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141 Tougenkyou Alien (Gintama)

This song really represent Gintama, from silly to seriousness

142 Black Rock Shooter Opening

The opening is sung by Hatsune Miku, the no. 1 popstar in Japan. How good is THAT?

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143 Semidare (Naruto)
144 Shiver (Kuroshitsuji)

Sexy opening, once you get into it you wont wanna get out

Amazing song. Should be higher

Why isn't this higher listed?

145 No Regret (Law of Ueki)

Touching and sad song. One of my favorite opening when I was a child.

146 Ohayou - Keno (Hunter X Hunter Op)

I love Hunter x Hunter the first time I see this anime my feeling is very happy about gon he is à good Guy and I here this music a lot of Time but it is not boring

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147 Resuscitated Hope (Gosick Ending 1)
148 Fuusen Gamu (GinTama Ending)

He's singing about bubblegum, need I say more?

149 Utsukushiki Zankoku Na Sekai (Yoko Hikasa) V 1 Comment
150 Broken Wings (Trinity Blood)

If you use to have a broken wing you would like this song

151 Super Saiyan 3 Theme (Dragon Ball Z)

The super sayain 3 theme is so amazing and inspiring it I can't think of anything better for a super sayain 3 theme especially for Goku

152 The Beast II (Evangelion 2.0)
153 Luffy Moukou (One Piece)

Best pump up battle music ever.

Best theme OST I've ever heard. it's the best

154 Pegasus Fantasy (Saint Seiya)
155 Asterisk (Bleach)

God this opening is simply too good!

156 Starless Night (Nana) V 1 Comment
157 Rock the Dragon (Dragon Ball Z) V 1 Comment
158 Bad Apple!! (Touhou)
159 Don't Lose Your Way - Kill la Kill
160 Komm Susser Tod
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