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TheOdd1sout Comic

I think he's a really good illustrator and I inspire to be like him!

James is just epic! He's the first animator I watched actually

Each one of his videos are super funny and make me laugh every time I watch him and he makes my day.

He makes me laugh and he has videos covering almost everything!

Jaiden Animations

Jaiden is absolutely hilarious and her storytelling skills are legit! I can't believe that the haters would think she's faking her anorexia!

She's talented and has amazing content! I'm excited whenever a new video comes out!

She creates very funny content and her stories are very good and also has cool art style.

Jaiden animations has definitely made some animations that have gotten me through tough times, which is a big plus, and her other videos are so much fun to watch, the animation is satisfying, the stories are cool/funny, in general a blast to watch

EddsWorld Eddsworld is a British adult animated comedic web series of flash animations, comics, and flash games created by Edd Gould.

I heard that this may be coming back. And this is way better than Jaiden Animations. Just saying

Oh my god, Eddsworld is at the TOP! I am amazed! Edd was an awesome animator, and so is Paul. But the fandom was the worst part of everything. When I joined the fandom in 2007 when I was only 6, Eddsworld was the only thing I would watch. It was a very peaceful time, when nothing went on with shipping, bad fanart, or anything a bad fandom had. Everything went a bit downhill when Tord left. Only a bit of arguments, a bit of harassment, nothing really bad happened. But since Edd died, practically everything went so far down that it practically jumped off of a cliff. Annoying 5 year old Canfield came, and ships became a thing. Harassment was very serious. It was a main reason why Eddsworld had to end. Edd didn't die for this! Oh I will always look back to those days. But I will always look on the bright side: Edd as there to make us smile. He started everything. Edd died in a process of an upcoming animation! His animations would always cheer me up. We all knew it had to come to an end. ...more

Honestly this animation series with the really great sense of humor if I never found it in the first place I probably would have never had inspiration for becoming an artist

Eddsworld is a great show because it has a good humor and it’s just an enjoyable show and edd inspired me to do animation(well in a couple of years)rest in peace edd.


Domics was actually recommended to me from my sister, when she saw me watching Jaiden animations!

I like him but he's been making too many videos of him just chatting with his friends lately

Domics is the real OG of the Storytime Community and his video on last names is just golden!

His videos have the finesse that most other animated videos do not have. Most relatable for people in the 20's or 30's.


I remember watching her "Run Wild" animated music video and I loved it so much!

She was the first animator I ever saw on YouTube, and I was so amazed by her animations that I waited and waited for her uploads.

The sad thing is that she doesn't upload much now, but please check her out! My personal favorite is her animation of the Eevee song and the Hot Potato song.

She is pretty good

Hasnt been uploading but I like her videos


Pamtri makes some hilarious videos in an unusual format that will make you laugh, but induce fight or flight at the same time

*i found the diamond YES*

Its funny but confusing. its wonderful but we don't know why.


So this is Basically... and Epithet Erased are some of my favorite things to watch and rewatch currently

silly and I like it

I love his videos

Cute character


I just found out about him, and well let's just say his videos are short and sweet. (Sweet being funny)

He has animations that are funny... And they also make you question his sanity...

No other animators content make me laugh as hard as his

He make me funny cream

Level UP

His eight-bit animations are hilarious. I can't wait until mariocraft 5.

He makes great 8-bit animations.

Best bit animation would recommend

His animation are funny and well made

TomSka Thomas James Ridgewell, known online as TomSka, is a British YouTube celebrity, actor, writer, producer, director, voice actor and filmmaker, as well as founder of the Turbopunch Ltd.

His channel is a really great laugh no matter what video and crash zoom is nice too and he inspired me to possibly become a comedian.

I think TomSka has made very funny stuff but I do like the other YouTubers on the list.

He makes the funniest videos I have ever seen in my life. And I so "hugging" love his work. Tom, if you are ever to see this then I love you, I love your work, and you have the best animations ever. ASDFmovies are hilariously stupid, but that's what I love about them. People just find it funny.

He's not an animator, he has friends and other animators that make the animations. He's a comedian.

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What I like most about Adam is his constant progress. I mean, watch his first animation then watch one of the latest 2020 ones. The improvement is REAL. Also he's an awesome rapper and I think he watches Daftpina's critique videos of him and then improves afterwards. (which makes him cooler)

He's so down to earth and he isn't afraid to speak his mind. He also makes jokes and punchlines at the right time which makes his videos even better. I love to watch his videos and hope he goes even further with this career!

He's an awesome creator, and he inspires me to make animations one day. I absolutely love his art style and the way he tells his stories. He's also really cute but that's not the point lol.

He is funny, relatable, has a manly sneeze, and has a nice drawing style


He has been doing animation for so long and something that I think shows how good he is is that he's gotten better over time, like if you stayed the same overtime and just the quality got better because of newer equipment and technology, that wouldn't mean much.

He's amazingly talented and his comedy is varied to all audiences, whether they be younger or older, and is, as well as a a great animator--a great artist, voice actor, and knowledgeable about video games.

He actually made me think about the how the Zelda games changed on the one episode where he discusses the original Zelda, Link to the Past, and Ocarina of Time gameplay.

He is easily one of the best animators on YouTube, because he works hard, and is funny and cares about his fans. His animation is beautiful with its amazing flow and detail in his frame-by-frame work.


I can't believe she's up here, it feels like just yesterday she was making mainly pokemon content.

I love pokemon

Harry Partridge

How is Odd1sout (who does every THIRD frame) better than him? he's a legend along with Gould.

Easily the greatest, most talented animator on youtube. Really influenced me the most.

Gorgeous frame-by-frame animation, great humor... He produces commercial quality videos on a regular basis. He's truly inspirational!

Coming from an animator, quality wise no other YouTube animator can top him. On par with the disney 2d animations.

Let Me Explain Studios

First animator I ever watched, funny, JUST EPIC! I wanna meet Becca!

Awesome first person I sub to love her stuff she inspired me to do drawing and animation she help me get through tough times

The animating is like many other animators and Rebecca should be higher on this list, at least 10th.

if it was not for her I probally would not now the animations crew


Emirichu is an amazing animator. Her YouTube channel is phenomenal. Everything from music videos with a animated background, to discussing childhood questions with some friends, and then animating all of there conversations or fights! Emirichu is a hard working person. She inspired me to draw comics, just like if I was a animator. Emirichu will get far in life. Best of luck to you Emirichu!

I found Emirichu while watching her storytime animation collab with Wolfychu, and I immediately fell in love with her art style. She creates such amazing storytimes that are incredibly fun to watch!

She was the first animator I watched and she is really funny, I love her drawing style, and I never get bored of her channel:)

Emi is of the kindest souls in this community. She's also very funny.


I can't BELIVE SLAMACOW IS NOT #1! He I definitely the best YouTube animator there is. He is obviously the Minecraft animator though. Not only is he awesome at animating, he comes up with such creative stories to go along with his well known characters, Slamacow (himself), Dave and Bart. He is truly worth checking out if you haven't seen his animations already. You will fall in love with them.

He is the best minecraft animator, he should be on the top 5

Great animations and he is known as yhe best Minecraft animator

Why is SLAMACOW NUMBER 6?! That is so dumb he should be #1!


An obvious OG YouTuber as well as an OG animator. He deserves more recognition, even after all the court cases and accusations. It happens to everyone, and sometimes you have to forgive and forget.

He's animating skill is great

Great animator for OG Youtube along with animated songs.

Guy are stupid he does do it.. he's just the voice actor for his own character, he really does suck...


Is a great animator he inspired me to keep animate even though he is not big on the views and subs he will be very soon I'm sure of it

Glad you like my stuff :)
- Shoocharu


The first animator I have ever watched and is the best one I've ever watched. He never fails to make me laugh, and to be honest I laugh so hard until I cry at his animations. Hilarious and amazing!

He's the best out of all the animator/storytellers I've watched. He should number 1! He's amazing!

He is very funny and the art style is not to crazy

Great stories. Love the ones about being a Disney employee.

Sr Pelo

That Every Storytime Animator video was GOLDEN! It was hilarious and I LOVED the satirical humor he used! In fact, I actually recognized the plot of it and it's even better with captions on!

Really funny! I found him through his UnderPants videos. I showed his channel to my friends and they subscribed too!

He is so funny and crazy. The things he does are so stupid, they are funny.

How is this guy only 3 he should be in the top 5


Really funny and he also grew up in the same state as me, and we both have the same favorite places in Boston!

He is the first animator and probably one of the best ones I have ever watched!
I think he should be higher up on the list

He is a AWESOME animator and is really underrated compared to other animators.

I love your videos


WOW. He Probaly has the most creative, histaricul, mind out of all of the animators (besides Edd). He's so hilarious!

The best.

The best



I hate how Wolfychu gets so many hate comments, even here were it tell you to EXPLAIN WHY YOU VOTED FOR WOLFYCHU. You shouldn't be bringing people down on this website, you should be saying what you like about them, giving them advice, or not commenting about them at all. Rude comments can really affect someone. I personally like Wolfychu, she's so happy and kind. She has great videos and a good drawing style

The first storytime animator I watched. A friend introduced me to her channel, and I don't regret subscribing. She has such a cute art style and an amazing voice!

Wolfychu is the very definition of underrated. She deserves more!

She's kind and keeps going even after she reads mean comments. She is usually joyful in her videos. What people sound like doesn't matter!

Alan Becker

Alan Becker is a very talented animator. I've seen some of his animations, they're very well done!

I love his animations and I have seen every video he had made so far

He's amazing, If I ever get a wish, I'd wish to be as good as Alan Becker at animating.

He's the coolest animator I've ever seen, and not just because he's the only animator I've ever seen.

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