Aizen - Bleach


Aizen has no equal, even in other anime. He is always so many steps ahead of everyone that he has spent the better part of a century preparing an entire world without so much as a hiccup in his plans. Nothing ever surprises him. He is the coolest, the smartest, and the hippest, able to make those BCGs (Birth Control Glasses for you civilians). Everything is like a chess game, only he's invented new us games that require extra boards and brand new pieces. Aizen is the greatest villain ever. Of all time.

Never have I seen a character more manipulative and deviously smart as Aizen. What I like about him is not his immense power but his intellect. Through the beginning of the manga he orchestrated his plan without any flaws and made us all believe he was a nice and sympathetic character. Although later the character was a bit ruined ( come on.. you plan your attack 100 years in advance and you loose against a brat? ) he is still the smartest villain I have seen. Seeing how smart he is I wonder if maybe he actually wanted to be captured. I know one thing: Aizen will return!

The very first comment mentioned that Light Yagami shouldn't even be worth mentioning when talking about great anime villains. But actually, he is considered to be one of the greatest, simply because he started out as a mere high school boy, a simple and ordinary example of a human being. His transcendence into a sickly and twisted killer was so engrossing, because it portrays how the average human being could turn into a beast, even for the sake of good intentions. Everybody is capable of blossoming, or shall I say, withering, into a more base person. And that is what makes him so amazing.

Best villain. What makes Aizen number 1 is:
-His betrayal. I you have watched the bleach series you definitely wouldn't have seen it coming. He pretended to be a harmless, kind and warm captain. He's betrayal is possibly the best (or should I say worst) in anime history.

-His intellect. Planning things way in advance. Always 5 Steps ahead.

-His look. Simply his physical appearance. He is someone people want to become.

-His character. Although he believes he has no equal, he is still polite (He still address his former comrades as Captains) and doesn't lose his cool (At least until the end).

-His JAW DROPPING POWER. Aizen was powerful. Single handedly Taking Captains and Vizards.

Sousuke Aizen was awesome. He definitely deserves top spot

Aizen is so strong he didn't even die proving that he has no equal. They had to trap him because they could destroy him. Knowing him he could break out whenever he wants, in the manga he even had a chance to be released by another villain but chose to stay. This means Aizen is the true king of anime!

He is the perfect villain. He is the one who gave bleach an intense plot. The way he talks, the way he walks, the way he looks is just superb. And he is one of the most hottest villains ever in anime history so he fully deserves the first position

If you've seen Bleach then you know why Aizen is number 1. In spite of his qualities you have to take in consideration the fact that Aizen never lost a fight and I'm not kidding, at the end of the fight with Ichigo he was the last one standing, he won the fight but he was sealed away. It was the only way to stop him.

To me Aizen is the best villain ever. He is just perfect. The way he talks, the way he walks, the way he thinks, the way he looks he is just beyond perfect. And definitely the most badass and the most smartass character in bleach. - admister300

The ability, to create the perfect hypnosis and cut down without everyone notice, make him the perfect villain in all the anime...

No 3 = Incorrect
Number 1 = Correct
Aizen is the coolest and the most evil Villian of all times
PS- He is the only one alive too in Top 5!

Light Yagami, you have a special place reserved in hell, along with other stupid, generic anime pretty boys. And to think people put him above Aizen, Frieza, Madara, and Naraku. Disgraceful.

Heard a lot dislike Aizen's various evolutions. Especially the butterfly form... I remember waiting months for volume 48 to come out and when I finally got it my heart skipped some beats. Maybe Bleach's story has some plotholes but still the art kickes every other manga in their butts. Even the passages in the chapter with the titles are amazing. Sure the story is slow but... Leonardo the Vinci passed his whole life working on the Gioconda. Lets give Kubo the time he needs. And Aizen is a masterpiece of a character. Think about it: while in one piece there are pages and pages of chatting, whole manga volumes of flashbacks, none of the villains has any depth. Aizens past is revealed in just two pages in the manga yet reading them I understood everything about him. Somehow he dealt with loneliness in the opposite way Starrk did. While Starrk cherished his bonds, Aizen tried to cut them. Relatable.

Aizen, A name that says superman could do a lot more than he always do. He wasn't deceiving anybody, it's just that nobody could truly notice his trueself. For someone who's ready to achieve higher goals even by sacrificing his fellow beings, Aizen stands out even among cold-blooded badasses. He's physically nothing more than a mere human, but his intellect surpassed everyone to an extent that the plan he made for a 100 years went off as if it was a party planning for tomorrow. Even he was bound to prison as he is an immortal, his powers never weakened. He became one with the hogyoku and his zanpakuto, which even kisuke didn't dare to do. In short, He is GOD.

Kaizen is epic and even tricked the guy who killed god and wanted to kill god first and he defeated most of the main characters in bleach and is smarter than anyone in bleach and predicted and planed the characters life for 15 years the main character has had his life planed by a person he didn't know existed and he could make you see him as anyone or anything he could make a mouse a lion a pile of waste a bathtub a volcano a swimming bath and he is more powerful or just as goooddd!

It's 2018 and I still can't find a villain that is as epic as aizen I mean I have seen villain being hated by fans but aizen stole more hearts than ichigo himself

The most awesome antagonist ever... just look at his quotes man! He's the type of guy who gives you the chills even so without raising a finger.

The most evil, the most powerful (somehow overpowered), the most cunning, the most intelligent, etc. Aizen is simply the best. No competition.

What Aizen did to his own lieutenant was depressing. Poor Momo, she got hurt so many times when she got involved. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Aizen is a god. Untouchable & Immortal.

Your most be the slowest person in the world to light was not a better villain. Did you even watch the show. Just don't ever blog again

Aizen is the greatest anime villain with a brain only urahara can beat he is absolutely the greatest villain in any amine

Aizen was always one step ahead of all the characters ichigo kurosaki head captain Yammato and everyone in the soul society he defeated the soul society twice the captains vizards and even the head captain he orchestrated all of ichigo kurosaki events his the reason he met rukia and all of his battles to the point of their final battle frame kisuke and force him to take refuge in the human world I am completely impressed I never seen an anime villain since light yagami be once step ahead their enemies so aizen deserves to be 2 then third black zetsu who created the ninja war and the akasuki and then narauku from inuyasha 5th and madara uchia who brainwashed the entire world and became a god

Aizen = The enemy will just be covered in blood at the end of the match.

Aizen is by far one of the most powerful villains in Anime. He could easily take on characters like Alucard, Goku and Saitama. Not only is he immortal, but he is an extremely smart tactician. He is also just a very entertaining character.

Since when were you under the impression that Aizen wasn't the best anime villain?