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1 EddsWorld

I wasn't even born when it was created, but it is so incredibly awesome how they animate the things!

Oh my god, Eddsworld is at the TOP! I am amazed! Edd was an awesome animator, and so is Paul. But the fandom was the worst part of everything. When I joined the fandom in 2007 when I was only 6, Eddsworld was the only thing I would watch. It was a very peaceful time, when nothing went on with shipping, bad fanart, or anything a bad fandom had. Everything went a bit downhill when Tord left. Only a bit of arguments, a bit of harassment, nothing really bad happened. But since Edd died, practically everything went so far down that it practically jumped off of a cliff. Annoying 5 year old Canfield came, and ships became a thing. Harassment was very serious. It was a main reason why Eddsworld had to end. Edd didn't die for this! Oh I will always look back to those days. But I will always look on the bright side: Edd as there to make us smile. He started everything. Edd died in a process of an upcoming animation! His animations would always cheer me up. We all knew it had to come to an end. ...more

Because eddsworld is the best

Eddsworld is THE BEST - Desidello

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2 TheOdd1sout Comic

I live in AZ as well, and I went to his elementary school, middle school, and one of the high schools he went to (not the preparatory one) and I was in the "dogs program" (not the real name, he's clever) and is funny and relatable, also I was in the class he went to to talk and it was boring and we were well behaved, it was really cool and I got his autograph at school!

Theodd1sout =10/10 He has interesting stories to tell and he is a funny person. The animation and color is great and he sometimes feels free to have a detailed person. Also love his marshmallow style.

He's REALLY funny and nice he tells story's in interesting ways

He is a good animator I watched all of his videos and subscribed to him

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3 Oneyng

She really inspired me with everything

No other animators content make me laugh as hard as his

I just found out about him, and well let's just say his videos are short and sweet. (Sweet being funny)

He has animations that are funny... And they also make you question his sanity...

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4 Jaiden Animations

Funny, brutally honest, sometimes self deprecating, sometimes covers important topics and I like that. Also her voice is nice.

Nice animations, and its satisfying time to see all animations.

Jaiden is stellar (notice me please Jaiden)

She is awesome and no one makes me smile more than her

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5 TomSka TomSka Thomas James Ridgewell, known online as TomSka, is a British YouTube celebrity, actor, writer, producer, director, voice actor and filmmaker, as well as founder of the Turbopunch Ltd.

He makes the funniest videos I have ever seen in my life. And I so "hugging" love his work. Tom, if you are ever to see this then I love you, I love your work, and you have the best animations ever. ASDFmovies are hilariously stupid, but that's what I love about them. People just find it funny.

He's not an animator, he has friends and other animators that make the animations. He's a comedian.

Tom ska has such good animations. Even though there simple they are EPIC. There also SUPER funny.

Tom is not an animator. Other people do the cartoons on his channel.

Great big funny verry nice funny

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6 Egoraptor Egoraptor

He has been doing animation for so long and something that I think shows how good he is is that he's gotten better over time, like if you stayed the same overtime and just the quality got better because of newer equipment and technology, that wouldn't mean much.

He's amazingly talented and his comedy is varied to all audiences, whether they be younger or older, and is, as well as a a great animator--a great artist, voice actor, and knowledgeable about video games.

He actually made me think about the how the Zelda games changed on the one episode where he discusses the original Zelda, Link to the Past, and Ocarina of Time gameplay. - sdgeek2003

He is easily one of the best animators on YouTube, because he works hard, and is funny and cares about his fans. His animation is beautiful with its amazing flow and detail in his frame-by-frame work.

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7 Harry Partridge

Harry should at least be second on this list. He might be the best animator on the internet. It is disgraceful to put him below Egoraptor who not only is an inferior animator, but doesn't even animate anymore.

Easily the greatest, most talented animator on youtube. Really influenced me the most.

Gorgeous frame-by-frame animation, great humor... He produces commercial quality videos on a regular basis. He's truly inspirational!

Coming from an animator, quality wise no other YouTube animator can top him. On par with the disney 2d animations.

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8 Domics

Domics hella sus

So relatable and funny! I can see myself saying this stuff!

Domics hella thicc bro would smash for free bro turns me on asf bro

Really amazing style of animation and storytelling.

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9 SlamacowCreations

I can't BELIVE SLAMACOW IS NOT #1! He I definitely the best YouTube animator there is. He is obviously the Minecraft animator though. Not only is he awesome at animating, he comes up with such creative stories to go along with his well known characters, Slamacow (himself), Dave and Bart. He is truly worth checking out if you haven't seen his animations already. You will fall in love with them.

He is the best minecraft animator, he should be on the top 5

Great animations and he is known as yhe best Minecraft animator

Why is SLAMACOW NUMBER 6?! That is so dumb he should be #1!

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10 Tobuscus Tobuscus

He's animating skill is great

Guy are stupid he does do it.. he's just the voice actor for his own character, he really does suck...

He is not JUST an animator but he has great animation and he is very talented VOTE UP

The Newcomers

? Chillipupper

Dude hasn't done much but he is legit. Few videos he has are a crack up and his dude is super cute lol - Slushie_10

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11 Shoocharu

Is a great animator he inspired me to keep animate even though he is not big on the views and subs he will be very soon I'm sure of it

Glad you like my stuff :)
- Shoocharu

12 psychicpebbles

The best

WOW. He Probaly has the most creative, histaricul, mind out of all of the animators (besides Edd). He's so hilarious!

The best.

Always been a fan of oney and psychicpebbles, to this day zach hadels scream is the funniest thing iv ever heard in practical use

13 Jordan5616
14 EpicFaceFist

Loved a lot of his animations, they can be sick and repulsive like his amanda todd video, perfect.

15 mondo media

Even though there's a bunch of people that pitch ther ideas to mondo (which means the people that pitch there episode's (series ideas to mondo have to animate it themselves) these people still have great animation overall.

I like mondomedia for Happy Tree Friends and Dick Figures. My two favorite shows by them.

Happy tree Friends makes me feel like I'm going to throw up... But I love it! My favorite is either Flippy or Mr. Pickle. Theyn cause the most trouble, and make everyone's guts show. It makes me SICK! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

16 sWooZie

He is very funny and the art style is not to crazy

SWooZie is the best #1

He is so funny I always laugh when I look at his videos

Watched all his videos so cool even the G.F and B.F

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17 Let Me Explain Studios

She is one of the BEST youtubers on my, list sure it takes her a little bit to post but lets thank about if we were her. Me my self and I hope that we NEVER switch lives because I would NEVER be as good as here. Also think about why it takes her A long time to post... her videos are GREAT! (I have always wanted to meet her! ) #1

She would be my favorite story time animator if she just posted a bit more. I know animation takes time, but compared to most story time animators, she takes too long to post. I still love her videos, though.

She is someone that I would really like to meet

She is such a talented artist

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18 Alan Becker

The stickmen are amazing!

His animations have great flow and lovely stories to go along with them (some of his episodes even have captions to go along with them! ) He has taught me a few things and is very entertaining to watch!

One of the best! (10/10)

I love this animator because he took our daily things like games and youtube and make it into a animations along with these cute stickmen.

Alan is one of the reasons I want to do animations

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19 Young Don The Sauce God

He is Don

A sauce god

How is he number 19 he should be in the top 5 categories

This kid is amazing

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20 Wolfychu Wolfychu

Even if she is faking her voice, so what? She has good content & an adorable personality! - RoseWeasley

A kool person

Lol she's terrible she barely animates and just repeats two pictures. Her fake voice she uses is so annoying and terrible.

Your art is so cute and I hope to animate like you someday

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21 David Firth

How is David Firth so low down?

Great family friendly content

David firth is the greatest animator of all time

Grotesque, hilarious and brilliant.

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22 Piemations

A lot of his animations are priceless, especially suction cup man

his cool

He's my inspiration

Suction Cup Man is coming around! - Knep

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23 BlueMonkey

Blue Monkey is very creative and has a huge impact on the viewers (humor).

the best

Blue monkey should be be in the top 10s

24 EroldStory

His jokes are really good. And his style is so clean

One of my favorite animators. He's so funny and relatable.


don't know

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25 elementanimation

The people at Element Animation make good animations, but are complete jerks, they are rude when they reply to people in comments and always tell us to shut up when we ask for "Eggs guide to Minecraft"

Element Animation has to be at the top of the list

Why isn't this higher?!

The crack is awesome!

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26 Uksai

Even though they don't post a lot, their lighting, shading, and everything is just goals - dabb

27 ItsAlexClark ItsAlexClark

He is my favourite Youtuber

He is the first animator and probably one of the best ones I have ever watched!
I think he should be higher up on the list

He is awesome! he the the first animator I watched on youtube and he's still the best!

Really funny and he also grew up in the same state as me, and we both have the same favorite places in Boston!

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28 SSS Warriors

Always warriors


For every Warrior Cats fan a must watch.

The way the animations are styled is like an early 2000's anime. And I love anime.

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29 Jaltoid

Jaltoid has amazing animations and they have unique ideas for their videos

Their animations realistically depicts the society of the internet.

I love Jaltoid ; you ;

I love jaltoid the make game videos and make their own animation they are very talented with gaming and animating I love the "whos your daddy" animation makes me laugh and the original make me laugh even harder so yeah I thinks jaltoid have to be in 1. Place in the best animator on yt come on

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30 VivziePop

I love her animations

I love her

Her animation is so smooth!

Love it! Habzin Hotel sounds so interesting, too! Love her love her style, love her music choice and characters!

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31 Sr Pelo


Best epic person

He is so funny and crazy. The things he does are so stupid, they are funny.

How is this guy only 3 he should be in the top 5

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32 sleepykinq

He's an amazing animator and his originality is very inspirational. He takes his own spin on animation and I love it.

I think he should be at spot #10
Any one else agree?

I look up to sleepykinq, they are a great animator & I strive to have an animation quality like that.

He�'s good at animating and he was the most fave person who inspired me to start trying to anime to!

,Kawaiicreepypasta5 aka Ryan the ginger boy

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33 jacknjellify

Their animations are amazing!

Jacknjellify helped my channel boost in popularity!
I love BFB

I love the bfdi series and the simple, colorful animations

I like the bfdi series very much, it have a good plot and animation. and it's very funny too

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34 Scribble Netty

She tries her best and she's really good at drawing and animating, she's just too shy to do any more face reveals and she doesn't like speaking to lots of people. And she does animations for very big Youtubers like: PewDiePie, JackSepticEye, Markiplier and many more...

Even though she doesn't talk in her videos, she makes funny fanimations, beautiful artwork, and even streams! Who wouldn't want that?! :D

35 Cyanide & Happiness

yes :D


36 GinjaNinjaOwO

You are my favorite animator.

To be honest, most people choose the top ten because popularity. Rea is really talented and her animations are very smooth and satisfying to watch. She DEFINITELY deserves to be up there.

30!? GinjaNinja is a god when it comes to art! Her characters look realistically proportional while also looking very bouncy and perfectly drawn. (She also puts a lot of effort into drawing things like animated fire, or frill on a dress.

Her Animations are really nice and funny

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37 SpeedoSausage

This guy is constantly pushing the boundaries of animation and his sense of humour is is absolutely brilliant. I know great art takes time to produce but I wish he'd put out videos on a more regular basis, he could go far in the animation industry if he really wanted to.

One of the most high quality animators ever, He has videos for the dirty-minded, Videos for the people with brilliant senses of humour, and videos for people who hate a certain franchise like Dora or Pokemon or Beyblade

Speedo is hilarious with most of his animations

SpeedoSausage is hilariously good and funny!

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38 Max Gilardi

Beautiful animation that could easily compete with that of any other YouTube animator and even some professionals.

HotDiggedyDemon's flash animation is really outstanding. One of my all time favorites. He's constantly trying new things including 3D animation, new lighting and different ways to animate. Taking inspiration from john K, his style is very cartoonish and appealing and he's a fantastic inspiration.

MMmmMMM MY BOY *SCREAMING* mmMMy BOY *throwing up everywhere* MY BBOoY - pennyarcade

39 Meet Arnold

I love the truth of what would happen in certain situations.

40 RubberNinja

The humor of a sadistic Australian with a cartoon slapped on it. What more could you want?

God damn it, Ross.

Ross I love you

He has a great sense of humor but because he works with gamegrumps his uploads on his main channel aren't his main priority.

41 Sultan Sketches

Has an incredible anime/manga art style and his storytelling is interesting, entertaining, and dramatic

Adds emotion to your entire life and in my opinion the best since his drawing style fits his story very well.

Probably the greatest since he has heart warming stories.

If you don't know who he is, watch some of his videos. - RoseWeasley

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42 Brandon Turner

Guys you have seen his work for ghame grumps but look at the dudes twitter you wont be let down

Does amazing animations for the game grumps, also even post animations faster than most others,even has art style that has a adventure time feel to it. even sells t-shirts of his art.

43 FilmCow

FilmCow (Jason Steele) is awesome, how is this not in the top 10 yet?

Film cow always has a new thing to make me fall on the ground laughing. Literally!


44 GonzoSSM
45 Ukinojoe

You're green with it!

Can't believe he's not already on here. Awesome videos.

His voice is the voice of gods

Love his videos

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46 HotDiggedyDemon

Bald people aren't happy

I love his work!

47 iluvallmychao0071

I love her and her animations.

48 Splashkittyartist

Splash. You are the best of the best.


49 tiarawhy
50 Balenaproductions

Famous for his films featuring none other than Sonic the Hedgehog!

Nice animations, stays true to the sonic character

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