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21 Zoetrope (Amnesia)

This is a very good song. And it needs to be higher.

It is one of the best anime song I ever heard.

One of my favorite Anime OP song. And not only that, the OP sequence was beautiful. Not to forget the PV; it was colorful and unique. I love Zoetrope! ^^

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22 True Light (DN Angel)

The opening from DN Angel. This song is so beautiful! I love it *0*

Listen to the piano version. Its beautiful.

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23 Unravel (Tokyo Ghoul)

Was recommended by a friend to listen to it. First time didn't think much of it, but as I've listened to it it has become my No. 1 favorite song. Try it. If you don't like it, try it again.

Why is this 246? This song was electrifying and fit the plot perfectly!

The super best song that I loves the most in all anime songs my heart remains empty without hearing this song... this song is my life and tokyo ghoul is my soul love this song

Wow I love unravel

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24 Yusuke Power Up (Yu Yu Hakusho)
25 Reluctant Heroes (Attack On Titan)

Lee and lie dose a great cover of it. It's the slower piano version but still just as good. Great song

The best character song I have ever heard. If you have to listen to one song today make it this one

26 Resonance (Soul Eater)

This song suits its series quite well. What I love about this song is its catchy bead with a little darkness to it. But the icing on the cake is the fact that this song goes so well with the opening and the clips and effects are done so well that it just makes this song.

I haven't seen much of Soul Eater, but I HAD to download the song on iTunes! It really pumps me up!

It indeed does go well with the show, is extremely catchy, what can't you love? - SoulDeathTheKidMaka414

Whats this song doing so far down on this list

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27 Naguse (Tamako Market)

I like this song it kinda calms me too hen I watch the anime

28 Lost My Pieces - Toradora

So glad this is here. It needs to be higher though. Although it's short, it just rips your heart out so quickly. - calmeehan

Great music, my feeling always jumbled when I hear this.

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29 Aka No Kakera (07 Ghost) V 2 Comments
30 Blue Bird (Naruto)

Great melody and great lyrics. This I touching and even goes well with the opening video!

I really enjoy this song it make me moist

I rally lovd it because it has an upbeat thing to it so it makes you really confident

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31 Velonica (Bleach) V 1 Comment
32 Sad Song - Yu Yu Hakusho
33 Little Busters! (Little Busters!)

This song is amazing. FLCL is also great

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34 Ai Wa Kurayami No Naka de - Zard (Detective Conan Opening 22)
35 Diver (Naruto Opening)

Try to find the lyric meaning

36 Silhouette - Naruto Shippuden

Sends chills down my spine every time I listen to it

After Closer and Sign.. This is the best anime opening I heard... Soothing tune and clearly written lyrics based on konoha

37 Yami's Theme (Yu - Gi - Oh! Season 0)

When this music played, you knew it just got real.

38 Freedom (Naruto)
39 Days of Dash (Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojou)
40 Shirushi - Sword Art Online 2 V 4 Comments
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