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1 Alice in Hell Alice in Hell

Great album from a great and underrated band.

The quintessential Annihilator album. I was blown away when I heard it.

2 Never Neverland Never Neverland

While Alice is the clear winner, this gives it a heck of a close run for its money. It further develops Annihilator's brand of technical thrash. Both are staples of the subgenre. And by the way, Annihilator did not invent technical thrash; Coroner did with their 1987 RIP album. And Megadeth with Dave's innovative guitar playing and Ellefson's progressive basslines, especially its early work, laid the foundation for technical thrash.

I actually enjoyed this album more than Alice in Hell. Both incredible albums.

This album is better than Alice in Hell in my opinion - ThePierrasse

3 Set the World On Fire Set the World On Fire

I love this album. My favorite songs on it would have to be Set The World on Fire, Snake in The Grass, Knight Jumps Queen, The Edge, and Don't Bother Me. This hole album is great though.

A lot chiller than 'Alice' and 'Neverland'. The songwriting is great and at times cheesey (Knight jumps Queen) which makes it even cooler. Its not necassarly better than 'Alice' and 'never', because all 3 albums are badass. - BronzeWolf96

4 King of the Kill King of the Kill
5 Criteria for a Black Widow Criteria for a Black Widow
6 Refresh the Demon Refresh the Demon

Better than KotK.

7 Schizo Deluxe Schizo Deluxe

This should be in the top 3. One of the best and most underrated albums ever

8 Metal Metal
9 Suicide Society Suicide Society
10 Carnival Diablos Carnival Diablos

This album is the most underrated thrash album ever - Sabbath

The Contenders

11 Annihilator Annihilator
12 Waking the Fury Waking the Fury
13 Feast Feast
14 All for You All for You
15 Remains Remains
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1. Alice in Hell
2. Never Neverland
3. Criteria for a Black Widow
1. Alice in Hell
2. Criteria for a Black Widow
3. Never Neverland
1. Never Neverland
2. Alice in Hell
3. Annihilator



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