play as animal? They just became only one smallest of the group than goats or bunnies...

Hedgehogs are so awesome and cute and they would be an awesome animal for members and non members

They should add hedgehogs to animal jam they would be so cute

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38 Jelly Fish

Yea... I totally love being a jellyfish...

Who in the world put this as an option!?

Actually, I WOULD like a jellyfish in animal jam, what would calm you better than the moves of a jelly

Umm We can't even play as a Jelly Fish, so I don't even know why it is even on this list.

And whats with the comments about them?

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39 Elephants

I love elephants I think there cute when little I like there noise some got big ears but there dance moves are type of cool and playing is funny there tall and big and wearing some clothes make them look funny elephants are awesome

My friend has like 50 ELEPHANTS they are so adorable

I'm sooo confused that they have a really weird eyes, they are over their's eyes... Just ew.

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40 Spring Bunny

Although I don't have a spring bunny id love for animal jam to bring them back! They're flowers are so cool and cute! I don't understand why they are at the bottom of the list, plus they look great with headdresses!

Flowers around the cutest things ever the patterns are pretty and they are a wonderful way to spend money buy them and it is also spring so yeah and also non members can buy them and they come with cool patterns and also are ideal for a working fly glitch so vote us🐰

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