Inspecting Long Lists #12's Top 100 Animated Series

htoutlaws2012 Hello ladies and gentleman on another countdown long one, and this time I did this myself since I like repetition I will do the 100 animated series only this time by incrediblejeff of Hopefully these choices are much better than the legendary awful IGN list that is now severely dated. Viewer discretion is advised

#100 The Goode Family: Mike Judge's Last animated work was a big flop, and at 100 is pretty generous. I wouldn't call it crap, or even near good. I say it was okay at best for a one shot season that had a left wing liberal family basically the opposite of King Of The Hill.

#99 Spider-Man, and His Amazing Friends: Also known as Marvel's Answer to DC's Super Friends, but slightly better. I say this beats some other super hero shows, but this seems more right for it to fall then in the 50's.

#98 TaleSpin: The show was essentially let's get all the animal characters from Jungle Book, and turn it into a fun cartoon. A true classic Disney afternoon cartoon a lot of people loved.

#97 I Am Weasel: Well... at least its more original then Cow & Chicken being the least of all the cartoon cartoons. A talking Weasel and his misadventures that isn't totally wrong, and plays too much like a certain show if it is indeed higher up.

#96 Men In Black The Series: Despite the voice actors not being accurate, those that did come into to do those parts did a fairly good job, and this is one case where it deserves to be on the list it lasted a while for 4 years.

#95 DuckTales: WAY too low, this show is very iconic, and one of the most memorable near the top tier of Disney afternoon. I can argue for it being from here to at best 85 places higher than it really should be... the reboot is actually very good. Rarely do I see a cartoon today be this good done right now.

#94 Bonkers: I would exclude it from the list, I never saw the appeal of Bonkers which of course was a one and done show that seemed generic, but I never really got the love for it.

#93 Voltron Defender of the Universe: An 80's phenomenon that has the great Peter Cullen voicing the epic intro theme, and this counts as anime which I have hard to believe.

#92 Teen Titans: Hey remember when the show didn't have an awful reboot adaption... I certainly do. Probably deserves to be a little bit higher, but above DuckTales no. It does deserve to be on the list though unlike its bad counterpart that would be on a top 100 worst shows list.

#91 Flintstones: Hanna Barbara's greatest accomplishment should be not in the 90's. Granted it rip from the Honeymooners pretty much, but in the right way where imagine we never got shows like Simpsons, or Family Guy with a modern day family pitched if it wasn't for the Flintstones.

#90 Fantastic Four: Awe... probably one of the more forgotten Marvel cartoon of the 90's, I would prefer shows like Iron man at this spot only because as the seasons went on we were treated to very nostalgic classic we know today as ''I... I AM IRON MAN!'' Which sounds like the most metal theme I have ever heard, where hear its okay to mediocre at best.

#89 Alvin & the Chipmunks: Severely dated that hasn't aged too well that is a definite classic though that's more right where it needs to be near the low end of the 80's rather then the high 80's.

#88 The Angry Beavers: I'd say in terms of Nick cartoons, and what seemed to be one of the more underrated classics that would go to Angry Beavers easily. I fought it was pretty good for late 90's, and the fact it couldn't end properly is just nickelodeon being bitter for it which resulted in this, and a few other awesome shows getting cancelled.

#87 Fairly Oddparents: I would still put it on the list, and this is actually very accurate for where its placed. Granted the shows was pretty good for most of the 2000's, but the fact its still airing, and the added too much filler that didn't need that really makes this shows quality fall down the tubes. It doesn't bit some of the shows ranked below it, and even Angry Beavers in terms of quality is much better.

#86 Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries: This is the one Looney Tunes if you wanna call it Reboot I can't quite recall for being late 90's of Warner bros. I assume it was okay, but it didn't stand out like some others on this list. Not sure if I would have it on the list... its a very forgotten show I can't see being in a top 100 list.

#85 The Addams Family: Of these countless made Addams family related things the original 60's show which was live action was great, but i'm not fond of the 90's film, nor its cartoon counterpart, but I can't imagine them being anywhere close to that level.

#84 Beast Wars: Probably the most awesome Transformers series of all time,, and yes maybe even better than the original incarnation. Beast Wars while it has all the names you recognize has a very unique storyline that

#83 Jetsons: Now yes Jetsons is an iconic show, and all, but its pretty much Flintstones in space. I find it odd that its placed 8 spots above the Flintstones, but yet again it is Hanna Barbara after all.

#82 Action League Now!: Probably the best of the shorts from KaBlam, I felt entertained by how odd it was for me watching something like this a random set of people unite against a business like tycoon how more strange, and yet so original is this again Nickelodeon in the 90's was awesome. Here's a fun fact this was my first stop motion show I watched before any of the other ones I grew to end up appreciating over this so hopefully some of those get placed higher.

#81 Family Guy: If the show ended in 2009... then this was indeed a top 10 worthy show, but the fact it continued, and got progressively worse makes it a stronger claim for this to be in the tail end of a top 100 list. 81 is kinda right, and also a bit low 70's would be a much more fitting area for it to be at, but its close enough.

#80 Scooby's All Star Laff-A-Lympics: I never seen this version of Scooby Doo... I only know of the 69' show, and pup named Scooby Doo I never followed anything else that came after that.

#79 Captain Planet: Repetitive, and boring show that hasn't aged very well for early 90's.

#78 Eek! Stravaganza: Awe yes Eek! The cat was definitely a loved, but forgotten cartoon character that only distinctive to that 90's decade. It had some edgy jokes, but not in the vain of Rocko's Modern Life by any means.

#77 Taz-Mania: I may have mentioned this on a previous remix, but yeah this was one of the more memorable Warner bros. cartoons from that 90's period that a lot of people loved next to Animaniacs, and Tiny Toons etc.

#76 Bobby's World: Would you ever have realized that Howie Mendel was Bobby... huh amazing to me the star of Deal or No Deal, and America's Got Talent did voice over before his transition into being more infamously famous as a gamshow host, and a judge.

#75 Spider-Man The Animated Series (90's): Great show, granted the animation is probably the worst in terms of how badly dated it was, and thus why it has fallen near the 70's. I say near the 50's mark is a fairly good spot that's deserved for that time. It may have not of beaten shows like X-men, and Batman, but it was still an excellent cartoon by Marvel.

#74 Undergrads: It was like an animated version of what inspired Sweet Vicious another awesome one hit wonder that MTV cancelled because they suck at keeping up with quality. This is no exception an animated college stereotype with intelligent writing.

#73 Challenge of the Super Friends: Okay once again its basically Super Friends, but only something barely any different from its originator. I would not even consider for how cheesy the whole concept was.

#72 Magic School Bus: It made educational a very fun, and creative way of perspective to its younger viewer... sure we were forced to watch it, but yet again this was us in the 2000's even seeing this come on you wanted to see this when back then in elementary school you don't have YouTube or Netflix like today's realm you had a VHS, and that was it. Which is very similar to the next one on the list.

#71 Arthur: While Magic School Bus tried to be fun about education... Arthur done it just right for all the moral, and what not to attempt to others thus why it has lasted 2+ decades.

#70 Bob and Margaret: I have never heard, or have seen anything related to this U.K only type show... thus I question if it should be up this high let alone top 70.

#69 Dilbert: I like this show for being a comic book time style which we rarely see done was something very original, and unique at the time that falls pretty obscure, but for the right reasons of its strong writing. Not sure why it is placed at the sex position number... if anything I know of another show that probably fits this spot more, but that's more for gag purposes then anything else.

#68 Weekenders: ugh... very average for Disney in the 2000's period where you had shows like Kim Possible, and Phineas and Ferb are far better than this. Its still a okay show, and all don't get me wrong just not one of my favorites I understood.

#67 Bob's Burgers: It was a pretty decent show when it started out on Fox. I remember the pilot very well, and how hysterical it was to the point this shows potential was there the first few seasons. I haven't kept with it now since Fox refuses to let both Family Guy, and Simpsons die, but I chose this over those two if I wanted to watch any of these shows currently. Being in the 60's is accurate placement. I wouldn't rank it too high though.

#66 Hong Kong Phooey: Not a classic many people are found of the likes of shows like Yogi Bear, Top Cat etc. this was like the happy medium with a semi-memorable theme song.

#65 Gargoyles: You know this cartoon is legendary when you have heard the voice of Keith David for the first time say the epic lines '' One thousand years ago, superstition and the sword ruled. It was a time of darkness. It was a world of fear. It was the age of gargoyles. Stone by day, warriors by night. We were betrayed by the humans we had sworn to protect, frozen in stone by a magic spell for a thousand years. Now, here in Manhattan... the spell is broken. And we live again!'' need I say more this show was dark, and simply awesome... something Disney shows don't do for trying to be more friendly this took boundaries to pull off.

#64 Life With Louie: i'm... not very familiar with this one that looks pretty much like it wanted to be much like Bobby's World, but just not quite as superior as I would perceive it. Too high on the list... if anything I fought it would be in the 90's would of been a spot on area since it is an afterthought.

#63 Recess: Once Hey Arnold ended... Disney has a show that was somewhat similar to that called Recess, but at least had an original concept with them just doing stuff at yes recess. I like the show, one of the last great Disney afternoon shows to come out that late 90's period. I like where it falls in about okay with being near 60's is good enough for me.

#62 TMNT (80's): Opinions will vary completely as far as what reincarnation of TMNT was the greatest one of all. Some current community members today say the 2012 series is the best, I love the 03 version I fought it was just as dark as the old one. I can get behind why the 80's version is here though. It lasted the longest of the three shows, and started this whole sell line that many still enjoy to this day whether its video games, or future full lengthen films

#61 ReBoot: Before there was Beast Wars... there had to be ReBoot, the first ever CGI animated show in history. Man was it an awesome show for something that could happen inside a windows computer essentially. A guardian who has to fend off viruses just to protect the main frame, Cool concept this should be much higher on the list just for its significance alone.

#60 Pinky and the Brain: Probably the best carton that spawned out of Animaniacs with just as an iconic theme that is still to my head to this day. Simply a brilliant classic cartoon that does deserve to be on the list. Where exactly doesn't matter it should be here regardless.

#59 Wait Till Your Father Gets Home: Awe yes the heavily forgotten Hanna Barbera show of the 70's that was inspired the iconic All in the Family. The show took some risk for its time, and while unlike the Flintstones were it was a cave man period.. this was the answer to a normal life like period where the Royles live with crazy neighbors around them. I say insaney for only 3 seasons.

#58 Gumby Adventures: Yeah more stop motion shows, Gumby was one I never caught though unfortunately.

#57 X-Men: ''Probably one of the top best cartoon theme songs of all time, the epic introduction followed by all the heroes, and villains collide heads with one another you're in for a ride with Marvel's greatest achievement that would be butchering by a crap load of X-Men films.''

#56 Oblongs: I never understood this show honestly... i'm sitting there going is this really that funny? I think Will Ferrell is extremely talented as a comedian, but here he isn't quite himself.

#55 KaBlam: A show with animation variety with two of these spawning their own brief show after this. I do love KaBlam... just because it has a lot of off the wall styles of animation. While some were incredibly odd looking. Some were pretty impressive for nickelodeon standards.

#54 Goof Troop: What ended up being 3 years later a Goofy Movie would not be possible if this show never existed. I don't mind it being on the list, but it should be where Bonkers is personally.

#53 Aaahh! Real Monsters: Another nickelodeon cartoon, they'll never leave will they? As the title would suggest these monsters pretty go around there adventures scaring people. It was okay at best, but I'm not sure if this would beat Angry Beavers i'll say that much.

#52 Space Ghost Coast to Coast: I never understood the humor of this show, it seems to be on the list regardless of humor you may not get fully other than a more adult I guess oriented take of the original cartoon of the 60's show in a way. They didn't have that many memorable guest hosts, but yet again this show seems like a lost cause at times.

#51 Celebrity Deathmatch: A true golden era cartoon by MTV that hit hard with its fans back when it was still had fans left before nowadays nobody cares about the channel it did have two shows of quality left. Celebrity Deathmatch was the last great cartoon to come out of that Sushi tree that was an excellent choice to have as its own show. Many fans wanna see it return once again, but nothing is known for sure if that will take place in the near future.

#50 Darkwing Duck: A great show that came from DuckTales (the main character) let's get dangerous!

#49 X-Men Evolution: No way would I put this above the 90's classic, it was okay for what it did. Not top 50... but for the list give or take I guess.

#48 Dudley-Do Right: Oh coming from the incredibly dated Rocky & Bullwinkle which I have problems with when we get to that one way towards the top. This cartoon I have never seen, and just assume came from that based on its animation.

#47 Tiny Toon Adventures: That's a very accurate spot being top 50 at lest seems right while it wasn't my favorite it was still a solid show that was not quite all there, but tried its best to be like the old Looney Tunes.

#46 Cartoon Planet: At first I had no idea what to think it until I looked up, and oh its zorak from Space Ghost why did he get a show like this I don't know, and in this current decade no wonder.

#45 Garfield and Friends: Remember back then you had Saturday morning cartoon block with various cartoons you had to watch... the best of the bunch debatably is Garfield and friends, and the first time you saw this iconic cat before being used for school moral lessons. Probably deserves to be top 30 based on its cultural significance that rivals Scooby-Doo in a way where this was if you loved Cats more than dogs.

#44 A Pup Named Scooby-Doo: Speaking of its nemesis a show that is good, but doesn't deserve to be above Garfield is a pup named Scooby-Doo. A little bit too high myself, but if this is here then I expect the original to make its emergence i'll be stunned if it left off.

#43 George of the Jungle (60's): I only know of the crappy late 2000's show on CN that was terrible... this classic one I barely know much about surprisingly. I know of the film adaption though, but I never seen an episode of this, but it has a iconic song so it probably should be here somewhere.

#42 Johnny Bravo: A great cartoon cartoons show that was picked up by the genius of Seth MacFarlane who after this would go on to obviously do Family Guy. I find the humor in this much better written just because all Johnny wants to do is score, and he fails in the most clever ways.

#41 Case Closed: I have not seen this anime show surprising it took this long to find one that looks legitimate, but I got nothing on this one.

#40 Muppet Babies: In a way Muppet Babies inspired what later kid shows would evolve into such as Rugrats, and yes Spongebob of their respective decade of dominance.

#39 Invader Zim: Nick's biggest regret was cancellation Invader Zim so soon, and just how rapid that shows popularity jumped was just utterly a stubborn move on their part which they have done with shows prior to that Hey Arnold which may finally have an ending, Angry Beavers, and yes Invader Zim having the worst treatment of these classics. I love the show, but list wise its hard where it fits in with the rest compared.

#38 Animaniacs: ''Animaniacs was just freaking amazing back then that a lot of kids struggle to pull off the magic it did for Warner bros. I also heard scary thought alone that this show is going to have a reboot in 2020 according to Hulu don't screw it up, thank goodness not all reboot are bad though I mean look at DuckTales hopefully that's what this ends up being.''

#37 Little Lulu Show: The only animated show I was familiar with was Spawn briefly, but knew very little about it. I don't know what to say about Little Lulu, and what its about I wouldn't know.

#36 Pepper Ann: A lot like the Weekenders only much more memorable at least because of that theme song is actually somewhat catchy. Other than its pretty much all about her is the gist of it all.

#35 South Park: ''With its genius brilliant well written humor, South Park pulls no punches in going after pop culture satire current events, and or make their own type of story early on its probably the only show today that I can tolerate, and enjoy which is rare a show like this can do. Granted the animation is crap, but it worked people fell in line with how the setting looked for its time it was completely different where you got it or you didn't.'' I say its too low for where it is not even top 40 gives it justice for how consistent the shows quality has been compared to other shows it should be above the top 10 at the very least.

#34 Superman The Animated Series: Still a good DC cartoon just not quite as epic as the Batman counterpart.

#33 Angela Anaconda: Are you kidding me! This nightmare inducing debacle outranks all the other 67 shows? The animation is awful, and main character is extremely annoying, and creepy looking. Horrible!

#32 Downtown: I have never seen this, or heard of this show... it was around the tail end of the 90's. Hey at least it looks better than another show that I know nothing about later up the list that looks worse then this, but has some Daria vibes, but looks interesting based on premise.

#31 Justice League: While Unlimited was a solid successor... we arguably never would of got that if it weren't for the original existing which was pretty solid, and yes just recently got its own live action movie which is pretty mixed with audiences.

#30 The Pjs: If you remember right when the late 90's had a ton of so so shows that debuted well PJs was actually a heavily underrated show that ended up getting picked up reruns from Adult Swim, and realized how forgotten the series was sure it was not that bad since it was overshadowed by King of the Hill. Probably one of the last Eddie Murphy works that was still top notch.

#29 Sym-Bionic Titan: Pretty underrated show, but its a little too high up the list. It maybe a gem considering it was by yes the great Tartakovsky amazing how this show got axed because of no toy line is amazing to me.

#28 Underdog: I never cared for the show myself, and I wouldn't put nearly this high, IGN got this a little bit more accurate.

#27 Doug: I would rank Doug much lower on the list only because the Disney incarnation was not nearly as strong as its original run on Nick which freaking good with that catchy beat music.

#26 2 Stupid Dogs: Hard to believe two of these guys would become some of the famous art designers in history McCracken, and once again Tartakovsky. It was a pretty good lunching point for what it did do somewhat decently while some critics kinda weren't all for it... again it does serve a purpose at least, but at 26 kinda a stretch.

#25 Freakazoid: Great cartoon that deserved more life then what it got with the bad time slot in all the last true great from Warner Bros. before the 21st century entering.

#24 Daria: Some say even better than Beavis and Butthead, a spinoff that actually went with a more clever approach of you're typical high school scenery done right. I might of said this on a previous remix, but I rewatched the entire series on MTV Classic, and wow was that show pretty impressive for MTV even. I do like Trent, and Jane the two friends she hangs with, and the parents are stressed out all the time with an annoying sister equals a true classic golden era show from the time MTV was near my own decline. I'm... okay with where this lands at least though.

#23 Samurai Jack: Tartakovsky's greatest achievement, I mean not only was he able to come back, and finish his baby. Did it in a way that everyone was just happy that it ended solidly thus I can argue for the top 10. Yeah there's also Dexter's Lab which was great as well, but I prefer Samurai Jack just slightly more because of the storytelling, and action mix is very well balanced in the show.

#22 Rugrats: Awe yes Rugrats was a great quality kid show alongside Doug, and Ren & Stimpy only this one could appeal to both genders liking this show. I've rarely heard anyone say anything bad about Rugrats. It both innocent, but also had some dark moments as well, and even spawned a few spinoffs eventually running out of ideas towards the tail end. Still had a number of quality season more than Spongebob at least.

#21 Sailor Moon: This was my earliest guilty pleasure show that I had a weird fascination with. It was no Dragon Ball Z by any means, but when I did caught it I would always notice the characters names are mostly of solar system planets which I liked, and always memorized. You can't the show had a little bit of knowledge right heh. Speaking of dbz interesting how there's very little anime found on this list at all... maybe saw one other one, but it seems like a focus on the Nick, CN, and Disney cartoons of the either 90's or 2000's I find.

#20 3-South: I've never heard of this show, but I feel like I wouldn't care less about its animation style being incredibly lazy, and yet shows like Aeon Flux, and The Maxx are no where to be found, and there more iconic classic then this one.

#19 Tick: SPOON!!! Seriously though this was an excellent cartoon that hit the fans hard enough spawning a live action show, and even a reboot on amazon.

#18 Cow & Chicken: Well here its is the Ren & Stimpy knockoff, and its not even funny it is just by the title alone. It tried so hard to be just like that show in so many ways possible which makes my least favorite of the original cartoon cartoons shows. Now granted... back then I didn't know any better, but then to realize oh its ripping off that should it be on the list?

#17 Simpsons: Coming out in 89 Simpsons was incredibly popular in the 90's that the more you rewatched the older episodes you to respect why people loved the show for so long, but then compare to the newer episodes there isn't that much new material covered. I'm okay with where it falls even if its barely approaching top 20 only because of sheer quality of seasons are not quite up to par as the original season were pure genius.

#16 Powerpuff Girls (90's): Let's forget that reboot recently ever existed... if you take that out this was a truly great classic cartoon from the late 90's that help put Cartoon Network on the map.

#15 Hey Arnold: I do like this show, but a bit high since this list focused more less in that great nick, CN, and Disney afternoon realm when cartoons were really great looking lineup of shows you couldn't wait to see. I do agree with the statement though that it does simplistically resemble the Peanuts basically only in a Bronx like setting.

#14 Futurama: Right that other show he also did that a lot of people like, but i'm one of the rare people who never understood why that was. Other great memes I get from the show the humor is even more wacky then with Simpsons at least I understood the humor from its early season which were really great until they stopped caring of course. Well it did get an end although that end was cancellation once again.

#13 Batman Beyond: One of the better Batman shows next to the obvious DC favorite that I assume is up the top... Beyond takes it a lot more futuristic, and darker tone arguably than previous shows, and thus one that was short lived, but pretty darn amazing.

#12 Batman the Animated Series: I'm not very sure if I would have both this, and Beyond side by side closely. Batman the animated series to me is a guaranteed top 5 show that those who have seen it would agree with what i'm going to say. If it wasn't for the Batman 89 film that came previous to this we never would of got all the phenomenal story telling continuation in this series in general, and also one of the few animated shows to be drawn in black paper which was hard thing to do back in the day, and you have the best Joker, and Batman voices in cartoons I mean this show has it all.

#11 Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: I do really love this it was one that really clicked with me at a time where newer shows where very different from one another, and this one took it way over the top.

#10 Boondocks: Its one of the more intelligent Adult Swim shows that isn't dumb humor oriented, and tells it more honestly clever, and with some of episodes I did catch of Boondocks I was very impressed, but top 10... somewhat of a stretch for me at least.

#9 The Critic: The short lived Fox show that wasn't given that much of chance fairing against Simpsons... it had to be tough to live up to, but it had some good writing though. I wouldn't say its the ninth greatest animated show though since not a lotta people remember it that well like other primetime shows like South Park or Beavis and Butthead.

#8 Rocky and Bullwinkle: A show badly dated to the point I don't get the appeal honestly. Yes its an all time classic, but I'd rank 90 spots lower than it really should be like seriously. the animation alone makes it at the very 90's realm it isn't very well drawn even in that 50's periods you might as well have Huckleberry Hound then sadly.

#7 Rocko's Modern Life: I do feel that Rocko is one of the more underrated shows of the 90's... yeah it barrows from famous phrases, and all, but it did have some zany moments that tried to match-up to Ren & Stimpy not as wrong though. I liked the show when I was younger, but stacking against all the other nick shows... it is up there personally for me, but not sure what to expect coming up since 6 spots remain.

#6 Beavis and Butthead: What more can be said about two of the most idiotic adolescents in the face of animation, one of MTV's greatest achievements of all time.. given a brief run back in 2011 only to kill off again this is why MTV sucks now the quality of shows really decline hard. The dude does have a point though with some of the other obscure MTV shows I probably don't recall as well. Beavis and Butthead though stands out easily, and its undeniable it would be placed almost anywhere on a top 100 from 100 to at the very least 6 is acceptable for me I never got bored with these two.

#5 Adventure Time: Okay this was when I immediately stopped watching anything Cartoon Network related for awhile when I saw shows like this I thought it was gonna be god awful, and while its not as bad as other shows around its time it had a tall order to make me think cartoons were dying so rapidly hard at the time my mind was more on YouTube. Not many understand why I don't like the show that much is what's with this animation style... I mean wow this is the most acid trip CN show I think I have ever seen. Definitely not the fifth best animated show of all time that's too big of reach even in 2012 that's absurd.

#4 Spongebob Squarepants: I used to love Spongebob in its early stages when the show had good humor unlike now its just terrible. Granted Spongebob is a household name and for a reason... I feel at number four is way too high, and here's why i'm saying this. He believes the shows never died off I totally disagree with that statement, of all the nickelodeon shows Spongebob's decline has died quicker for me than any other nickelodeon show that I have seen I want it to just end. Same goes for Fairly Oddparents where yes the shows quality, and filler was bad, but it didn't die super quick like Spongebob I'd argue.

#3 King of the Hill: Oh man even IGN slightly had this one more spot on... even if that was a bit out of reach as well. King of the Hill is a good example of a show see up at night, and you could fall asleep watching, and i'm serious when I say that I did this in my teenage years put on, and i'm out not necessarily a pro though if i'm tuned out to it. Top 3 is way too high, and if i'd have it anywhere maybe from 70's to 60's would be more respectable only because I do recognized it was on for a long period of time, but I never really cared for as much.

#2 Dexter's Laboratory: Probably the first truly awesome cartoon that we saw our eyes on thinking that Cartoon Network was onto something with these future set of shows that would become their own, and Dexter's Laboratory was an excellent shows that yeah it was formulaic, but in a good way where I never got bored with it like its ripoff counterpart Johnny Test, but that's for a different time. I like the minor segments like when the show Dial M, The Justice Friends. I do like the style of animation it brings even if it was slightly different towards it still was solid all the way through. My personal favorite from the great Tartakovsky is Samurai Jack though which I feel should be swapped with this.

#1 The Ren and Stimpy show: Finally we get to #1... at least they got this on the dot well to me, Ren and Stimpy was innovative, but one of the most screwy cartoons I have ever seen, and I can't believe something like this could push the boundaries as the way it did back in its early seasons in which the disturbing portions are all mostly of Ren acting insane. Nevertheless though id did have memorable moments such as the cult favorite Happy Happy Joy Joy while singing the song he is suffering a ton pain with that helmet. Great show its spinoff awful needs to buried in the pits of hell.

Like I have done before with the IGN list here are some shows I feel should of been here at least somewhere...
Looney Tunes, I mean wow even I would have that over Rocky and Bullwinkle.
Dragon Ball Z, I mean there was maybe one or two anime shows I have seen. DBZ would be one I was exposed to the point I put in on the list for which of how much the fanbase has grown to this day.
Code Lyoko, again heavily underrated show I like the style of animation its in, and the story is very interesting.
Avatar The Last Airbender, for being one of the greatest nick shows of the 2000's I'm kinda in shock not to see it appear on this list since it was heavy Nick favorites.
Aeon Flux, we saw a ton of classic MTV shows, and there is one specially I can't agree, and thus let's go with arguably the first successor that came out of Liquid Television.

This list was more right then IGN at least to the point where both a bias somewhere This was mostly that late 90's, mid 2000's time period where with IGN it was anime, and Adult Swim in general. This guy isn't perfect, but he does have points that I can see, but with others not very sold on. That is all for now, and lookout for more of these to come.


Bob and Margaret is so boring, why is it higher than Teen Titans? The only good thing about that show was Brian George. - 445956

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Ducktales=best cartoon ever
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