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241 Abnormalize (Psycho - Pass)
242 Melissa (Fullmetal Alchemist) V 2 Comments
243 Kimi to Iu Hikari (Detective Conan)
244 Truth (Detective Conan)
245 Summer Memories (Detective Conan)
246 I'll Be the One (Hikaru No Go)
247 Shoudou (Detective Conan)
248 Natsu No Maboroshi (Detective Conan)
249 Oversoul (Shaman King)

The English version is so epic

250 Secret Base (Anohana Ending Theme 1)
251 Epic Night Core Version (Sao Ending Theme 2)
252 Courage by Haruka (Sao 2 Ending Theme 2)
253 Kagayaku Sora No Shijima Ni Wa (Kuroshitsuji)
254 Namae No Nai Kaibutsu (Psycho Pass)

The ending song. I really love this song.. I like Egoist tone

255 Core Pride (Ao No Exorcist)

A good song with a catchy beat. The OP for blue exorcist.. sang by Uverworld

256 Tokohana (Black Bullet)
257 All Alone With You (Psycho Pass)

I am a fan of Egoist and this is one of my favorites

258 Sweet Arms (Date a Live)

One of the best songs I've heard

259 Euterpe (Guilty Crown)

If you're into ballads, listen to this

It's a cool soft song

260 Overfly (Sword Art Online)

One of the best anime songs, and the ending is great too. Too many great songs way better than any pop song

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