Best Anime Soundtrack Songs

There are many Anime's with catchy, sad, romantic, or action-filled songs. Which songs from Japanese Anime are your favorite, and from which Anime series?

The Top Ten

1 The Palm of a Tiny Hand - Clannad
2 Shining In the Sky - Clannad

This is the Best Of All.. !

3 To the Same Heights - Clannad
4 Nagisa - Clannad
5 Heavy Violence - Naruto
6 Euterpe - Guilty Crown

I like this anime and its songs too!

I just love listen to this song. Sounds so sad :(

I love this song, the meaning is deep

7 Here to Stay - Bleach

So calming and comforting! How ironic that "here to stay" and "never meant to belong" are from the same anime... Both great songs. - gya

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8 The Place Where Wishes Come True II - Clannad
9 Roaring Tides II - Clannad Afterlife
10 Time Flow of Time People - Clannad

The Contenders

11 Blue Drop Op - Blue Drop: Tenshi-tachi no Gikyoku
12 Go! (we are fighting dreamers) - Naruto
13 Ichiban No Takaramono - Angel Beats
14 Death Note Op 1 - The World
15 Secret Base - Anohana
16 Crossing Field - Sword Art Online Op
17 Gotta Catch'em All! - Pokemon
18 Rock the Dragon - Dragonball Z
19 My Dearest - Guilty Crown
20 Pandora Hearts Op - Parralel Hearts

I voted for this even though it had a major spelling mistake. For your information, it's spelled Parallel Hearts. But thank you anyway for putting this up on here because this truly is a great song. I mean I'm surprised that it's not number one. I mean this is truly the best anime song in all of existence. It has such a beautiful melody and meaningful lyrics and the voices aren't too high, like most anime songs. And finally this is connected to my favorite anime Pandora Hearts. Please watch the anime, listen to the song and read the manga if you haven't already. I guarantee you will fall in love with this series anime, and the soundtrack itself

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