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61 Paprika
62 Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

Video game based movie. Has to suck, right? Well, this one isn't that bad. Much better then that awful live-action movie. I recommend you watching it. - JohnSmith14

63 Hotarubi no Mori e

My only complaint is that it could have been longer. Everything just happened so fast, but I loved it anyways

Most beautiful anime for me ever. Just watch it.

When watching anime and something "big" happens, I don't feel anything most of the time and just stare at the laptop screen or the television. Hotarubi no Mori e (Into the Forest of Fireflies' Light), despite its short length (I think it qualifies as two episodes in an anime series? ), brings out emotion in me that not even a long-seasoned anime series could do.

Hotarubi no Mori e doesn't have a complex story line and fancy storytelling, and, in my opinion, sometimes, simple is better. As I do not want to spoil the film for anyone, I'll just leave it to this: I highly recommend Hotarubi no Mori e, a bittersweet anime movie consisting of forbidden love and kamikakushi with a touch of nostalgia. If you are planning on watching this beautiful film, I just want to say good luck. - halfempty

When watching anime and something "big" happens, I feel nothing most of the time and just stare at my laptop screen or the television. Hotarubi no Mori e, however, despite its length (which I think would qualify as two anime episodes? ), managed to bring emotion that not even a long-seasoned anime series could do.

I don't want to spoil anything for the people who are interested in watching this anime movie, so all I'm going is that it's beautiful without the need of a complex story line and fancy storytelling. I highly recommend this film, and if you do plan on watching it, good luck.

64 Hetalia: Paint It White

This movie has astonishing plot, character growth, and inspirational value. It shows us why we watch Hetalia. The astonishing complicatedness of it all has stunned fans all around the Earth.
If all else fails, Hetalia also brings us many laughs to be shared with friends, family, coworkers, foes, televiosn repair men, and pets.

The characters are all hilarious idiots (maybe except Japan, Germany, and England) which just makes the whole thing better.

This is my fave movie! It's really cool and has a ton of really funny parts! The movie stars the main characters of Hetalia as they try to save the world from invading aliens called "Pictonians" who threaten to paint the entire earth white (Thus explains the title) and in the process of painting the entire world white, they try to turn the entire human race into Pictonians!
By the way for those of you who have seen the movie, am I the only one who cried like a little baby during the fighting scene? ;_;

65 5 Centimeters Per Second

Absolutely amazing anime movie, you must watch it and you will understand - OreSama

One of the true great anime movies. Blending beautiful animation with realistic storytelling and drama, Five Centimeters Per Second is the template for which all slice of life anime dated after 2007 take after. It's not just my favorite anime movie, it's one of my favorite movies period.

This movie is absolutely beautiful. It will leave you upset, but as you think, the message will become light and clear. And the art is hands down the best I have ever seen. Ever. It will only take an hour of your time, and there is no reason not to watch it.

I mean how the hell can't you consider this movie... it was just awesome... made an unexplainable impact on my mind and still has... and the ending song was like... a must watch

66 Fairy Tail: Priestess of the Phoenix
67 Your Name

This movie is really beautiful to be honest honest I think it should be in top 10s because the scenaries the story and everything is so touching that you can't stop watching it again and again truly should be 5 or 4


YAS I watched this once and I cried. when I tried to watch it again it was like "nope! this is not available In your country" I was like "why *cries"

68 Whisper of the Heart

I think only die-hard Studio Ghibli fans will know this one. Whisper of the Heart is criminally underrated.

69 Naruto Shippuden: The Movie - The Lost Tower
70 Lupin the 3rd - The Secret of Mamo
71 Ocean Waves
72 Dragon Ball Z: Tree Of Might
73 Redline

If there is a proof, that someone else other than Japan can do animations, its this movie. Packed with insane action sequences that make you jump off of your chair with excitement, universe, that feels so full of lore and interesting characters, you just want to know more, great idea for a space race, combining Speed Racer and F-Zero and its all tied together by the gorgeous animations, that have rich colours, unbelivable detail and great flow. If you are looking for some great adult action, Redline is the way to go.

Amazing movie with breathtaking animations, rich looking universe and so much action, you will be begging for more at the end

74 One Piece Film Z

best movie

75 Garden of Words
76 Ghost In the Shell 2: Innocence
77 Escaflowne
78 InuYasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time
79 Porco Rosso
80 Mind Game
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