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1 Alison Hell

Alison Hell is a masterpiece. During that era thrash metal was nearly identical with punk and this album drew the line between them. Also its worth mentioning that Megadeth was influenced by this album while recording Rust in Peace. Complex riffs show Jeff Waters' technicality and it's probably one of the most progressive thrash metal song. The tone of the bass in the intro is amazing, followed by the Iron Maidenish riff then a groovy and a fast riff then the main riff. It feels like it's a compressed progressive metal song.

Instantly memorable song. Heard it and it's been in my head ever since. - IronSabbathPriest

Aalison Hell Best Thrash Vocal Performance

2 Human Insecticide

Thrash metal at its best - fast, heavy, technical. - Metal_Treasure

This used to be at #1 and should still be

3 Schizos (Are Never Alone)

A riff fest. Great solo. Maybe it's their most technical song and one of their fastest. The guitar work is technically sophisticated and insanely good.
I think this masterpiece is sorta underrated even by the Annihilator's fans because it's almost instrumental and it's structure is unusual. - Metal_Treasure

4 King of the Kill

King of the Kill is the most catchy song by Annihilator. You understand that it's going to be a kickass song as soon as you hear the intro. I was listening to this song with a friend of mine who doesn't even know what thrash metal is and after 5 minutes I could hear him singing "Don't try to run there's no way to survive." The only downside of this song is that it's too short. By the way I would recommend the Feast Deluxe Re-recorded version, in my opinion Dave is much better on vocals.

5 Set the World on Fire

The song starts with a clean tone and then changes key and tone. The awesome groovy riff in the beginning compels you to listen the whole song. Followed by one of the best riffs of all time in the chorus. If you play guitar, I highly recommend learning the chorus riff, I guarantee you'll play it over and over again and headbang until you get dizzy. After the second chorus is the interlude which resembles a Dream Theater song with it's odd time signatures and melody. In the end, the climax of the song. The drums become 2 times faster, your heart beats faster and then you hear Aaron Randall scream "FIRE! " That's when you feel like punching anyone near you in the face.

Love the guitar solo in this song! - Grundapants

6 The Trend

The guitar solo in this is one of the best I've ever heard, listen to the sample and you'll know what I mean - wolphert

7 W.T.Y.D.

Welcome To Your Death has one of the best guitar tones I've ever heard. The riffs are awesome and you will find yourself singing along to the chorus the first time you hear it. A song where Jeff Waters shows his talent accompanied by Randy Rampage's awesome gritty vocals.

8 The Fun Palace

Jeff Waters is definitely a genius, especially on what he does in choruses. This song is another one with a great chorus. The screams, "Panic! " really get you in the mood and the riff melts your face. Everything is great in this song, the verse, the chorus, guitar solo. It's a shame that they don't perform this song live as much as Alison Hell or Set the World on Fire.

It just gets my head froze.

9 Ultra Motion

One of their fastest and heaviest songs. Awesome. Love the drums, too. - Metal_Treasure

10 Imperiled Eyes

Great riff and solo. - Metal_Treasure

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11 Phantasmagoria

Lots of great riffs are concentrated in the first 2 minutes that you'll not be able to decide when you should headbang. Then you'll find yourself again listening to an awesome song.

These riffs are awesome live! - Metal_Treasure

12 Haunted

Drum intro/outro - one of the best in metal, if not the best. Mike Mangini was really diabolic here. - Metal_Treasure

13 Hunter Killer

Most underrated song by annihilator

14 City of Ice

CITY OF ICE -------- epic song of epic proportions
Your owned fluff. I'm CORNIER THAN YOU.

15 Never, Neverland

This song is literally a story narrated by a girl who was locked in his room by his grandmother. The music fits the lyrics perfectly. It's as if this was originally a story, but Jeff Waters enhanced the narration by his magic. I would feel like giving spoilers If I told you more about the song, so go listen it right now!

16 Warbird

Absolutely dig this song along with Alison Hell and the Trand, Annihilator has some really underrated tracks that you need to unearth

17 Phoenix Rising

One of Annihilator's better slow songs, has a fantastic chorus and great solo! - wolphert

Great song that should be in top 10

18 Dr. Psycho

Funny and heavy song. Annihilator is the most underrated band ever, and my favorite.

19 Chasing the High

Yeah but that intro do...

20 Stonewall

Stone wall 21? The song is top ten material! - Toucan

One of the beast songs by Annihilator, deserves the top 5

21 Back to the Palace
22 Road to Ruin
23 Sounds Good to Me

Extremely catchy chorus - wolphert

24 Crystal Ann

Amazing abilities from jeff waters

Perfect intro to Alison Hell

You can't believe this is from a metal guitarist. amazing

25 Maximum Satan

This guitar just screams rebellion, and shock rock undertones, the drums drive it through your eardrums like an absolute audio assault. One of all time favourites 🤘🏻😃🤘🏻

26 Bloodbath
27 Ambush
28 My Precious Lunatic Asylum
29 Pride
30 Clown Parade
31 Couple Suicide
32 Nowhere to Go
33 Knight Jumps Queen

How is this not in the top ten, easily one the best

34 Bad Child

Can't believe that the song wasn't even in the top
I found it very catchy, the riff is cool and the lyrics too - TheManThatShouldNotBe

35 Second to None
36 No Way Out

Killer ride!

37 Criteria for a Black Widow
38 Twisted Lobotomy
39 Wicked Mystic
40 Only Be Lonely
41 Sixes and Sevens

Really great lyrics about self motivation and moving forward, awesome riffs, and one of jeff waters greatest solos, this underrated gem is looked over way to much!

This song is quite underrated. - Metal_Treasure

42 Blackest Day
43 Deadlock
44 Suicide Society
45 No Zone
46 Burns Like a Buzzsaw Blade
47 Ligeia
48 All for You
49 No Surrender
50 Army of One
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1. Alison Hell
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1. Alison Hell
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