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81 CatFat

One of the very few in this list who animate traditionally frame by frame, and not the horrid cut-out style that most flash-animators are adopting recently. Respect to CatFat.

82 ZONEsama

I love her animation. I was laughing while I jacking off watching her hentai - 010167

83 TheInvertedShadow
84 PilotRedSun
85 Spazkidin3D

Sometimes sexual and absolutely hilarious.

86 IceArtz
87 CaramelBiskitt

Not only is she good at animations, she's also VERY inventive when it comes to making personalities for her characters!

V 1 Comment
88 Duckfeatherz

Best of the Best

89 Yukiola5

An independent YouTube animator working on his own series, Aether.

90 Naynpet
91 Mistiecat V 1 Comment
92 MisterMulluc

He has been proven by a group of proffesionals to be the most talented animator ever. No matter his medium his content never fails to impress. Example: Gentlebot Hell

93 Zeurel

He has work within Tomska, Mashed, and so many other channels. Tomska himself praised Zeurel for his raw skill.

94 PawMark Productions

She should be #1. Sadly, she got terminated for copyright. Sshe was a 12 year old amazing artist and animator.

95 Mangocat

Is pastel and really cute :3

96 AnimationRewind V 1 Comment
97 CharlesCBernardo
98 MirfelKraft

I love her animations :D

99 StamperTV
100 Niall Murray
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