Best Annoying Orange Characters


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1 Orange

The best character ever

He is so hot *sweats heavily* owo - furryfan8

Of Course he's number 1, he's the main character of the series


2 Marshmallow

He actually knows what he's doing unlike orange

Mars mellow is adorable

Marshmallow is the cutest! He is getting his own mini-series! YAY!

He’s my favorite because he’s so cute and funny.

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3 Pear

Probably because he also has the power to make other foods die just by talking to them, like orange - lukemcnamara72

Because he's the friend of annoying orange debugging

A unique character do to him being the only quiet one no puns, no high pitch voice, no yay or laugh. He just reads books. Doesn’t show off or annoy people. Plus they don’t use him as the nerd because of he love for books. Do to that they dodge him continuously Stating facts. Keep up the good stuff.

4 Midget Apple

I'm feeling very offended right now... I'm a smol bean owo. - furryfan8

Just so small!

5 Grapefruit
6 Passion

Passion fruit sucks

She isn't the best...

Yes, I do hate Passion.

7 Grandpa Lemon

He funny and I like hem

8 Nerville

He's hilarious, probably insane, and Tobuscus!

9 Knife

Who that idiot said knife paw patrol that the best show ever I hate haters of Paw patrol I love that show who ever wished it will be punched I hate knife slice thundermans Johnny Test teletubbies dora and barney

Except paw patrol there cute don't hope for them hope cassie from dragon tales instead

I hope the knife from Annoying Orange can slice Barney, Dora, Teletubbies, Boohbah, Shimmer and Shine, Paw Patrol, In the night garden, Sid the Science Kid, Super Why and Caillou. - AldoFitrian

10 Copper Lincoln

The Contenders

11 Apple
12 Jigsaw
13 Toe-May-Toe
14 Dr. Bananas

He's a mad scientist! - Daemonbomb

15 Liam the Leprechaun
16 Pepper
17 Charlie the Unicorn
18 Ninja Baby
19 Cuddles

He's from Happy Tree Friends, not ANNOYING ORANGE! - ZootopiaFan

20 Lemon from Wazzup
21 Lime
22 Rap - Berry

Good to rap, and sweet

23 Squash

Eeeheheheewww! I've got cocoa butt! D:

My favourite annoying orange character of all time. plus he has his own channel.

24 Soup
25 Wazzup Banana
26 Giant Apple
27 Football
28 Plum
29 Cool Cucumber
30 Orange's Mom
31 Pineapple
32 Angry Bird
33 Cheesy Salesman
34 Zoom
35 Zip
36 Eggplant
37 Dead Trap
38 Gaming Grape
39 Lady Pasta
40 Unicorn Unicorn The unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a pure-white horse-like beast with a large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead
41 Sugar Cube

so nice

42 Kumquat


43 Santa Claus
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