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61 Long Kiss Goodbye (Naruto) V 1 Comment
62 Dareka Umi Wo (Zankyou No Terror)
63 Funny Bunny (Sket Dance)

It is very best anime and their song is very amazing

I like this song

64 Departure (Hunter x Hunter 2011)

Best song ever..

65 Youthful (Chihayafuru)
66 Imagination (Haikyuu!!)
67 Reclimb (Yowamushi Pedal)
68 Akatsuki No Kuruma
69 Resonance (Soul Eater)

This song suits its series quite well. What I love about this song is its catchy bead with a little darkness to it. But the icing on the cake is the fact that this song goes so well with the opening and the clips and effects are done so well that it just makes this song.

I haven't seen much of Soul Eater, but I HAD to download the song on iTunes! It really pumps me up!

It indeed does go well with the show, is extremely catchy, what can't you love? - SoulDeathTheKidMaka414

Whats this song doing so far down on this list

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70 Irony (Ore no Imouto)

Because you can't get the great lyrics out of your head

Listen to it, its really catchy

Really love it. So sweet

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71 No Pain, No Game (Btooom!)

Talk about an epic song, with a good mix between English and Japanese lyrics. It makes you think "the anime I'm about to watch is awesome! "

Great song! Nano is such an amazing singer, check out the song magenta by her as well

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72 Colours (Code Geass)

This is the theme song of one of the best single season in anime which is great considering it didn't have a manga

73 El Cazador de la Bruja - Inca Rose
74 Trust Me (Durarara!!)

My favorite song of all time. Fits Durarara perfectly

I love this song so much, it's great!

Trust me, it's a really good song

75 My Song (Angel Beats!)

This song is tear-jerking and emotional- you can just feel the mixed emotions and you feel all fuzzy and sad inside. It is the end of a lifelong goal, like a song saying goodbye and thanks for everything in a minute.

This songs just goes perfectly with the anime, it kind of made it worthwhile in a way. It's memorable, and can easily bring tears to your eyes. You don't even have to be familiar with the anime. It's just a really emotional song overall

Heartbreakingly happy, is the best way to describe it. It just shows her love for music, for that was what she set her lifetime dream on, and the got that wish, and was obliterated.

This is the most beautiful song I ever heard

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76 Splash Free (Free! Ending)

This song made me wanna jump around and dance like nobody is even watching me. Its like, a song that makes me happy. Even when I listen to all my other songs when I sleep, this song makes me move like a FISH!

Perfect music to dance to! It's really catchy and fun. A great song!

This song. All it makes me want to do is dance forever. How it is so far down on the list is unknown, but anyone who has heard of or watched Free! should have this as there pick.

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77 A Song of Storm and Fire (Tsubasa Chronicles)

Tsubasa is my favorite anime/manga but this song is just amazing its hard to explain how truly epic this song actually is is just plain (or not so plain) awesome

It is such an amazing son! The Music is awesome and the vocals too! My favorite anime, how could I not like it!

Utterly epic! It's from my most favorite anime... Who can possibly not love it?

The best ost ever!

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78 The Real Folk Blues - Cowboy Bebop V 1 Comment
79 Fukai Mori

This song is the best InuYasha song ever. Very beautiful melodies and sound, that this song made it so memorable and represented the show very well. It's perfect as an ending song and it stood out the most of all InuYasha's songs.

One of my favorite songs! Why isn't it higher on the list? Not sure how that's possible...

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80 Ryuk - Death Note Ryuk - Death Note Ryuk is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.
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