Inspecting Long Lists #1 IGN's ''Top 100 Animated Series of all time'' Part II

htoutlaws2012 Let's continue on the list with 50-1.

#50 Superfriends : While I never really caught this, it looks super cheesy for the time

#49 Thundercats : Yeah that's fine where it is.

#48 Duckman : It looks like something Nick would do at night only I never seen this.

#47 Pinky and the Brain : Warner bros. had some great cartoons in the 90's. The best of there spin offs has to be this iconic duo.

#46 The Jetsons : iconic theme and characters good placement.

#45 Gargoyles : The first you heard the name Keith David was this brilliant work of Disney's darkest show ever.

#44 Battle of the Planets : Never seen it, I question the high spot.

#43 Samurai Jack : So awesome it deserves an ending. Finally they answered it in 2017 thank you Adult Swim.

#42 Powerpuff Girls (1998) : Yeah this show was pretty great, higher then the last show is very debatable, but it should be here more then its awful reboot.

#41 Tiny Toon Adventures : Now out of all the shows from 90's of Warner bros, this one is my least favorite, but it should be on the list but much lower personally.

#40 Batman Beyond : Not only is it the second best Batman show, it should of lasted longer then it did.

#39 Aqua Teen Hunger Force : I question the high placement after all the other shows it just outranked. Again if I put a show like this here it would 50 spots lower.

#38 Naruto : I will say this right now, I am not a fan of the show or anything that came after it. So at the time I saw this higher then shows like Deathnote, Fullmetalachlemist, & even DBZ is like what? Okay to be fair I'd put on the list but closer to the end if anything to be generous lol.

#37 Space Ghost Coast to Coast : Lasted awhile even to get to adult swim, its okay, but like some other ones already I'd rank it way lower then here.

#36 Superman the Animated Series : One of the few attempts of a really good superman show, the games however that is a different story.

#35 Avatar The Last Airbender : Tremendous show from Nick, it even deserves to be a little more higher then 35. That movie was just a disaster that made the show get buried it seemed like.

#34 Robotech : never really seen it, but like Astro boy it was one of the early pioneers of anime.

#33 Schoolhouse Rock : ''Hey Mr. Bill sitting on capital Hill'' yeah I'd say it counts and probably one of the best educational shows ever.

#32 Liquid Television : For a lot of people this show was unknown to them, but truth be told it does deserve to be on the list. It spawned great shows like Beavis & Butthead & Aeon Flux. The show is based of variety of different cartoons. I'd put it slightly lower, but I have no problem with it.

#31 Muppet Babies : Well that's true we never would of got Rugrats if it wasn't for this show coming first.

#30 Spectacular Spider-man : its good, but better than the 90's cartoon again come on!

#29 Speed Racer : ''Here comes speed Racer his a demon on wheels'' I can see why its here, but a bit too high honestly.

#28 Home Movies : Before Jon Benjamin would go on to be in Family Guy for a bit, and star in Archer and Bob's Burgers he did this show. Which was good, but might be a lost cause in later years moving onward.

#27 King of The Hill : I use to really like this show, but the more I put it on I can't help but fall asleep to it. So 40 spots lower then it should be.

#26 The Critic : With the success of his SNL career Fox decided to give Jon Lovitz an animated prime time show. Honestly it isn't as bad as people thought it was back then which is why it got 2 seasons.

#25 Robot Chicken : Yeah its consistently funny, it would be the top tier of adult swim.

#24 Scooby-Doo Where are You : While it is overrated it is iconic enough to on the list not to ignore.

#23 Transformers : ''Transformers in disguise'' very iconic spawned many shows and movies so yeah this is about right.

#22 The Real Ghostbusters : Pretty good cartoon that follows well with the original film.

#21 Star Wars Clone Wars (2003) : The Gendy one that looks so odd for a Star Wars show. Don't get me wrong I like the action, but this just felt weird if anything, no dialogue no less.

#20 Justice League Unlimited : Very good cartoon, i'd say it ranks up with the best especially being the best of the 00's. They better not screw up the movie coming out in 2017.

#19 G.I Joe : Very iconic show, lot of famous people doing voices fine placement.

#18 Duck Tales : The theme song that will never leave your head, and possibly the best Disney Cartoon show ever.

#17 Animaniacs : This show was tremendous, spawned off all other shows based on that show. Top 10 show for sure.

#16 The Maxx : Good series, but not top 20. I'd place it 50 spots lower knowing most people have not watched The Maxx I would assume.

#!5 Spongebob Squarepants : TOO HIGH, I use to like this show, but it has regressed way worse then expected. Which I would even boot out of the top 50, maybe have 60-51 would be more appropriate.

#14 Cowboy Bebop : Great show, definitely one of the top 3 best anime ever.

#13 X-men : Oh yes, awesome show, without this we never would get the movies.

#12 Ren & Stimpy : Totally agree with this being the best Nick cartoon ever made. Not only is it funny it can also be dark as well. Speaking of that why isn't courage not on this list.

#11 Rocky and Bullwinkle show : Okay i'm with the minority in saying this show is quite too high for being a cartoon from the late 50's that ended up being a 60's show. While it spawned a movie which was okay. The show however is very flawed. While it is not terrible ugh.. the animation looks so mediocre for 60's standards.Flintstones looks better than this and that came out a year later.

#10 Neon Genesis Evangelion : For love of lord why? Wildly overrated! So this your top Anime show of the list just no! I could switch this with DBZ and that would actually make more sense then anything.

#9 The Flintstones : Yeah It should be up here I'd say top 5, but sure nine works too.

#8 Futurama : From the same minds of the Simpsons, I saw a few episodes its okay personally I would have lower. I don't know i'm just not a fan of it.

#7 Family Guy : I use to highly praise how great this show was until they killed off Brian I was done with the show completely. So now looking back yes this show is too high.

#6 The Tick : Good show, too high, not top 10 more so 40's 50's realm.

#5 Beavis & Butthead : huh huh huh Hey Beavis were like number five on this list. Whoa really that's pretty cool. Indeed it is the best MTV put out ever.

#4 South Park : Great placement, the show is consistently funny, and just make of current events basically and it works in clever fashion.

#3 Looney Tunes : This should be swapped with number 1, only because Looney Tunes did not get progressively worse as it went on. It was the childhood show for any age. Iconic characters, iconic voices equals number one for me.

#2 Batman the animated Series : Great spot that is rightfully deserved, it is unquestionably the best super hero show of all time.

#1 The Simpsons : I would put around top 10 but like 10-7 area honestly, it was good for awhile, but like many other shows on the list it gets worse as it goes on.

That's the list, so now let's talk some shows that I thought should of made this list that need to swap with some of these other shows that made it in.

Ed, Edd, n Eddy - Battle of the Planets
Aeon Flux - Duckman
Celebrity Deathmatch - Clerks
Courage the Cowardly Dog - Galaxy High school
ReBoot -2003's Clone Wars
Sailor Moon - Josie and the Pussycats
Total Drama Island - Frisky Dingo
Code Lyoko - 2008's Clone Wars
Bobby's World - Dungeons and Dragons
Droopy - Huckleberry Hound Show
Garfield and Friends - Rocky and Bullwinkle

So with those shows switched it would look a little bit better.

Well hope you liked and I can do more these soon.


The original Superman show is the best superhero show of all time! - visitor

I honestly cannot BELIEVE Rocko's Modern Life was taken out of this - xandermartin98

My thoughts on all of these cartoons.
Superfriends-I find enjoyment out of this
Thundercats-I really like this cartoon, I feel like it deserves more attention
Duckman-Haven't seen
Pinky and the Brain-Really like this cartoon
The Jetsons-again, really like the cartoon
Gargoyles-haven't seen
BOTP-I find enjoyment out of it, even if it is very cheesy
SJ-haven't seen
PPG-Love season 1-4, after that it went downhill, but I really like the movie
TTA-its alright
BB-very underrated, and I really like Terry as Batman
ATHF-haven't seen
Naruto-haven't seen
Space Ghost-haven't seen
STAS-love the cartoon, one of my personal favourite superhero series
Haven't seen Avatar
Robotech-I like it, not worthy of top 50
SR-look above
LT-look above
Muppet Babies-I do not like this cartoon personally
SPM-really like, but worthy of this high?
SR-haven't seen
Home Movies-I really like it
King of the Hill-extremely underrated, worthy of the top 50
The Critic-one of the most underrated cartoons
Robot Chicken-this I really love, in it is my personal top 20
Scooby Doo-I do not like it, I never did
Transformers-I really like it, worthy of its place
Ghostbusters-pretty good
Clone Wars-very underrated, some really good characters and episodes, on of the best CN shows
JLU-I like it, but not better than Justice League
GI Joe-It's alright, I have seen better shows
Duck Tales-I adore this show, it is in my top 3 personally, a cartoon which more people need to show and needs a Disney ride
Animiniacs-I love this show, very entraining with lots of great characters and slapstick
The Maxx-haven't seen
SpongeBob-oversaturated? Yes. Seasons 1-3 are brilliant though, kinda hope it ends soon, just do re runs of it
CB-haven't seen
X-Men-I really like, but I do prefer STAS more though
Ren and Stimpy-love this show, probably by favourite Nick show other than Season 1-3 of SpongeBob
Rocky and Bullwinkle-I love this show, but I do prefer other old cartoons like Huckleberry Hound though
NGO-haven't seen
The Flintstones-I like it, but it is for me a overrated show
Futurama-adore this cartoon, very creative and I wish it could get a new season
Family Guy-love it, one of my personal favourites
The Tick-It's alright, not worthy of the top 10
BAB-haven't seen
South Park-one of my personal favourites
LT-of course it deserves to be that high
BTAS-the best comic book series ever made, but I do prefer Darkwing Duck
The Simpsons-I love it, but is oversaturated
Christ that was not good
Star vs the Forces of Evil-The Tick
Gravity Falls-GI Joe
Johnny Bravo-Battle of the Planets
Adventure Time-The Flinstones
Darkwing Duck-JL Unlimited
Top Cat-Scooby Doo - iliekpiez