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161 Flandre Scarlet - Touhou
162 Haruka Seameyer - Dimension W Haruka Seameyer - Dimension W

Seameyer actually makes a pretty good villain. He's evil and a genius at the same time. Maybe a bit psychotic. Even so, he didn't start out that way, which makes him all the more interesting. I probably like episode 12 the most, because he goes mad when he sees that Genesis was destroyed by Kyouma. Then he sees Shidou Yurizaki, his teacher, who then puts a hand on his head before disappearing. I just love that part. Even if some think he's weird and/or irritating, I actually like him.

163 Gin - Bleach
164 Rob Lucci - One Piece Rob Lucci - One Piece

The battle between rufy and lucci was awesome. Why isn't he in the top 10?

165 Gihren Zabi - Mobile Suit Gundam
166 Gauron - Fullmetal Panic!
167 Elder Toguro - Yu Yu Hakusho

Very very underrated and is the most interesting and complex character Togashi Has created

168 Eva-Beatrice - Umineko no Naku Koro ni
169 The Nightmare King - Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland
170 Daryl Yan - Guilty Crown Daryl Yan - Guilty Crown
171 Nagato (Pain) - Naruto Shippuden Nagato (Pain) - Naruto Shippuden

The hidden leaf village is one of the most powerful ninja villages out there. This guy walks into their village, KILLS everyone, and destroys the entire village, by himself. He kills jiraya easily. With the almighty rinnegan as his eyes, he has the power to control six bodies at once, the six paths of pain. He has the power basically over gravity, to push and pull whatever he wants, making the ultimate attack and defense. His ultimate attack is called planetary devastation, where he creates a giant moon by sucking in the rock and earth around him with a center of gravity that seals or crushes whoever is caught in it. He is so powerful he beat the eight tails naruto soundly, when orochimaru could barely take on 4 tails, and naruto was only able to escape planetary devastation because he went full nine tails for a split second. Lastly he has power over life and death, and is able to revive anyone from death within a certain time frame, which he generously did for the leaf village before ...more

Pain inspired me more than any manga/anime character before. His artwork/techniques are awesome but what makes him the BEST? The philosophy behind him and his actions make him what he is. He's a villain and hero at the same time, his story touched me. Only minus point: nagatos reanimation was poor. As if a guy like him could lose. Even if all the reanimated people were limited in their powers: shinda tensei stronger than any sudanoo or ridiculous amaterasu!

Come on, he is as powerful as hell. Could there be any better villain? Don't think so.

Come on! He should be on the Top 5!

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172 Easter - Shugo Chara
173 Seiji Noumi - Accel World

One of the most sadistic douche-bags in anime history equivalent to Frieza. Worst part is that you have to deal with the main characters fighting against this ass for 12 episodes.

Meet the biggest douche to ever exist. He's a manipulative, cowardly bully who takes the only things the protagonist has. You will want to kill him 90% of the time he's on screen.

174 Scanty - Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
175 Robert Haydn - Law of Ueki V 1 Comment
176 Enma Ai - Hell Girl

Enma Ai rebelled against the hell lord twice. Tried to kill Hajime as he was getting in her way as Hajime was related to Sentarou (Ai's cousin who Ai believed to have betrayed her) and tried to kill Tsugumi (for no obvious reason). The most unforgivable act was, trying to get Tsugumi to pull the red string to send Hajime to hell so she wouldn't get in trouble. She is evil in so many ways.

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177 Kaku - One Piece

Kaku is a legitimate BADASS. He nearly killed Zoro, the square nose is awesome and he is a good guy inside. Even though he was defeated by Zoro and Zoro made fun of him, he laughed at his jokes. He's awesome period.

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178 Father Anderson-Hellsing
179 Yuki Terumi / Captain Hazama - BlazBlue Alter Memory

Why isn't he higher? He is a sadistic, sarcastic and merciless mastermind who managed to put the rest of the cast in great difficulty and danger by examining all the possibilities of the Continuum Shift.He lives off of the world's hatred and made the main character's life a living hell.And he is unanimously called the God of Trolling by the fandom for a reason.
Izaya Orihara would wishe he'd be more like Terumi!

180 Tomoo - Elfen Lied Tomoo - Elfen Lied

Okay, I have to admit:
Tomoo is slightly better than Mariko, but that doesn't mean he's a good villain.
Tomoo was a terrible person, and he deserved his death.

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