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Freeza (Pronounced "Frieza" in the Funimation dub) is fictional character in the Dragon Ball series by Akira Toriyama as the primary antagonist of the Freeza Saga. He is a galactic tyrant who governs the Planet Trade Organization and is feared by the universe for his sadistic and brutal nature. He is more.


He murdered a whole race, he blew planets up for fun, he was a total sadist, he even said himself that "tortures no fun if I can't hear you scream." He sold some of his planets due to his own greed, not even caring about the race on the planet at all. He stabbed and killed Krillin, even attempting to kill Gohan. He had a fearsome personality which made him a great villain. Usually you'd think that villains don't get scared at all, but he did, which shows he actually did have a personality. He even stated he did care for his family even though he didn't towards others. His goal was even to become to most powerful ever, which he was almost close to achieving. Overall his personality, goals,strife, and being charismatic towards others makes him the TOP villain.

He caused hundreds of genocides, he caused one of them because of a rumour and the genocide was against a loyal race who served him and he did it hole laughing, he owns the north galaxy and even God is scared of him, he's a psychotic sadistic space Hitler, he is evil in a league of his on and he survived the explosion of a planet after being chopped in half, not to mention he came back from hell 3 times and was always the leader of the escape, what kind of person can escape from hell itself three times?

The one who pushed Goku far enough to finally become a Super Saiyan. Bloodthirsty, calculating, obsessive, everything a good villain should be. Frieza quite literally has nothing to gain from most of the people he kills-he just does it because he enjoys it. Cell, Boo, all the other villains in the Dragon Ball series were great but when it comes to being a cold hearted hate filled psychopath, Frieza shines in every aspect. Everyone seems to be comparing Frieza to Cell or Buu so I will say this:Cell was created with no conscious or feelings and Majin Buu was created in a similar way. Being a freak just comes naturally to Frieza and also, all his power is self earnt. He didn't absorb his powers.
Oh and he made Vegeta cry.

Frieza is the standard to which all other DBZ villains are held up to, since he pretty much started the whole trend of absurdly evil and powerful bad guys. Plus, like it or not, DBZ is one of the most influential animes of all time since it allowed anime to become popular in America.

Freeza definitely deserves to be the top villain of all time. At his finest, he was a merciless tycoon whose control extended over the whole galaxy. Someone who would kill without a second force. He was also the kind of villain who likes to toy around with you, not put a facade, but politely announce his intentions to annihilate all you hold dear with a smile on his face. His very presence was enough to Freeze all. He was also a cold, scheming machine. Truly pure evil

Besides his evil actions, his power is like none other. He has a reputation for destroying planets, which he can easily do with a finger. And he is the first and only villain for which there was no hope at all in the whole of Dragon Ball. For all other cases, Goku was stronger or at least equal to the enemy, with one or two exceptions like Gohan or Gotenks. For Freeza however, as soon as he fought him, the power differential was clear: at only half his maximum Freeza was dominating the man who always rose to the ...more

I like Aizen but I'd have to say Frieza is the epiphany of evil. He slaughtered billions of people including destroying the Saiyan race besides 4 left. He may not be as smart as Aizen but this guy is EVIL. Everything Goku went through everything built up to Frieza hence why I think he should've been the final villain in DBZ

Frieza is literally one of if not the most evil villain in anime he's killed or enslaved billions for his pleasure and conquered thousands of worlds and killed the best friends of our protagonist he is the embodiment of pride,cruelty,sadism,tyranny and pure evil heck he's so evil I think if he ever went Into the world of another anime like one punch or soul eater he be just as evil and a threat to their respective universe none are as chilling and cruel as the villain known as frieza the definitive villain of anime.

I love Frieza. He has always been my favorite anime villain. The only world that I could use to describe him is BADASS...

The dude committed Genocide Genocide on a kid's show for god's sake man. Not convinced how about this Frieza has no pity of remorse when causing death or destruction. L I dare you to try and top that!

He is the purest form of EVIL as he was never good at any point of time in his whole life. He is evil because he wants to be as he does not any sad past which made him become EVIL.

Definitely Frieza. He is the most powerful villain in all of Dragon Ball Z, with Super Perfect Cell and Kid Buu the second and third. As Golden Frieza, he is ultimately the strongest villain ever.

Went from being one of the weakest to the second strongest character in the show within 4 months... Need I say more?

Frieza should be number one people he destroyed planet Vegeta (stupid saiyans hated them any way) he totally owned krillin and he was the reason Goku turned super Saiyan for the first time he is also evil, powerful, ruthless and funny so eat that Vegeta

Frieza is the best, no arguments there. While I can accept aizen being at the top, I just can't agree to light being at the 2nd position, no way, he is just overrated he doesn't know anything at all, he just uses his notebook to kill people, Frieza has strength, power, skill, commamnd, everything he needs to be the the perfect villain.

Frieza is by far one of the best anime villains of all time. He truely cared nothing for anyone else, ad he destroyed planets for entertainment. Most anime villains today follow in his footsteps wether or not they realize it. Frieze takes the cake hands down period.

I pick Frieza because of his Evil Natured but If I am to pick someone who is the most powerful and most Evil of all Anime Villains, that would be Kid Buu for sure.


Frieza's just like his father, King Cold, one of the most biggest douche-bags. Like father, like son.

The other DBZ villians became less interesting, but Frieza is the best villain, followed closely by Light Yagami

Frieza is just plain evil, no reason, just power and killing people is good for him.

Callous, abominable, deplorable, tyrannical, abhorred, heinous, genocidal.

Frieza's middle names

He is the number one villain of all time. He is basically the dragon ball version of genghis khan

He nearly overpowered a God of destructions peer with less than a year of training

A natural bad ass with transformations like nightmares..The saiyans compared there powers by comparing them with frieza. Even less than 1/1000 of his power, he destroyed planets with his pinky finger

Frieza who never got mercy he has to be number 1