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41 Kyubey - Puella Magi Madoka Magica Kyubey - Puella Magi Madoka Magica Kyubey is a fictional character from the 2011 anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica and its related media.

Kyubey should definitely be in the top 10 as not only is he emotionless and cute, he also is an extremely intelligent manipulator, tricking people without lying. He could've prevented the deaths of most of the main characters, but let them sacrifice themselves just so that the "Universe gets more energy."

Evil in the form of cuteness

Evil kitty... He is so manipulative, and he let all of the characters die because they signed contracts with him.

He manipulated tons of girls for centuries.The ways they died were vicious
:1. Suicide 2. murdered by witches 3. demon 4.going crazy 5. head getting ripped off 6. MORE MORE! Also he said "Are you mad? " As well as "I didn't lie,you just never asked."He should be a number 1. He's a smart evil villain I've got to say.He also immortal so he won't die when they get mad.

42 Kishin Asura - Soul Eater

The best villain in any anime I've ever seen. He has in my opinion one of the greatest philosophy's of all time and is truly a genius oh yeah and he eats people and was sealed in a bag of his own skin. He's smart and completely apathetic to human lives.

NUMBER 40! Bruh, this thing is the definition of EVIL AND MADNESS. And also creepy, but that's not the point!

43 Crocodile - One Piece

Crocodile has the honour of being the first to completely own Luffy. Twice. Yet he lost their third battle due the technicality of sand's agglutination in presence of most liquids. He isn't even the best villain to have a sand theme in anime (I would have to go with Naruto's very emo Gaara for that). But the air of his sheer balefully powerful presence as well as his very devious, calculating mind is enough to cement him as one of the most iconic antagonists in the One Piece universe. Being able to engineer a civil war while working in the shadows and posing as benevolent vigilante and angling to replace a monarch by his lackey in order to gain access to the holiest of holies, a weapon of mass destruction require some severely heavy brass balls to even attempt. Despite his failure at almost all of his endeavors until participating in a mass breakout from a nigh impregnable fortress, he is one of the most memorable villains in One Piece. Looking forward to his post-timeskip antics.

By far the best villain-at least in one piece. Ever since he first appears, he shows some amazing bad ass moves, being the first enemy to deliver a complete and utter defeat to luffy. Then, when he appears in Impel Down, he shows impressive determination to take whitebeard's head. In the war at marineford, he stops the first attempt at ace's execution and attacks akainu just at the right moment. He is by far the best villain in my opinion!

Oh come on! Crocodile is the KING of badasses.

I love crocodile he's totally badass but one piece had a lot of stronger villains like lucci and enel they aren't even on the list? 😠

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44 The Homunculi - Fullmetal Alchemist
45 Dr. Tomoe - Sailor Moon
46 Itachi Uchiha - Naruto Itachi Uchiha - Naruto Itachi Uchiha is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Become a villain for some reason died as a hero

He was a hero who chose to be a villain

He should not included here!.


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47 Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z Vegeta is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama.

Vegeta was the first one to crack goku's bone. He completely annihilate goku when he transform in to the great ape form. He never quit even when krillin throws the spirit bomb at him.

I thought vegeta would be first how 36? - zaz

Vegeta is good now, but he was a bad guy when he first appears.

Come on! He's not a villain.

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48 Giovanni - Pokemon

He truly is the most epic boss in the history of bosses. He wants to capture Pokemon so that he could rule the world. Plus, he might possibly be immortal.

Damn, this far down on the list! He runs a mafia for Arceus's sake!

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49 Donquixote Doflamingo - One Piece Donquixote Doflamingo - One Piece

Undoubtedly the most evil, twisted villain from the One Piece series (which is saying something, since One Piece has A LOT of vile villains), the recent (and ongoing) Dressrosa arc has revealed the extent of this man's cruelty. Doflamingo's a machiavellian mastermind, being the most influential person in the New World, even above the Yonko, and has even the World Nobles under his thumb. He's easily on par with Frieza as far as villainy and cruelty goes. There's not much more crueler than forcing a near-dead man to attack his friend or controlling a king and forcing him to cut down his loving subjects.

Doflamingo deserves to be in the top 10. To me, he is not only one of the greatest anime villains, but also one of the greatest villains overall.

One of the greatest fictional villains in history. Surpasses Batman's Joker by miles.


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50 Evil Lord Dartz - Yugioh

This guy should be #1 on this list what SERIOUSLY

51 Maximillion Pegasus - Yu-Gi-Oh! Maximillion Pegasus - Yu-Gi-Oh!

The most epic villain of all time. I was really young when I saw Yugioh.He appeared so majestic and all powerful. His grandiosity was off the charts

52 Nene - Blue Dragon
53 Lieselotte Werckmeister - 11eyes

The only villain I know that kills off not one, but multiple main characters. Or at least whose actions led to the death of more than half of the main characters. Also the villain that came closest to succeeding in her evil plan. A lot of people could argue that she doesn't seem that self centered enough. This does make sense because her evil plan was the dying wish of her husband. But in my opinion, the best villains are the ones whose emotions overtake them. Later in the show, her husband spoke to her in some kind of spirit form, telling her to keep the world alive or "terminate the mission". After that, she goes berserk andout of control... - MottScurry

54 Wrath - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Such an awesome villains, he should have been the main antagonist.

Wait a second... people put Envy over Wrath.

Okay.. This guy is one of the most badass, untouchable villains I've ever seen in an anime. In fact one of the top searches for him on youtube is Wrath vs Everyone. Everyone. A tank ran away from him. Seriously.

55 Uta - Tokyo Ghoul Uta - Tokyo Ghoul

I love Uta a great deal, but it disappoints me that later on he is revealed to be a villain and a member of the Clowns. He's such an awesome character and he seemed so nice. Why did they have to ruin him for the fans by making such an awesome character the bad guy? I hate that!

This is not right Uta is not a villain I mean he never did anything wrong he is a very kind character in Tokyo ghoul despite he is a little creepy but he should not be in the list

Uta is the one causing all the drama in the series for is own entertainment.

Uta seems like one of the good guys when he first appears (and even I thought so at first), but he seems to appear more sinister as the series progresses. Although he seems friendly and has a nice way of talking, he displays a more hedonistic side throughout the series. These are some things about Uta that make him more of a villain:
1.) Revels in chaos in desructon.
2.) Helps Touka, Renji, Nishiki, and Tsukiyama rescue Kaneki after he's kidnapped by Aogiri Tree, but betrays Kaneki, even finding Kaneki's demise as "fun".
3.) During the Anteiku Raid, Uta is seen celebrating with the other Clowns after the Anteiku Café is destroyed.
4.) After the three year timeskip, Uta is seen at the Auction, selling people to many rich and powerful ghouls.
However, despite Uta's hedonistic side, he does show genuine concern for others, and although it's implicated that he enjoys Kaneki's suffering (look up Kaneki on the Tokyo Ghoul Wiki and read about his relationship with Uta) he ...more

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56 Majin Buu - Dragon Ball Z Majin Buu - Dragon Ball Z more.

He's got to be the most evil anime character ever

Like a Kai once said, " Pure, unadulterated evil"

Majin buu the name says it all.

Majin buu is impossible to defeat he is the best and he has the capabilty of regenerating. he is the king of all vilain and he could kill madadra and any other anime character except in dbz dbgt.

57 Esdeath - Akame Ga Kill Esdeath - Akame Ga Kill

Even though she's a badass villain and the strongest person in the anime I still love the fact that deep down she is pure and innocent. The last scene with her and Tatsumi both disappearing into ice almost killed me. She should at least be top 100 in my opinion

Even though she's a badass villain and the strongest person in the anime I still love the fact that deep down she is pure and innocent. The last scene with her and Tatsumi both disappearing into ice almost killed me.

Why you no fans?

She's so badass and awesome and poweful but deep down she's just a girl who wants to be with Tatsumi. And now they can... In the after life 😭😭

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58 Kiryuin Ragyo - Kill La Kill

"She is a mother that used her daughter as a experiment and because it doesn't work throw her in the garbage. Used to violate her other two daughters by telling them she was going to purified them and finally she tried to take over the world with CLOTHES! "

This bitch needs to be a lot higher on the list, I mean, she used both of her daughters as test subjects for life fibers, without any regard of their welfare, even one of them dies in her eyes and she gives 0 cares. Then she proceeds to sexually abuse the surviving one for years, and of course she plans to destroy all life and planet earth itself.

59 Kyoya - Beyblade
60 Kagura - Inuyasha

Honestly? Kagura has never been 'evil' in my eyes, so I'm surprised she's above 50 on this list. I mean, yeah she attacked, but I never felt she was evil at heart. She was just manipulated by Naraku.

Kaugra wasnt really all that bad but naraku had her heart I really think if she would have been freed she would just up and killed naraku like she wanted to Kagra alos seemed to have a thang with lord Sashomaru I was really disapointed when she died...oh well

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