Johan Liebert - Monster

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Probably one of the most complex villains ever created in anime.

It's interesting how the longer the story goes on, the more you understand his motives and such despite his original introduction. (Like his monster-like personality has a basis and reason- it isn't just something the author injects into his character as a plot device even if it is unbelievable.) His character exposition basically drives the plot which makes an interesting story, too.

If you were to look up the definition of monster in a dictionary, you would find a picture of Johan Liebert there. In fact, he is the very definition of the word monster. He convinced a whole room of people to kill each other. I'm not sure if you can get more evil. He's much worse than Aizen- because he's the picture of perfection. Everyone loves him- young children flock to him. It's terrifying to watch how he inserts himself into people's lives and moves them around like puppets. Not just once, but again and again and again. Unlike Aizen, he doesn't need an army to take down the world- and he doesn't have limits to who he controls. If I had to compare him to anyone- he slightly reminds me of Jim Moriarty- if Moriarty talked people into killing themselves- without the help of anything he's done.

Aizen represents everything wrong with villain sues killing franchises. That's why bleach got cancelled. Light is definitely a contender and great villain, but best villain is exaggerated when people like the Major, Shishio, Legato, the Godhand, Ghiren Zabi, or even some one piece villains, are better characters or villains. I expected Johan to be overstated since he was hyped to be the most evil and greatest. Then I watched Monster... And my god, they weren't kidding. He's really well written, and played so damn realistically (apart from the candy in the hospital), and most importantly, his actions are plausible, yet extreme. There is no contest, he earns the top spot of anime villains. Too bad all people care about are stupidly OP power fantasies that can only outsmart stupid people with plot contrivance and literal plot armor, with no consequences, no struggles, no satisfying defeat or conclusion, and have some of the most embarrassing designs for something that had "seinen" art ...more

He. Is.A. Monster. A true, bona fide monster cloaked in human skin. Simply put, a mystery. He walks around calmly in the shadows, killing with emotional detachment. He is incredibly charismatic, able to manipulate the toughs of the people easily and force them to do his bidding, usually killing the people he wants dead. He is able to exploit any weakness and use them to his advantage. He makes Light Yagami and Lelouch Vi Britannia seem like mere children toying around. Trust me, this is definitely not an exaggeration. He is the monster with no name.

A real monster in human form, the way he manipulate minds and visions makes him a legendary villain he wanted everybody to vanish and to be without a name starting the age of 9 he became a master killer, he was so gifted and wanted everyone to suffer like he did and die without names

"Look at me, look at me. Look at the monster grow inside me." He is a mystery, he has a monster inside of him, no he IS a monster. Truly the best antagonist here is.

Johan is one of the most complicated villians. He is the first villian to actually make me shiver. The fact that he doesn't appear that much as a person but you know he is constantly affecting the close invironment helps with the tension building. The great character development actually made me even sympathise and curious even tough he does horrible things, wich makes him even more thrilling. Number one villian in my opinion

Johan Liebert is a perfect example of how nurture can completely corrupt a person. Monster does a great job of expressing the strength of nurture over nature, and even foreshadows it in his name. Lieben is the German verb for to love; if you form it into the comparative adjective lieber, it becomes to prefer. This is a brilliant irony the writer has incorporated into the very text, itself.

Naoki Urasawa built a great case for how antisocial personality disorder can be introduced into a person instead of it being an inherent property. The character of Johan was a brilliant insight into a new type of bad guy for the world of anime.

As a previous commenter has said, many of the top tier villains on this list will be those with extraordinary or even supernatural gifts. Johan only has the pure gifts of intellect and charisma at his disposal. Johan makes Johan--nothing else.

Johan Liebert might be the smartest villain in anime history.

If you can manipulate people into killing themselves or other people, than you would have to be a psychotic genius.

He may not have any powers, but nothing comes close to him in terms of evil... if you have seen Monster, then you shouldn't have any doubt about it..

Johan should be higher up on the list! By far the best anime villain ever.

He does not have superpowers & is very human. Yet, his nature is that of a -no pun intended- monster. He gives me the chills & the best mastermind.

The smartest and most evil villain does not need any powers or help to be successful he simply manipulates everyone and is always calm.


This anime is so undervalued it really annoys me :/


I've not seen the anime yet. I vote because he's number 1 on every other list I've seen. That's something special

Should be number 1... he doesn't need any superpowers to be terrifying. He was even called the next Hitler and the anti-Christ.

Johan is definitely the best and most terrifying Anime villain ever.

People just seem to overlook him since the series itself is not very popular and people would rather go for the characters who have super powers or a book that can kill people.

When it comes to villain, Johan wins hands down. He is the first anime character ever to make me shiver in fright and apprehension.

He does not even have a solid reason for killing people, he just does it. It is not like he kills because he likes killing people. It is more like he does not want to watch the world burn, he just wants to set it on fire.

He killed everyone who ever helped him. He even managed to make all the orphans from his orphanage kill each other while he sat there watching them. He’s actually so evil and murderous that a Neo-Nazi party tried to get him to become the new Adolf Hitler" which was not Johan’s style so he massacred most of them. He did all this so that in the end he would be the ...more

Johann is the pinnacle of Evil. He not only kills you, he makes you feel absolute fear by the time he's done with you.

He with his brains, charisma and by being what he is can achieve what no other villain can without superpowers!

Anyone who voted ANYTHING else other than Johan MUST watch Monster this instant!

That man scared me. He doesn't need frightening supernatural powers. He has a human body (a pretty face too) and brain if a monster. He's good at manipulating others. I will simply call him a 'real' villain. He is far more dangerous than any of the other villains.

He must be on the top... No other character deserves to be on the top except this man...

Johan is amazing, simply downright evil. He should be number one

This character gave me chills in the course of his appearances throughout the series

The most badass and coldblooded character I have ever seen. Unlike most of the characters here, Johan doesn't have any supernatural abilities which makes him even more badass