Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Avatar: The Last Airbender is an American animated television series that aired for three seasons on Nickelodeon from 2005 to 2008. Avatar: The Last Airbender is set in an Asiatic-like world in which some people are able to manipulate the classical elements by use of psychokinetic variants of Chinese ...read more.


Hands down the best animated series I've had the privilege of experiencing. The beautiful art animation, the scored music (done by the talented Jeremy Zuckerman) was second to none, the little quirks of each character, and even the ideas expressed great morality in situations.
I remember thinking how animated shows nowadays seem to be going downhill, and it made me feel terrible about the young minds being exposed to such garbage. BUT knowing that such a show as Avatar: The Last Airbender exists, I believe there will be plenty of amazing shows to come! I hope to see more shows like this one.

A:TLA scores big in each and every department. Brilliant animation, enthralling voice casts, well thought-out plots and characters, hypnotic music, realistic action depictions.. The list continues. Watching the series has been a truly enjoyable experience. You can easily relate with Zuko's moral dilemma, Katara's passion, Aang's determination, Sokka's resourcefulness, Iroh's wisdom. It's difficult to stay detached while watching Aang's adventures. Leaves one craving for more. But like all good things, ATLA had to end leaving lots of sweet memories. Definitely the best animated show I've seen till date, and trust me I've seen quite a few!

I agree with the obvious statement most of these list makers forget to take into consideration when making these lists: "I mean hello it is the best rated IMDb animated series." Not only is it the best animated, it's one of the best series period. I enjoyed it as much as the first few seasons of Dexter, Six Feet Under, True Blood, Homeland, etc. It is just magical!

The special thing about this show is that it is not only made for children;It can be a great show for adults as well. Avatar: The Last Airbender has all the ingredients to make it amazing. Romance, comedy, a great plot, characters, protagonist, antagonist, you name it! Perfect show.

This show is the best show there ever was, and needs to surpass My Little Pony because there is no way a show about magic ponies who talk about the "magic" of friendship (and in a stupid way I might add), is better than this show in anyway. Sorry Bronies but it is the truth. This show is better animated than that other show anyway.

I like many shows, from Dexter on Showyime, South Park, SpongeBob, Trueblood('s first few seasons), and many others. But I have never felt compelled to rewatch a show in its entirety as many times as I have Avatar: The Last Airbender. Among my college friends, they notice I have a nick series in my DVD collection and most I have talked into at least watching the first few episodes with me. And every single one of them that took the time to watch a few episodes ended up watching the whole series. It went from them making fun of having a nick show on my shelf to them asking to watch the next episode they were at my place (and becoming more frequent visitors, as well). This show is as close to a perfect T.V. series as I have ever witnessed.

How is this not above My Little Pony? Seriously? This show has actual plot, developed characters, and a story that is just epic. You feel for it. It's not mindless crap like SpongeBob, or disgusting jokes like the Simpsons. Avatar is my favorite animated series of all time

Great story line that keeps you hooked and wanting more episodes. The only thing they could do to improve it is bring it back and tell the story after the 100 year war. This show needs to be ranked higher.

This show is in my top 10 greatest T.V. shows of all time. The only animated one on my top 10 list. If an adult friend of mine had not told me about it, I would have missed out. I still waited a few months before watching it on Netflix.

Take about the best quality animation that has been ever been shown on television! It deserves to be Nick's number 1 show for everything they've executed & I defy anyone whom thinks otherwise.

Nothing can even compare to this show. The animation alone is the greatest I have ever seen on any show for adults or children. The characters are fantastic and the storyline is extraordinary. From the more childish and silly season one to the suspenful and darker moments of season 2 to the epic climactic finale of season 3. With characters that feel real and animation to match, this show shatters all expectations of a "kids" show. This show truly belongs as the greatest T.V. show of all time - maverick88

This was the best part of my childhood! It was such a cool show and for a kid it has everything you could possibly imagine. I have probably watched the series like 5 times and I went berserk when it when of netflix. The legend of kora is good but it is just not as good. I can't explain why but it hasn't lived up to the standards The Last Airbender left.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is amazing. Just amazing. The plot, the characters and the whole thing is amazing. It high quality and still wonderful in every singly way. Terrific!

Clearly superior to SpongeBob, characters we can relate to and care about, a strong story, wonderful animation, and it's a show that everyone should see!

Such a fantastic story and characters. It's a shame that it's not as well recognized because it is animated and people think it's not geared for adults.

Absolutely brilliant for kids and adults. The best animated series I've seen easily. Great story, loads of action and brilliantly animated.

Beautiful animation. Fluid story telling. Characters that are enjoyable. Great action and humor. How is this not number 1!?!?!?

Best overall in all categories, way ahead of all the comedy shows a totally better than that ponies show I mean come on

I just love this show, I love the plot, the romance is enough but is not bad, the characters are great, are funny and not so stupid jokes. I can't say everything I think about this show, yuo have to watch it to know that feeling. Maybe is the best animation ever.

This is the best animated series. Love the characters so much that it makes me want to be like them!

Avatar is the best its like so mush action compared to the others.

Probably the greatest animated television show of all time.

My top five:
1. Avatar: The Last Airbender
2. Rick and Morty
3. Gravity Falls
4. Over the Garden Wall
5. SpongeBob SquarePants (first four seasons only. Let's be honest, SpongeBob's gone to carp lately).

Probably the best Nickelodeon show of all time in my opinion.

As I watch the spin-off series The Legend of Korra (which in itself is a really great show, exploring themes of social movements and discrimination in the first season with the Equalists and blending in an amazing ancient tale-like element in the second season with the story of Wan, Raava and Vatu while incorporating a steampunk vibe inspired by the 20s), I still get shivers from spotting the characters of the first season and am wowed when we revisit past story plots.
The soundtrack is absolutely amazing (though I do have to point out again that Legend of Korra's is pretty solid as well with the gamelan themes for the spirits) and the story is so rich and endearing!
It is in my opinion the greatest animated series of the 2000s and deserves its place amongst the best ever!

Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, Zuko - Team Avatar all the way!

Has everything and is not too much long series which is also a good part