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1 Hiccup and Astrid - How to Train Your Dragon

A very real portrayal of what a relationship should look like, built on "a foundation of years of trust and friendship" as hiccup puts it, which makes it very relevant to real life instead of being the typical prince charming / damsel in distress relationship so often thrown into so many other movies. Definitely the most deserving of all.

It's so cute watching their relationship develop from childhood puppy-love to mature partners for life. They have one of the most genuine relationships ever explored in an animated series, and watching them on screen is pure enjoyment!

This couple is really the only one I have seen in a long time actually start out with a rocky friendship and progress into love. Their relationship strengthens and improves through the course of the series, both in the movies and the shows. Plus they are both very cute together

"At least this one does not involve typical prince charming and damsels in distress! "
Also, their relationship wasn't swift. It took time like a regular couple. It showcased conflicts between them.
Quite relevant to real life.

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2 Homer and Marge Simpson - The Simpsons Movie

One of the funniest movie couples in animation history. She's smart and he's dumb. That's what makes a really funny couple. It worked with The Flintstones and it works with The Simpsons.

Homer and Marge are truly iconic. Who ever said that Homer and Marge weren't tender enough to be top is one clueless SOB. It doesn't have to be tender. - jezza0

When people think of animated couples one of the first they would think of Homer and Marge Simpson. Others would be Fred and Wilma, Hank and Peggy, Lois and Peter.

The greatest animated couple of all time. They surely are the ultimate odd couple, she's wise and he's stupid. That's why they make great chemistry.

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3 Aladdin and Jasmine - Aladdin

Probably, the best looking couple in Disney's history.

4 Blu and Jewel - Rio

Their relationship is just heartwarming and cute for example I just love how Jewel comforts Blu on being unable to to fly by saying that we'll figure this out together you don't often hear a girl saying that to the guy which makes the scene that much sweeter and how Blu selflessly jumps after Jewel stating that he'll never let her go and how Jewel kisses him after he says that. They are without a doubt one the most likable, cutest and best couples on this list.

They are so cute, I love how Jewel hates Blu at the start and then the relationship builds through the movie and in the near end that kiss was so beautiful, I love this couple.

Those are like fire and ice, thunder and lightning, hip and hoppin, cheese and sprinkles

Pure love mixed with samba, perfect mix for a great love story, that's why Blu and Jewel haves to win!

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5 Kovu and Kiara - Lion King 2

I love this couple they are just made for each other. I love the individual characters as well but I love them together so much more. I like the way they meet as cubs and become friends, then are separated, and when Kovu comes to the pridelands, he is obviously very annoyed by her ( Although Kiara seems to have a sort of crush on him) but they build a liking and respect for one another's strengths. They start to enjoy each other's company, and when Kovu is exiled, Kiara realizes how much she loves him and all that they had had without knowing. Such a great couple.
P. S they aren't cousins.

They both are really cute and have a lot of chemistry! Plus, Kovu is really cute too - Splashstorm

Kovu / Kiara are my favourite couple in lion King 2.
I hope they do lion King 3 and I hope they have cubs and I hope one day they'll have grandcubs in the future. I hope they do more sequels I want more of Kiara/ kovu. Just like Romeo and Juliet.

I Sense That A Hate Comment Will Be Coming Soon😰

6 Ginger and Rocky - Chicken Run

This pairing alongside with Aladdin x Jasmine are my favourites.

Together they managed to sabotage Mr Tweedy's menacing chicken pie machine and escape the farm among other things. - Stewie0

It warms my heart to see such an amazing couple in the top 10! YAY!

7 Cinderella and The Prince - Cinderella
8 Shrek and Fiona - Shrek Series
9 Lady and Tramp - Lady and the Tramp

The spaghetti seen is so cute!

10 Jack Skellington and Sally - Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington and Sally - Nightmare Before Christmas

The Contenders

11 Belle and the Beast - Beauty and the Beast

They really do love each other: the Beast saved Belle's life and in return she broke the witch's curse... A fairytale romance! WAY more tender than Homer and Marge!

Homer and Marge have a very unrealistic relationship. Any woman who have left Homer long ago. Beast and Belle weren't too unrealistic. - RoseRedFlower

12 Chernabog and Maleficent - Mickey’s House of Villains

Best villain couple ever! It did happen in a movie from House of Mouse called: House of Villains. Chernabog is a better husband to Maleficent than Hades. - asantalo

13 Ariel and Eric - The Little Mermaid

Ariel is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to be with her true love, and Prince Eric takes on Ursula bare-handed to save his princess and her loved ones. A fairytale romance in real (well... Cartoon... ) life!

14 Mr and Mrs Tweedy - Chicken Run

Why is this here? It was borderline abusive

15 Simba and Nala - Lion King

This should be on top 1 lion king was a great movie and samba and Nara was a great couple

16 Scamp and Angel - Lady and the Tramp 2
17 Aurora and Phillip - Sleeping Beauty
18 Woody and Jessie - Toy Story Series

The couple is Jessi and Buzz, Woody is just like the brother of Jessie (a theory)

This isn't a real couple what the hell?!?

19 Rapunzel and Flynn - Tangled

They are the cutest!


20 Mulan and Shang - Mulan
21 Snow White and Prince Charming - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
22 Flik and Atta - A Bug's Life
23 Itchy and Scratchy - The Simpsons Movie
24 WALL-E and EVE - WALL-E

Should go higher

This is the most beautiful love story in any animated movie I have ever seen


25 Terrance and Phillip - South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
26 Scrat and Scratte - Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

They provide some of the finest slapstick comedy in Ice Age 3

27 Anastasia and Dimitri - Anastasia
28 Nick and Judy - Zootopia

I love them! Though they were shown very less as a couple and more of a team, still theie chemistry said it all. My favourites ❤❤

29 Tighten and Roxanne - Megamind
30 Buzz and Jessie - Toy Story

I find a bit ridiculous that Woody/Jessie is listed here and they are popular. What? Come on people, they are NOT even a couple! Woody was with Bo! What a SHAME. BUZZ and JESSIE are the most amazing thing I've ever seen. They are not that typical boring oh-so-ideal stereotype thing what most animated movies have presented to us. They are much more perfect than that. Buzz and Jessie together is the PERFECTION itself.

Why are Woody and Jessie even listed on here as a couple? They never have been a couple, EVER. Jessie is with BUZZ, has been since the end of Toy Story 2. It's very unimaginative to think, oh, cowboy and cowgirl, they look alike so they must go together. NO. They're supposed to be SIBLINGS. Buzz and Jessie are absolutely perfect together because they're a match in character, not appearance. Period. The End.

Woody and Jessie aren't even a couple. I don't see why they get to be on here and Buzz and Jessie don't. - keep-me-posted

First off, buzz was not made to be with Jesse, known fact.

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31 Rapunzel & Flynn Rider - Tangled
32 Emmet and Wyldstyle - The Lego Movie

Why aren't these two higher?
I know how cliche the 'hate to love' development is, but it reaches deeper to me.

Both of these characters NEED each other.
For Emmett, he spent most of his life alone, oblivious to this fact until he learned that no one remembered or cared about him enough to defend him. Lucy is the first one in his entire life who tells him otherwise, and even though she later was furious at him for lying about being the 'special', he was still determined to live up to that. From the moment they spent in the air vent onward, most if not all of Emmett's actions were for her, as well as their friends the universe.

As for Lucy, her time around Emmett has taught her many things, like not judging people for who they are or what they do, mostly the people of Emmett's kind, as well as learning to open her heart and love and accept people for who they are. And it's very clear that Emmett means a lot to her too, even if she doesn't show it as much. (Notice all ...more

33 Roger and Jessica Rabbit - Who Framed Roger Rabbit
34 Eep and Guy - The Croods

This is so cute I mean look at their personality;
Eep Crood, a rebellious teenage cavegirl who is Grug and Ugga's eldest daughter and is filled with curiosity and a desire for exploring and wonder

Guy, a nomadic caveboy who is not as strong as the Croods, but prefers using his brain and comes up with various ideas and inventions. He is accompanied by a sloth named Belt.

They are made for each other.

35 Anna and Kristoff - Frozen
36 Peter Pan and Jane - Return to Neverland
37 Lightning McQueen and Sally - Cars
38 Alex and Gloria - Madagascar

Melman likes Gloria not Alex. -

39 Queen & King - Tangled
40 Robin & Starfire - Teen Titans Go!

No, teen titans go no, TEEN TITANS! FROM 2003, in the new series they aren't couple, and are a bad couple

You DO mean this as a joke right? Because they're a WAY better couple in the original. - 906389

Cute. But it should be me and starfire.

41 Fear and Joy - Inside Out

I wish they will been together

42 Gloria and Melman - Madagascar Escape 2 Africa
43 Felix and Calhoun - Wreck It Ralph

Why are fan ships above this ;-;

He's a smol bean

A step in the right direction for women, showing that there's nothing wrong with short men. Also, as far as Tamora knows, Felix has nothing to offer her. While she does know that he is the protagonist of Fix-It Felix Jr., she doesn't know that lt is a popular game, as Heroes Duty is brand new. Women are often snobby, but their relationship shows that size doesn't matter. Forbidden love is the best love.

44 Anger and Disgust - Inside Out
45 Dennis and Winnie - Hotel Transylvania
46 Phillip J. Fry and Bender - Futurama: Bender's Big Score
47 Ebenezer Scrooge and Jacob Marley - Disney's A Christmas Carol
48 Ham and Luna - Space Chimps

, those who haven't seen Space Chimps, I would totally recommend it, whatever age you are! Seriously this couple is so cute!

49 Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse - Mickey Mouse

So cute. Best disney couple ever.

50 Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable - Kim Possible
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